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    Great product

    This is a great product. It was very easy to install by using the alignment frame. Mine is perfectly aligned and not one bubble. Highly recommend!!

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    Great until it isn't

    I found the Belkin Anti-Glare Screen Protection for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s easy to install with great tools included to do so. It may have been my easiest phone screen protector installation ever. It worked very well, the anti-glare screen was great! And then it got jabbed by something in my purse and developed a bubble that wouldn't go away. I've replaced it with another brand that cost more and wasn't as easy to install (including a lint-free cloth that wasn't lint free). If that one fails (it is already scratched from installation), I will purchase this one again because at least it was super easy to install and was great until it wasn't.

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    Walked in to the Basingstoke branch knowing what I wanted. Asked the member of staff if they could fit the protector.

    They came out with an awesome gadget, a few minutes later it was fitted perfectly.

    No bubbles or dust underneath and perfectly aligned on the screen.

    I have read other reviews where they have marked the reviews down because it does not fit the whole screen. No protector will fit the whole screen as it is curved.

    Previous protectors have not covered the 'visible' screen, leaving around a millimetre around the edge, not this one. It's fits perfectly, so much so that a friend had theirs done to.

    You can not fault the staff and their expertise. I would rather shop there and possibly pay a little more than going to another company who couldn't care less about its customers,

    Top marks again Apple :-)

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    Okay :/

    Really good and easy installation. No dust or air bubbles but the actual plastic doesn't go to the edge of the screen which can be annoying.

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    Reduces glare, easy to apply but short on edges.

    Received this product this morning and applied it on my white/silver iPhone 6s with ease and accuracy with the 'easy align frame' tool.

    However, after applying it onto my iPhone, I have noticed that this protective film doesn't cover the entire front face (with exception of front facing camera/speaker/home button), instead this leaves me with 1mm on each side short, exposing the side of the black outline of the screen and leaving up to 3mm around the edges on the front, exposed to scratches and potentially cracks...

    Other than that, it does what it says on the pack;
    1) it does reduce glare - especially in the sun outside, which means I don't have to crank up my brightness level too high anymore
    2) anti-scratch
    3) preserves the touchscreen sensitivity.

    Would've given it a full 5 stars if the protective film was fully covered on the front screen (with exception only of the front camera and home button).

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    The End Of A Very Long Road + There's A Pot Of Gold.

    I've messed around with Screen Protectors for years and resigned myself to having them fitted "professionally," as I always make a mess, one way, or another, with a few exceptions!
    Even then, when I get someone who knows what they're doing, to fit one, there's usually a bubble/dust issue after fitting.

    So, when I walked into the Apple Store and asked if they could fit a different brand, I was told "no," but they could fit the Belkin brand.

    I struggled with my usual cynicism until the assistant brought out one of these and a gizmo/gadget which she used to fit it for me.
    Still tending towards disbelief, I waited till the process was through and watched as my phone was taken from the machine and lo and behold?
    A perfectly fitted Screen Protector,no dust/bubbles..

    I can probably count on one hand the amount of times in the past 10 years where that's happened and to say I was gobsmacked and impressed is a total understatement.
    This has removed a constant source of stress in my life! :O)

    It seems to me that Belkin have stolen a march on their rivals, blown the competition out of the water and all kudos to Apple for adopting this practice.
    I just wonder how quickly rival Screen Protector manufacturers will be running to catch up with this method.
    If they do then it's a win-win for the customer, all round.

    If I need to replace this Screen Protector,I know where to go and save endless hours looking around for something decent!

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