• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    It’s ok

    • Written by Kimberly M from Kincardine

    I have had this lock almost 2 years now. For the longest time I could not control it when I was away from home. I’m assuming it was a buggy firmware update. I do wish these devices were better tested before they went to market. It is convenient to not need a key.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Does not work with HomeKit

    • Written by Keith S from Brush Prairie

    Works fine with Bluetooth from 10’ away. Will not work with WiFi and HomeKit. Whole point of going with this lock is to use it with apple home but you can’t use it away from home.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Home-kit Enabled Lock!

    • Written by Joey Natividad N from Woodland Hills

    I bought this from the Apple store not too long after it was released, and initially, I have to say that remote control via the 4th Gen Apple TV connectivity was terrible, flaky, and never worked. But subsequent Firmware/App/iOS updates have really made this a stable, and excellent lock that not only works locally with the app when I'm home, but anywhere I am in the world via an available Internet connection on my iPhone! I am running the latest version TVos on my 4th Gen 64GB Apple TV, and iOS v10.1PB3 on my iPhone 7+(also works great on my 6s + as well) and iPad Pro 9.7", and it has been flawless. It was fine even with the initial ios 10 release and previous version TVos. I really love this smart lock because it gives really flexibility by allowing smartphone app/physical keypad/physical key control. Whatever is most convenient at the moment for you to lock/unlock the door. I think to absolutely make it perfect, it would be great if they added proximity sensing for automatic unlock as you approach your door, but it's not a deal breaker for me. Overall, great smart lock.

    I backed the Indie Go Go funded Goji Smart lock, and was totally burned by those jerks. They took my $400 bucks and after a long and drawn out time period with many excuses and empty promises, promptly goes bankrupt, and sends me nothing but an apology email, and nothing else! I mention this only to drive home that in contrast, this product is by Schlage, a solid, profitable company that is going no where anytime soon. Having also tried briefly the Kevo, I feel Schlage has a better execution of a smart lock overall.
    Bottom line, I'm not so trusting of these smaller startup companies anymore when it comes to the fast evolving, and nascent IoT market. This lock is great, delivers what it advertises (with the latest firmware versions on your lock/Apple TV/Mobile Device) , and is from a solid company, well known in the industry. All good things to look for when investing in something as important as a first line security device for your home.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by peter L from Putney

    Same comment as the last post. I have reset the lock twice since the firmware update. It simply stops working and isn't recognised by its own app or the homekit app. And once reset it asks for the firmware to be updated....again. Next time, it goes back. Cant leave without a key as may not be able to get back in. That defeats the purpose of the lock.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    fix for remote use

    • Written by Walter G from Lakewood

    Hello Everyone, well i have spent the past 2 weeks since i got the lock to make it work remotely with my apple tv 4 tvos 10. so i finally got it to work after calling apple and schlage who had no idea on what the issue was but did an amazing job making sure the basics were on, that are needed to use sense remotely. The basic steps are, have keychain on, have 2 step authentication on (apple id website turn on), same apple id for home kit phone and apple tv 4 with latest tv operating software. no if you are having the same issue i was, this is what i did and it finally works flawlessly. i have iPhone 6s plus with latest iOS and apple tv 4 with latest tv os 10 and an asus 5300 router.
    1.delete sense app from your phone. after you have upgraded firmware from the latest sense app takes about 15 minutes.
    2.delete home from home kit so its fresh, do a reset on iPhone (home button and side button Hold both at the same time till apple logo pops up)
    3.reset sense dead bolt by holding the keypad shlage logo (the one on the keypad not inside the door) and while holding disconnect the battery connector and reconnect the batter connector all while holding the shlage button. the sense deadbolt will reset to manufacturer default.
    4. do not download sense app just yet
    5. install the deadbolt directly too home kit (home app) first. open the app and follow the instructions and use the home kit number found in the user guide. once you have that working move to next step. make sure you have bluetooth on, on your phone.
    6. go to apple tv and general settings and do a factory reset and update (its in red to show you your doing a hard reset) this will bring your apple tv to brand new status and update to the latest tv os.
    7. sign in to iCloud after you setup your apple tv. make sure its the same apple id. apple tv to be within 30 feet of sense deadbolt. set to never sleep on the auto off in the menu
    8. with these steps one should be able to lock and unlock through home app. and on the home app it'll say apple tv 4 as hub. turn off bluetooth and try to lock and unlock. if all works and it should go to next step.
    9. install sense app and thats it. you can start adding your other codes for entry.

