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    Let me say first, I have had two of these locks over a year. They tortured me. Worked remotely 10% of the time. I'm a very high end user of apple products. I know about two factor, set apple tv to never sleep, etc. These locks are total garbage.
    Here is the fix.
    1. Call Schlage, tell them what they already know. That these things are junk. They won't argue with you. Demand a refund... even if it has been 14 months since you bought them.
    2. Email them your receipts and serial numbers.
    3. Get your refund check.
    4. Throw Schlage locks in trash where they below.
    5. Go buy the new Premis Locks from Kwikset - they work: half the footprint in size, way quieter, app is a zillion times more advanced.
    The End.

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    Does not connect to iPhone or Apple TV.

    I've never written a review but I'm making an exception as the Schlage Sense has frustrated me to the point of wanting to rip them all out and go with another brand.
    I purchased 5 of these locks, one for each door and one for my pool shed. I have an Apple TV within 10-20 feet of each lock and only once and a while the odd random one will connect. I will stand waiting 2 feet of the lock and it won't connect.
    I've tried everything possible from removing all software and starting fresh and nothing works. Stay away from this product.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Magical--but installation not for the feint of heart

    The good news: The Schlage Sense lock did eventually work remotely
    The bad news: Nothing is straightforward, and the instructions and videos are totally lacking. I spent hours with customer support at both Apple and Schlage. Both were very patient and helpful, but there was finger pointing between Apple and Schlage--which should never happen. Apple HomeKit will never go anywhere if the instructions don't get more explicit.

    The lock is easy to set up if you don't need remote capability. If you want remote capability you need to buy a hub (standard with these type of devices) and go through an installation process that would puzzle Houdini.

    Schlage did a good job of designing a secure lock, but it only works with blue tooth. That is good and bad. Good because it's more secure than wireless, bad because the range is so crummy. Things will improve dramatically with Bluetooth 5, which has 4x the range and 8x the capacity and more messaging capacity.

    I had to buy an Apple TV (had thought I could use a Wink hub--my mistake). That was fine, until I found out that I couldn't attach it to my TV in the bedroom because the range wasn't there. So I moved it to another bedroom where it is now a dedicated device to the lock. With better bluetooth capability, I would be able to use the Apple TV for both IoT and entertainment.

    Read" Charles F from Clayton's" review, because he nails the process--two factor authentication and all.

    Once it starts working remotely, the lock is magical. To test the lock's remote capabilities, I went into town and attempted to remotely open and close the lock, as well as add a use. I was absolutely amazed when it did work. So, I'm thrilled -- but what a process.

    I am using the lock on my 2nd house in Taos, and want to be able to change the codes from my home in Washington state. It now looks like I should be able to do that.

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    Save Your Money

    I own 2 locks for the 6 months and what a hazzle has it been. Its has worked properyl only a handful of days. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT !!! You will save Your money as well as Your nerves !!!

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    So far so good

    Simple set up, firmware update was initiated when starting up the app. Everyones (wife and kids) pass-codes are working correctly. HomeKit and Siri working correctly. I'll test the HomeKit automation soon as well as locking and unlocking when I'm away from home as I have Apple TV and iPads to act as hubs. But at this point I have no complaints. All is well. Will modify this if needed after home kit automation testing.

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    Buggy, doesn't connect

    I was looking forward to replacing my Kevo smart lock with this wonder of the HomeKit enabled products.

    Nothing prepared me for the massive dissapointment:

    The lock doesn't connect to your phone even if you are a foot away, it takes hours of trying. the lock doesn't connect to the HomeKit Hub (apple TV or ipad) and I can never open the door remotely, i.e. when I am about to arrive to my home.

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    Great lock! Easy to set up! Worked First Time. Everytime

    I installed the lock last Sunday. Took less than a hour--and I'm definitely not a handy guy. It only requires a screwdriver--which I am good at. The lock fit right into the door where the old Schlage dead-bolt was. Sense software installed. Phone and lock linked. Boom! It's all good. Gave different access codes to my wife and kids who have all successfully unlocked the door. The Sense software tracks who unlocked the door and when.

