• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Product I've Bought in a While

    I bought this case at the same time that I bought my iPhone 6s at my local Apple Store. At the time, it was simply a case to protect my new and valuable purchase. Over the last six months, I have come to really appreciate this cover and love it. It protects the phone from the back, the sides and most importantly the front (the screen). I now have no hesitation putting my phone in my pocket, bag or car's centre console. I don't even have any issue putting the phone face-down. But the feature that makes this case worth 5 stars is the 'Hinge' cover. I actually use this all the time. I can now place the phone on my desk and have FaceTime/Skype calls in landscape totally handsfree. I can watch videos and do so much more without having to prop-up my phone on something else (where it invariably slides down at some point). The Hinge allows me to adjust the position of the screen with ease but is strong enough to hold it in that exact position for as Long as I keep it there. The pockets in the cover are great for holding a couple of my business cards without them looking like they've been chewed by the dog (when I keep them in my wallet) and useful for that parking ticket or hotel key. Not the cheapest product out there, but value for money wise, it is well worth it.

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    Overpriced design fail

    If you drop the phone -- even with the case closed -- the case flips open and lands phone face first. This has resulted in numerous scratches and chips in my phone. This is why we spend a ridiculous amount of money on cases like this -- to prevent this kind of damage!

    I do like the look and feel of the black case, as well as the stand function. However, I can't recommend it since it fails at its most basic job. Huge miss, Logitech.

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    impossible to clean

    I purchased this case in red 6 months ago and it has gotten very dirty. I washed it with detergent, soap and rubbed it with brush. Nothing works. it's so difficult to remove dirts and stains on this case. I asked Apple store employee if there is any cleaning solution and he didn't know. WTH? Can someone from Logictech provide me cleaning instructions on this case? because I spent $50 on it...

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    Excellent product!!! Lots of complaints about scratched screen. Case or no case, you should ALWAYS put a CLEAR SHIELD/FILM on the front of your phone.
    What did you think would happen when you rub a credit card on the naked screen of your phone?
    Anyway, great product! Holds the essential cards and cash (which i fold in 1/4 not 1/2 because it fits better - cuts down on the bulk).

    Hands-free - love that I can put it on the table, counter-top, or my desk and watch it like a TV because of the angle feature.

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    Poor protection

    I really liked the fact that this case could serve as my wallet too. However, the cards do rub against the screen and if the phone drops, the case opens and the phone face plants on the ground! This happened to me and my screen broke because the inside of the case does not have a bumper or anything to protect the screen. Also, I got the red one and it looked dirty within a couple of weeks of purchase. I can't believe I spent the money I did on this, now I have to pay for my screen to get fixed.

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    Cheap and way overpriced! Ruined in less than one week!

    I bought this phone case for my iPhone 6 less than one week ago and its already falling apart. The outside border of the case starts to peel the moment you put it in your pocket, and the card holders on the inside scratches easily just from holding 2 credit cards . I can't believe I payed $67.74 for this case. Not worth the buy, extremely over priced for what its worth. The outside material seems to be fibrous and comes apart like the end of a shoe lace. Waste...Of...Money

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    Phone more damaged with this case on that it would have been without.

    I got this case on the recommendation of an Apple employee at the store. The only reason I gave it one star was because there was no option for zero stars.

    I was extremely disappointed that the one time I dropped the phone the case flipped open landing the phone facedown on its screen. The screen was chipped in two places, both places were supposedly protected by the edge of the case. Also the screen was scratched because rather than staying closed the case had flipped open leaving the screen unprotected.

    Basically the whole reason I had bought the case was to protect the phone, a task it did not do. I've replaced it with an Otter case which completely encloses the phone.

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    Didnt protect my screen

    this case was terrible. my phone dropped 12" and the screen broke because the case will open.

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    I love mine

    It's a great case. Thick and heavy but lots of protection and looks sharp. As far as the cards that you'd keep on the inside cover scratching the screen, I suppose that could be an issue but is there anyone not using a screen protector nowadays?

    It would be cool if the hinge rotated so you could have it standing in the portrait position too, but it doesn't.

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    Destroyed my Screen

    The credit cards run against the screen and scratch it. The damage is unmistakable as my phone is brand new and there are numerous small scratches where the cards meet the glass. There is also one deep scratch at the point where the corner of a card touches the glass. Very disappointed!

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