    hope this helps everyone who is having the same issue as me. if it does not work i apologize but these steps helped to resolve my issue the first time i tried it. if it does work spread the word to apple and schlage

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    problems since ios10

    • Written by Trevor R from Chisholm

    I installed my lock about a month ago. I could access it remotely & locally. Then I installed iostv10 & ios10. It worked for a few days but now the key & the keypad work but the lock is unreachable via blue tooth. Firmware is latest.. hopefully some new firmware will fix it. The lock itself is solidly constructed & reasonably simple to install. I had been impressed with it before the upgrade.

    I am also not impressed at automation. I was hoping that I could set it up to automatically unlock when I got home. Instead it asks if you would like to run the automation. You then need to unlock your phone to do it. I also have automation set up to lock the door. Home kit registers that i have left about 0.5km from home, It then pops up a message to ask if I want to run the automation. Not the best timing if you are driving a car.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Three more flaky Schlage Sense locks

    • Written by LARRY D from Victoria

    I have 3 Schlage Sense locks that have never reliably connected to my Apple TV 4 HomeKit controller. They have all been updated to iOS10 but only one lock responds intermittently to Siri at home but never remotely. The other two locks consistently cause a "No Response" message and cannot be controlled via Apple TV. This is intensely frustrating because I, ostensibly, upgraded from Schlage Connect locks running on a Wink Z-wave controller in the belief the Sense would be more reliable and secure because it meets Apple standards - not!

    Incidentally the Wink controlled locks are now working flawlessly and despite the Wink Hub's initially bugginess, their Tech Support was alway good.
    I have found no useful after-sales support for the Schlage Sense from either Schlage or Apple.
    One expect better from these companies.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Great intermittently, buggy releases make it a PITA

    • Written by Mjyke N from Woodbury

    I really like the Schlage Sense lock, but am frustrated with buggy releases. It works fantastic, then they update the firmware and something flakes out for a few weeks until the next update. Then it's okay for awhile, until the next update when the cycle starts again. This last go round with IOS10, TVOS10 and Schlage Sense Firmware 3.42.0 constantly flakes out. I updated the locks prior to updating the devices per the instructions, and it worked great for 2 days. I have now wiped and restored both my Schlage locks and the homekit 4 times in the last week to regain services. It works for a few days, and then you can't communicate with the locks anymore. It's really frustrating, and the Schlage customer sites are full of people with the same issue. It makes me wonder what else gets overlooked, and how secure my locks actually are. (When they work.)

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works like a charm even when you are remote

    • Written by Vikash K from Bangalore

    I bought this mainly for my main door. Installation was very easy though recommend to watch the installation video first. I installed it without looking into video and after installation tried turning the knob but it was not locking it as lock was not setup using the app by then. I thought that I bought the wrong one as my door opens from left side of the door and hinge is on the right side. But after watching the video I realized that once I program the lock using the default code it runs the setup program which takes care of all these.

    I have had no issues using Siri to lock or unlock both locally and remotely. To get the remote features to work, you must have an AppleTV within 30-40 feet of the lock because the lock only uses Bluetooth.

    Really glad I got this one.
    Pros: All good, remote locking works with home kit, 30 code, key, touchpad, bluetooth, log, very easy installation, etc etc etc... Whenever the door is unlocked/locked I get notification from HomeKit which is kinda neat.

    Cons: No Android app yet. Also heard that it connects with only one phone though I have not tried myself connecting multiple phones yet. When you are remote it takes bit longer time to connect and also response is bit slow but it works.

