• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Makes phone worse

    Callers cannot hear me talk when I use this case. The mute button feature does not work at all. The ports are awkward. I am also convinced, though I can't prove, that this case is the reason my previous phone mysteriously stopped working altogether.

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    Glad we didn't test them in water

    Our family of 5 have used Lifeproof cases for our last 3 iPhones. We were happy with the iPhone 4 & 5 cases so when 3 of us recently upgraded our phones to iPhone 6s, we automatically bought 3 new Lifeproof cases. We are very glad the other 2 members of our family waited to upgrade their phones and they will not be buying these cases. The reasons being:

    - The only thing that fits into the charger port is the original charger.

    - Within 3 months, all 3 covers have broken clips at the charger ports and therefore are not waterproof (if they ever were).

    - You cannot hear other people very well (sound is very soft even when volume turned up to full) and they cannot hear you clearly either.

    I feel totally ripped off as we have wasted AU$310 on these cases but grateful we didn't buy 5 of them.

    Now I understand why our local Apple store isn't stocking them any more. I thought about contacting Lifeproof for a refund but it seems the only thing they will do is a replacement. Seeing as the problems haven't been fixed (we looked in the shops today), we don't want replacements. We will NEVER buy Lifeproof again.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Case does not live up to its name.

    This case is terrible. If you are considering getting this case, don't.

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    Worst case ever

    This is the worst case I have ever had im going back to outter box this is not ok or a 90.00$ case do be this bad!

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    Never Buy It

    I'm completely disappointed! After done all the tests (all succesfull), when I first used it for real with my Iphone 6, it failed and let my phone in contact with the water.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Product is a "FAIL"

    Lived with this for two months and NO MORE.
    First issue, the screen protector is not built in but a film to be added after the case is on the phone. I'm not ham handed but it was impossible to install that film without air bubbles or "water marks". Tried four times and gave up.

    Second issue: on the phone, the other party only heard a muffled voice. This explained why voice mails that I left never got returned as the recording wasn't intelligible. This I found out after calling back and querying why I didn't get a call back.
    Live calls, I at first opened the charging port, thinking that was the solution, but apparently not. So today, Two months after purchase I have taken the case off to be able to hold intelligible conversations.
    BTW Lifeproof will not acknowledge this as a warranty problem. They've got my money, and no replacement, Nuud or Fre.

    Third Issue: playing music on the phone, the case's backplane vibrates and makes for a tinny sound. So I don't play music unless plugged in or
    Original style lifeproof that I had on my 4S was a good product. THE NUUD IS NOT ITS EQUAL.

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    What happened to the Customer Service? Where are the real people?

    I have used LifeProof​ products for 4 years now and up until this point I have been a very loyal and dedicated customer telling all of my friends and family what a great product LifeProof is, until now. Our family bought 3 iphone 6 nuud cases and we are extremely disappointed. We cannot hear phone conversations, others cannot hear us saying the sound is very muffled. I tried calling customer service and all I get is an annoying ad telling me about $100 worth of free merchandise. I don't want $100 worth of free merchandise!! I want a real person from Customer Service telling me they are going to handle replacing my 3 LifeProof Cases!

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    Horrible Noise

    I have had my case replaced three times because Verizon says they have never heard of the loud screeching noise that this case puts out! It's horrible. I'm taking my case back!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Can't talk on the phone

    The case gives the phone a super high pitched squeal during a conversation that makes it impossible to talk. The charging door broke after a month and the company sent a warranty replacement.

    It's svelte and thin but it lost its waterproof protection almost immediately when the door broke so it's just a really expensive plastic case now.

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    Horrible charge port door design.

