• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    More fun than I thought they would be

    • Written by David H from Falls Church

    I've been involved with home automation for many years and love the ease of use of HomeKit enabled devices. I'm using two of these great lightships - one under the head of my bed that comes on just before I normally go to bed with a easy purple glow and goes off 45 minutes later. Love walking into the dark bedroom and being able to see without having to turn on the "Big lights." I use the other one over a work area in my laundry room. It does a great job of lighting the work area and is tied to a Philips Hue switch with a magnetic back that connects to the metal of the work area.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Product

    • Written by Evan H from Binbrook

    I am hooked on Philips Hue products! I made my own Puzzle Lamp and bought this strip lighting, wrapped it around a shipping tube, inserted into the puzzle lamp, then closed it up and it made such a beautiful desk lamp! The colour choices are endless!! I mostly use the Relax setting where it removes all blue out of the lighting so not to keep you awake at night.

    Works great with geofencing, works while I'm away from home. Was incredibly easy to setup with the Bridge.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent Product, Major Improvement Over Previous Generation

    • Written by Hal B from Vancouver

    Lightstrip Plus is a welcomed upgrade over the previous lightstrips. The new version (plus version) does white light as well as colours. Users can also add extensions to the light strip that just plug into main strip. Strips may also be cut at specific locations to allow for shorter installations.

    I have used two sets of Lightstrip Plus to replace tube lighting in my living room and dining room that share a wall. I could have done this with a single Lightstrip Plus and added extensions but I wanted to be able to set the lighting differently in each room. These strips offer crisp bright white light, as well as the usual Hue colours.

    Good: Bright, good use of colours, matches existing Hue bulbs in colours and tones, easy installation, easy to add into Hue App. Works with Gen 1 hub (have not been able to purchase Gen 2 hub yet)

    Bad: LED lights are spaced out, so may need a diffuser to prevent lights reflecting off services such as windows or tiles. Adhesive on double sided tape weak is spots (not a problem for my installation), light strand can only do solid colours and not have a mix of colours at the same time,

    Bottom Line: Highly Recommended. Easy to install, great light, fun to play with. Excellent addition to my Hue lighting.

    Noteworthy: The LED strips come with a medium sized power plug as well as a small box closer to the LED strip. They have allowed for a long length of cable between the plug and the strip. For my installation this means I have to bundle up the cable and tether it out of the way as it's way too long. Before starting on your lighting project, make sure to take the long cord and power adaptors into consideration.

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