    Still have not set up our Apple TV as the control center for things, but I have to say I am very impressed with the ease of installation and ease of use for Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt.

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    Works great

    Works great out of the box, whoever sets it up has to invite other users. It is super easy to install and a great product.

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    Still does not work with HOMEKIT or App

    After months, still no fix for home kit or Bluetooth conductivity with App. Recommend finding a lock that actually works, if that is what you are looking for.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy install, great quality, no Bluetooth connectivity!

    I installed it in less than 30 minutes....nice and simple! However it took about an hour setting up the Schlegel software and the Home app and I still can't get Bluetooth to connect.
    Aggravating experience....hope a fix is in the works!!

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    Good lock but....

    The lock itself is sturdy, attractive and easy to install and setup. It is very disappointing on the automation front, it does not use near field technology to open on approach. Geo-fencing can be used in the HomeKit app but it asks you to confirm that you want it to run. Requiring one to get out their phone to do that sort of defeats the automatic feature! Still it was better than the August lock that required a firmware update to work on HomeKit even though it was labeled as compatible. The firmware update is automatic and you cannot start it on your own, I waited three days but no joy!

    Hopefully firmware updates will make the lock more autonomously effective. I would not recommend it unless you just need a new lock.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product, terrible install process

    Now that this is setup it is exactly what I hoped. I wanted the ability to assign codes to other people in my house that may not have access to a phone (i.e. kids) and temporarily allow visitors access without them needing to install an app. This does that very well. It was easy to install, Siri works great, and while it is connecting with bluetooth, its not as slow as some reviews led me to believe. So why 3 stars? The setup is poorly documented.

    I got it installed, installed the app, and was prompted for a firmware update. No problem I thought, its only 15-20 minutes without my phone. 40 minutes later it appeared the update installed, but it was very clear it had not. So I grabbed the iPad, set it on the floor below the lock, and walked away. 20 minutes later I came back and it was successful...except my phone could not consistently find the lock anymore. I tried a few times, disabled bluetooth and re-enabled it, rebooted the lock, and still nothing. So I just rebooted the phone and suddenly my lock connected again. NEAT! I disabled wireless on my phone to test remote access and it worked. GREAT! So I took the dog out for a walk and tried again just in case and guess what? It didn't work. So I got home and rebooted my apple TV Gen4. After this I disabled wireless and wandered around the block again and it finally worked! I still have moments where Siri doesn't know what "the front door" is, but if I ask her again she immediately tells me my lock status. Its not often, but does sometimes happen.

    Overall the initial setup is the most frustrating part. I'm very techie, but if that was not the case I probably would have had to call Schlage support or just got frustrated and sent it back. I'm glad I didn't though because now that its working it is a great product. Schlage just needs to work on their documentation and onboarding to ease the process.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Two-Factor Authentication is the key

    I’m writing this in the hopes that it will help everyone who has been seeing issues since the iOS 10 update. I had all the same issues with my Schlage Sense; lost connectivity, device not supported, Homekit not showing up under iCloud on Apple TV, etc. I found out the hard way that you must enable two-factor authentication in iCloud and that ALL of your Apple devices must be signed into iCloud using said two-factor authentication; I missed one and kept getting intermittent issues.

    You can find more in depth instructions for setting up two-factor authentication but the basics are; go into the password and security section under iCloud in settings, enable it and set up a trusted device. Once enabled, on your other devices you will need to, log out if you’re already signed in and then, log into iCloud again. When you log in using a new device it will ask you for the two-factor authentication code that will be sent to the trusted device you set up. When you log in from a device that doesn’t support two-factor authentications you will need to log in as normal and let it fail. When it fails it should give you some kind of message pertaining to the authentication; at this time go into the device you set up as your trusted device and under where you enabled two-factor you will see a Get Verification Code option, get a code and then sign back into the unsupported device using your normal credentials but adding the verification code to the end of your password.

    Once I did this for all my devices the Apple TV showed the Homekit as Connected under iCloud in settings and it has worked flawlessly with the exception of not notifying the one iPhone I have connected to an Apple Watch. All other devices get notified, so I’m assuming it has something to do with the watch, it shows in the new Home app and it locks and unlocks when I tell it to.