    I have had Lifeproof Nuud cases for my previous iPhones and was patiently waiting for this case to come out. I have been disappointed and frustrated with the iPhone 6 Nuud case.
    I have bought several aftermarket Lightning cords because the OEM cords didn't last long for me but they won't fit at all in the Nuud for iPhone 6 case! The designers at Lifeproof have built the opening for the Lightning connector so small that none of my aftermarket cords would fit. I contacted customer support to see if they would come out with an adaptor like they did for iPhone 4, but they said they didn't have any interest or see the need to make one.
    I have had difficulty getting the TouchID to register my fingerprint reliably. It is only about %30 percent of the time that I get the phone to unlock on the first try.
    Furthermore, I have now had two cases break. Both the original case and it's warranty replacement have had one of the clips that hold the door closed over the Lightning connector break. I have had to order a second warranty replacement. This is not the sore of quality I expect from Lifeproof or any $90 case!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    I got my new I Phone 6, and since I have dropped a phone in the pool before, I decided to spend the extra on the life proof waterproof case. The tech at Verizon store even put it on for me before I left the store. I did indeed accidentally drop my phone in the pool, I saw it hit the bottom in 3 and a half feet of water, followed by bubbles; not a good sign. Phone is dead, i am very disappointed in this product. Its my understanding they might replace my case but what about the phone.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    bad design

    mute switch is not working
    almost impossible to access control center (swipe up from the bottom)
    too expensive

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    AVOID LifeProof and buy another brand

    I bought one of these cases in July 2015 for a holiday in Hawaii. The case does seem fairly waterproof. However NONE of my chargers, including the original Apple, fit the case.

    Before posting a negative review, I contacted the company via email re my issue.

    They just totally ignored me.

    There are just too many other brands around to bother with LifeProof. From my experience, AVOID.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Nope. WAY deceptive marketing and they do not work and fail

    The Lifeproof case for the iPhone 5 series was well built. The design and engineering for the iPhone 6 case failed me. Two failed. It will leak. It will ruin your investment in the iPhone 6 series. It is designed to be slim and whatever but over the life of the phone it will fail. For instance, customer service says that you should test your case prior to putting your phone in the case. Test it for waterproof consistency. If your product fails from the get go, return it under the warranty program. However in both life proof cases the product failed twice within months and this last one ruined my 64 GB iPhone 6. Apple nor your carrier or Lifeproof will replace water damaged products and with insurance you still will have a deductible and you will receive a refurb. The advertising shows people surfing and the blogs tell of all sorts of positives. This is the only place where you will get feedback. As stated... the iPhone 5 cases were bomb proof. The new series not so much. And the charger port door will only take Apple manufactured chargers HOWEVER if you use a 30 pin to iPhone chargers adapter, the Apple charger side of the adapter does not fit. The two cases failed around the edges of the screen and then the charger port door. Previous models were much more secure where the seal around the screen AND the charger port door are flimsy. I WOULD NOT BUY A LIFEPROOF CASE EVER AGAIN. Written because the cases were never submerged in more than a foot of water for more than 5 seconds. Like bathtub or in a pool. Failed. Eventually. Again, after 2 months. If you are planning on using this in any extreme cases other than letting your phone get wet in the rain or snow, maybe over a few days it will hold up. Others have had the same or worse experiences. Not to trash a company that is trying HOWEVER... the Lifeproof case is just like any other case. In the words of customer service, there are million things that can go wrong. We are sorry your case failed. After everything, you will not want to get another life proof case and you will have to replace your phone. End of story. period. They are not waterproof. If you want true waterproof and protection around water iPix is the only product that will get you buy. A dry bag for phones will probably serve you better for waterproof protection and with limited limited use. IF you are looking for a case that will help protect from drops and shock, maybe. For waterproof ability ABSOLUTELY NOT. It functions no better than a regular case with care and keeping it dry. I would wait for other products to hit the marketplace and show for ability and track record.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not the case for me

    I was excited to get a waterproof case, not to mention one that seemed to have a solid brand behind it. I purchased a LifeProof Nuud and at first it felt awkward, large, and bulky, but I thought that was just normal since it had to be "everything"-proof. I did the water test twice to be sure. First time I saw water droplets on the inside of the test phone on the inside of the case so that concerned me and I did a second test, seemed to have kept everything dry second time around. I wasn't about to submerge my own iPhone just to see, so I just put the case on and installed the screen protector and began to play with it. I could not stand the silence button being so difficult to use, you have to push so hard it makes me irritated. After playing with the charge port and the auxiliary/headphone port and having to open and close them each time, it didn't seem such a good idea considering if you listen to music in your car on your iPhone through your auxiliary. The thing that bothered me most was that the case itself on the front covered part of the TouchID and the edges so it made it difficult sometimes for my iPhone to read my fingerprint, and I kept hitting the sides of the case with my fingers when typing and it would misspell or miss a word or lag because of it and taking into account I have very small hands. I will not dare attempt to submerge my iPhone underwater just to see if it is a waterproof case or not, my iPhone was nearly $800 and from reading other reviews after purchasing this case, I can see why so many are unhappy with it. Aside from the waterproof part, there are other downfalls about this case that just does not make it worth it to me to spend $90+ in case water gets on it... I will stick with a normal leather Apple case that has worked perfectly fine and functions much friendlier than LifeProof Nuud. Sorry, but this isn't the case I would be happy using.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    VERY disappointed