    Conclusion... The lock is a sure shot winner.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Won't stay connected

    • Written by Marcus G from Maiden

    I like Schlage. When this works, its great. However, even with my apple tv maybe 10 ft away it never stays connected. total waste of money. To get it working, I have to factory reset it all the time. Install was a pain. The plate for the door way has no error room so when replacing if the screwholes aren't matched up perfect already, good luck. I ended up not using it as I could never get it aligned. Very disappointed. Wanted to use these at all doors.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Bought primarily for Siri and Remote capabilities and wont work!

    • Written by Matthew L from Norfolk

    I went with Schlage because I previously owned their keypad lock and August looked like a buggy 1st generation so I thought this would be much better with remote capability. The installation was not too bad, a bit tricky at times but it works as expected and keypad is nice, reliable. What does not work is the remote capability with Siri and Apple TV/Homekit. I have a 3rd generation Apple TV and when I am in the house and standing in front of the lock, this is hit or miss with the app to unlock or lock but it works. Anywhere outside 40 feet of my home, this is worthless and I mean seriously worthless. It never has worked once and now I question why I went with Schlage at all since August now has a 2nd generation out that I may just add over the Schlage deadbolt and call it a day. All I am left with here is an oversized key pad door lock on each door and I am bit embarrassed that I even purchased this whole set up. Do yourself a favor and shop around and maybe even go with August since this lock is an expensive unreliable way to go.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works great if you set it up correctly

    • Written by Sean B from Camarillo

    I have had no issues using Siri to lock or unlock both locally and remotely. To get the remote features to work, you must have an AppleTV within 30-40 feet of the lock because the lock only uses Bluetooth. So all your commands are sent to the AppleTV through your appleID and then the lock is controlled via Bluetooth from the AppleTV. Make sure your AppleTV Is close enough to the lock, set to NEVER SLEEP (that's huge), and that your AppleID is on your AppleTV, as well as your iPhone with siri and HomeKit.

    Honestly, the reason this lock is so great is that it has so many ways to control it. You have old school keys, a keypad, an App, or Siri. Because of all that, I don't fear ever being locked out if the AppleTV blows up. I'll just use the keypad. Or if the batteries die, I'll use the key.

    Really glad I got this one and not the Kwikset Kevo after I saw all the videos on YouTube about how easy it is to force entry on those. Huge design defect for the Kevo. Check it out yourself.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice lock, but remote locking is not working

    • Written by Christian R from Ponte Vedra Beach

    The lock itself is very solid, easy to install, and easy to use with the app. It works nice and smoothly locking and unlocking. It also works nicely when in Bluetooth range. It is easy to add additional users and codes. And the touchpad itself is quite nice. (The lack of instructions for setting it up was the first issue I saw).

    The issue that I'm having is with remote locking and unlocking. Even when the Apple TV - tried with a ATV 3 and an ATV4 - is just a few feet away, it will not work even logging in and out of iCloud on the ATVs.

    Without the ability to bridge with the Apple TV reliably, the lock is expensive for what it does. Hopefully Schlage and Apple will figure out the kinks and improve the process so it "just works". If so, I'll up my rating and buy a second one for the other door.

    Never did get the remote locking to work and bluetooth stopped working. Perhaps I got a bad lock, but if not, this is not ready for prime time.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Good Deadbolt Lock

    • Written by Richard H from Rosenberg

    I've installed 4 of these deadbolt locks with no issues. They all work well with 4 users on on grid. The first install went like clock work. Just follow the instruction/directions. HomeKit was an easy setup with the 4 users. The other 3 locks, I had alignment issues with door original holes, nothing major, I oversized the hole and used centering shims. But the phones and iPads locks/unlocks as them as designed. This is a good electronic deadbolt lock compared to the Kwikset Kevo.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Horrible remote feature!

