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    It DOES work under High Sierra

    • Written by Tom B from ANTWERPEN

    Hi, I was also one of many to suddenly found himself with a non-working numeric keypad after it worked flawlessly for over 2 years. Apparently you CAN make it work again. In preferences -> Go to KEYBOARD /Set Up Bluetooth KB -> double click on the Belkin Numeric Keypad. And there you go, works fine. Enjoy (again)!

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    OSX Sierra & this keypad does work

    • Written by Kevin B from Phoenix

    I had no idea these existed until seeing them at some client sites last week. I knew I had to have one! I ordered it, it arrived a little bit ago, and I sat down to pair it with my computer.

    Uh oh...up pops a warning saying the computer couldn't identify this "keyboard"! Oh no! A quick google shows this keypad isn't officially compatible with OS X El Capitan, so nevermind Sierra! Darn it--I really don't want to send it back! I need this! (I went and bought an actual wired keyboard to give me back my missing number pad/dedicate home & end buttons, but I hate the way it clutters my desk!)

    What am I going to do?

    Close the Bluetooth preferences panel, that's what. It works fine. The OS doesn't know what to call it, but the functionality is fine. The only thing that doesn't work are the function buttons on the keypad (F13 & F 16 do nothing; F14 & F15 are brightness down and up respectively.) So it's not perfect, but I don't use the function buttons anyway.) I took off a star for scaring me. Update your documentation Belkin.

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    add more keys

    • Written by Ricky G from Trinity

    nice number pad. works great. paired instantly after following the quick set up steps. only thing i would change/add would the arrows in the bottom left corner where there is nothing. still in-convent to reach up to the macbook pro the hit the arrows.

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    Wait..... why the confusion it works fine.

    • Written by Greg O from Mississauga

    I have Siera and when pairing the operating system doesn't know what to call this thing.....

    But it works fine. Just fine.

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