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    Do Not Buy Until Critical Flaw is Fixed

    Bought this lock because of the HomeKit promise and it worked very well for two months, until the dreaded iOS10 upgrade, around mid September.

    Now the lock is not recognized by the app or HomeKit / Hate me App, and Schlage has not addressed this problem at all. Now it is basically a dumb lock, one I could have bought for half the cost. Cannot recommend as clearly there is a major, major issue and the Schlage customer service has dropped the ball big time.

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    fix for remote use

    Hello Everyone, well i have spent the past 2 weeks since i got the lock to make it work remotely with my apple tv 4 tvos 10. so i finally got it to work after calling apple and schlage who had no idea on what the issue was but did an amazing job making sure the basics were on, that are needed to use sense remotely. The basic steps are, have keychain on, have 2 step authentication on (apple id website turn on), same apple id for home kit phone and apple tv 4 with latest tv operating software. no if you are having the same issue i was, this is what i did and it finally works flawlessly. i have iPhone 6s plus with latest iOS and apple tv 4 with latest tv os 10 and an asus 5300 router.
    1.delete sense app from your phone. after you have upgraded firmware from the latest sense app takes about 15 minutes.
    2.delete home from home kit so its fresh, do a reset on iPhone (home button and side button Hold both at the same time till apple logo pops up)
    3.reset sense dead bolt by holding the keypad shlage logo (the one on the keypad not inside the door) and while holding disconnect the battery connector and reconnect the batter connector all while holding the shlage button. the sense deadbolt will reset to manufacturer default.
    4. do not download sense app just yet
    5. install the deadbolt directly too home kit (home app) first. open the app and follow the instructions and use the home kit number found in the user guide. once you have that working move to next step. make sure you have bluetooth on, on your phone.
    6. go to apple tv and general settings and do a factory reset and update (its in red to show you your doing a hard reset) this will bring your apple tv to brand new status and update to the latest tv os.
    7. sign in to iCloud after you setup your apple tv. make sure its the same apple id. apple tv to be within 30 feet of sense deadbolt. set to never sleep on the auto off in the menu
    8. with these steps one should be able to lock and unlock through home app. and on the home app it'll say apple tv 4 as hub. turn off bluetooth and try to lock and unlock. if all works and it should go to next step.
    9. install sense app and thats it. you can start adding your other codes for entry.

    hope this helps everyone who is having the same issue as me. if it does not work i apologize but these steps helped to resolve my issue the first time i tried it. if it does work spread the word to apple and schlage

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    How disappointing!!!!

    Between Schlege and Apple , we have an app tied up to a HomeKit that is totally useless. I, like everyone else paid for an expensive lock that's supposed to work. Unfortunately, it works for a day or so, then you're out of touch.
    Can you people get your act together? Firmware update, IOS 10, this and that .. just fix it. It turned out to be nothing but a scam. Thank you schlage and thank Apple for a useless product. Never again.

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    Simply doesn't work

    It worked for one or two days after the "update" came out for IOS 10 then stopped working completely. I have restarted, reinstalled, disconnected from Apple TV, and tried pretty much everything. The APP needs to be fixed on this several hundred dollar waste of money (and I bought one for the garage door and one for the front door so am especially annoyed....)

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works As Described

    I shouldn't be shocked that this actually works, but I am. After multiple Lockitrons and reading the reviews of other smart locks, I was hesitant to buy this. It actually works. I can add codes for friends, tell Siri to lock the door via my iPhone/iPad/Apple TV/ Apple Watch, add it to HomeKit scenes, automatically lock the door when I leave based on geolocation, etc.

    Setup was very quick and simple. (However this could be do to all the practice I had installing and removing multiple jammed or failed Lockitrons over the years.)

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    Look at their app store ratings before you buy

    After the update of firmware, all app functions completely stopped. They pretend to give you a fake fix that doesn't work.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Happy and frustrated at the same time

    Best and easiest way to enter and control my house. However, I need to constantly take of the batteries and put back on (to reboot) because it stops to connect via bluetooth... it started tofrequently happen after I updated to iOS 10.

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