    • Written by Kelly Z from Osceola

    I am torn on my review! The good..it looks nice and works well from the key pad. But, we are a small business and we purchased it primarily for its remote features to montitor who is entering the building on the app. Epic fail! The app has yet to work at any point outside the building. So, for the $250 lock and the $150 Apple TV to enable remote access it is a total waste!!! Will call Schlage one more time tomorrow to troubleshoot, but I am not holding my breath.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Setup is glitchy and horrible documentation for setting up multiple users

    • Written by Randy K from Redding

    I had a problem with the first lock I bought. The keyway on the flat rod that went through the bolt was done improperly so there was no way to install it an any door, but after a return, the second unit was fine. Installed in about 10 minutes. Install was as easy as installing a standard deadbolt.

    Getting the lock to work with multiple users was a bit more of a challenge. After I got the lock paired and operating with my phone, I did finally figure out how to do it. I had to create a contact for each of the users, providing their email address (same as their Apple ID) in my contacts list. Then I went to Setting-Homekit, selected my home, and then clicked "Invite People" and provided the email address for the contact I wanted to add and click the "Add" button on the top right corner of the window. Accepted the invite on the other device and then installed the Sense app on that device. Made sure Bluetooth was turned ON, and as soon as I accepted the license agreement for the app, it opened the "Sense" app on that device, it found the lock and worked properly.

    As of now, I have not gotten it to work remotely, that will be a project for another day.

    Hope this helps someone that might be struggling with this. 2 hours of my Sunday that I can't get back, but at least it works.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Love this lock and Ill clarify on some features

    • Written by mika W from SACRAMENTO

    I love this lock!! It is sturdy, easy to install and also use after I installed it. it took me lots of internet searching but I think I can help others out here. One your lock is setup you have to invite others in your house that have appleID's from the invite section of the homekit section in your iphone, ipad's settings, once your family member/ roommate accepts they setup their Schlage Sense app then they can use it via bluetooth for up to 30-40 ft depending on environment. For remote control there was a firmware update that fixed that issue but the offset kink was the only compatible appleTV would be their 4th gen Apple TV. Once I signed into the same icloud I used first with the Schlage Sense it started working from down the street then out of town when I did my tests. This lock is awesome but you have to learn and support yourself for things is the only downfall for this product.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Lock - Lousy Home Kit and Remote Access

    • Written by Ryan F from Brossard

    The lock and the basic functions are excellent. The Home Kit and Remote Access features are not as reliable as I need them to be for my Front Door lock.

    I used the lock for ten days and returned it.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Need to clarify...

    • Written by Jeffrey J from Minneapolis

    Homekit, at the time of writing is brand new and few products are out. That means support on the Homekit side is rough.

    I say this because the previous reviewer states that this lock can only be controlled by one device. This is false. You need to integrate homekit with your other household members to make it work; it isn't through the App, but through Homekit that you do this. My wife and I have it on our phones and I have it on my ipad. Siri works great in our small (1800sq feet) house. My apple TV wasn't new enough to work with Siri remotely so we'll be upgrading that and repurposing the old one.

    Other locks are more feature-rich, but those features aren't stable. If there's one thing you need in a lock, it is stability, assurance, and dependability. This one takes the cake. Looked into August, but a quick look online reveals many many issues with "false positives" where the lock said it was locked, but it wasn't.

    I'd love it if the app would allow me to use the alarm with other homekit devices in the future (ie, sound if a motion sensor detects motion, etc) or if they'd allow for single-use code keys. That said, great lock that is secure. Expensive, sure, but secure and stable. Great move out of the gate Schlage. Keep going.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Not sold on this lock yet

    • Written by Howard Z from solon

    Just put it in to find that only one person can have it on their phone. Should have told me first! Also, can't get it to work remotely via Apple TV even though it is clearly in Bluetooth range to the lock. Instructions are non-existent for syncing with Apple TV. On the plus side Schlage lock quality Ansi #1 security .... very strong deadbolt. Easy to install and set up on App. But by not telling me it only goes on one phone ... took me an hour to figure that out. Overall I think I will like and if I can get remote access will love it. Have to wait and see.

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