    Our family purchased 5 new iPhones. Because our boys are not easy on their electronics we purchased LifeProof cases for them all. First of all DO NOT count on them being waterproof! My son's kayak was tipped over and the phone in his pocket was submerged briefly with him. Unfortunately it was filled with water despite it being in the Lifeproof case that was supposed to protect it. These cases also make it very difficult to have a conversation with the actual phone. People on the other end complained about not being able to hear or make out what was being said. It was very frustrating!

    The case itself is solid if you are a texter and don't need to rely on it being waterproof. It is very over priced though to function as a simple phone case.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Fingerprint reader does not work, no lanyard

    I got one of these for my iPhone 6. Wrinkles and bubbles soon developed in the membrane covering the fingerprint reader, and the reader stopped working reliably with the case on. Yes, I had set it up before putting the case on, as instructed. LifeProof replaced the case but the new one developed the same problem. So for normal use on land I'm going with just a bumper case instead, not as ugly or bulky.
    It's also a hassle to use the special screw-in adapter (provided) needed for the headphone jack.
    For serious on-water usage, other problems with this case are that it does not float, and there is no lanyard attachment point, as another reviewer pointed out. Waterproof won't do you much good as your iPhone vanishes into the depths! For watersports, I plan to use something like an Aquapac case, which traps enough air to float and has a lanyard - yet still allows the iPhone to be used while it is in the case. Downside is the extra hassle of putting the iPhone into the Aquatic before going onto or into the water,

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic Product

    Bought one of these from my local Apple Store. Easy to fit, free screen protector included. Headphone adaptor cable gives ease of use for headphones or audio cables. BUT..... If you charge your phone in car be aware that a standard car charger won't fit owing to the thickness of the case!!!

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Dissappointed after reading great things about this case!

    If you are looking for something to protect the iphone this is a decent case. Nice and solid. The major complaint I have is the silent button on the side is a horrible design flaw. We returned the first case a few weeks into buying it thinking we just got a bad one, a fluke, but now after a month the other one had the same problem. What good is a case that protects the phone if you are not able to mute your phone when necessary. I think that for the price of the case it should have ALL the components working correctly.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    This is quite a good case

    The bad reviews kept me away from buying this case. Got enough money accumulated on my rewards and decided to give it a try anyways for the good experience on the iPhone 5. I really don't know what is wrong with the reviewers that gave this case 1 star. You either are very dumb and did not follow the instructions or you are just a general whiner that complains about everything.

    The control center is not hard to pull, mine works just fine.

    The instructions clearly tell you to configure the finger-print reader before installing the case. Mine works just fine and I have average size fingers.

    I tested calling and as long as you are not mumbling the call quality is good.

    The plastic seems to be very high quality plastic, my iPad has one of these on and last weekend I put it on the roof of my car and forgot to grab it, next thing I see on the highway while driving is my iPad falling on the pavement doing like a 100 flips. Pulled over and got it and it had zero scratches. The outside of the case had some scuffs but my device survived that.

    The water test went well, then put the phone in and it was functional after being submerged in water.

    The case is slimmer than an otterbox and feels good in your hands, careful it feels like it will slip off your hands.

    I like the fact that it came with an optional screen protector, big plus on that.

    The vibration button is not that hard to handle come on, it also works as intended, it's just a bit hard but not impossible. I'm glad it is this way because when sliding the phone in or out of your pocket it will not enable or disable by accident.

    Volume and power buttons work quite well too.

    Keep in mind you can only fit apple chargers in this case. I use Apple chargers so no biggie for me.

    That's my most honest review, I am a very picky person when it comes to this and I feel fully satisfied with this product.

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