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    Pretty good replacement for my Speck case

    I purchased a Tech21 Evo Tactical case for my iPhone SE to replace my Speck case, which had started to develop cracks in the plastic edges after several years of use. The Tech21 case is a little thinner than the Speck case, and because of the shape of the edge, the encased iPhone *feels* significantly thinner in the Tech21 case than in the Speck case. In addition, the surface of the Tech21 case is textured, where the Speck case was mostly smooth, so the Tech21 case feels grippier.

    My primary complaint about the Tech21 Evo Tactical case, in comparison to the Speck case, is that where the bottom of the Speck case (covering the speakers and cable ports) had small individual holes to accommodate the speaker, the Tech21 case simply has three very large holes, separated by narrow strips of plastic case material. As a result, where the harder Speck case fit very snuggly all around the iPhone's screen, the softer, and more flexible Tech21 case does not fit snugly around the bottom of the screen, and some (less than 0.3 mm) of the phone's beveled metal edge is visible.

    Otherwise, this seems to be a great case. After a week of using it I have no other complaints.

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    My case came bent at the top left side. This made it so that when i dropped my phone on the top left side, it would hit the glass instead. I have multiple scratches and small chips on my screen from just dropping it from waist height. The looks however are great. If you want a good looking case, get this, if you want a protective case, get something else!

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