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    Unparalleled quality

    I've tried a few different MFi and android controllers over the years, and each and every one have had some kind of drawback, and build quality and the general feel of most 3rd party controllers have been lacking. This is not the case with the HORIPAD ULTIMATE. This controller has a weight and feel that just exudes quality. It is definitely worthy to be paired with your Apple device of choice. The buttons, d-pad, and other components are all respond perfectly with excellent feedback and feel. A great controller at an excellent price.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    The look, weight, and feel of this controller is incredible. They even made a concave Menu button to match the iPhone home button. If you are a fan of the PS4 controller, this will be your iOS controller of choice. Top notch build all the way around.

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