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    Error Code Resolved! Here’s How!

    Ok everyone, I’ll keep it brief. Lock is great! Does what it’s supposed too. Now for pairing it with IOS devices: IPADS and IPhones, here’s a fix for that error code, “Cloud Sync In Progress”. Once you’ve paired the lock with first IOS device, this is when things become frustrating for some. Each IOS device must have an email associated with it. Go to the device the lock paired with; then to Settings; then to HomeKit. Now Invite People; the plus symbol to the right opens up your contacts. Select from contacts; name will appear as To: Name; then hit Add to the right of Invite People. Now make sure each device has ICloud and they are signed in. NOTE: YOU CAN TURN OFF ITEMS THAT YOU DON’T WANT TO USE IN ICLOUD. But make sure Keychain is on. You will enter passwords and security codes as required. Now go back to Settings and find the Sense App. In the Sense App, enable Location while using and turn on Home Data. Now go back to settings and open up HomeKit. Click on the home you added and turn off Allow Remote Access. Yes turn off Allow Remote Access. This is what I think is causing the error code “Cloud Sync In Progress”. Now your other IOS devices will work when you open up the Sense App and ADD NEW LOCK. Look people, I personally don’t need to use remote access. I just want my wife to be able to lock/unlock door from the driveway with her phone, with my phone or our IPad. I don’t know what would happen if I enabled Allow Remote Access after all my IOS devices have successfully synced. I guess what I’ll do is load a special code for emergencies, and if someone really had to get in the house they could use that. You can disable codes that you load.

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    Did not set up

    Installed the lock per the instructions. Lock never made it through the 'setup routine'. It was installed correctly and connected. It lite up as it should but the dead bolt never engage like it should. After an hour of trying to figure what 'we' did wrong - we found on the Internet that there is an entire series of locks that have defects that were manufactured. We're going to exchange this one and try it again. If the 2nd one does not work - we'll try a different brand. If they know the lot that had the defects how are they sitting on store shelves?

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    Excellent implementation and quality!

    I have tried another smart lock and while it was nice looking it was awkward and never seemed to be reliable. I took it back and when I heard about this lock I waited for it's release.

    This lock has the best blend of features between traditional locks and smart locks. People that aren't techie still know how to use it and techies can use Siri, their phone to unlock it as well.

    I must say it is quite amazing to be sitting upstairs and just raise my arm and say "Hey Siri, is my front door locked?" and have my Apple watch tell me no and then I simply ask Siri to "Lock the front door" and bam! It's Locked!! Amazing!!

    Installation was easy, I did have to adjust my door quite a bit but that was not this locks fault, it was more faulty install in the first place of the door and perhaps aging and wear of the door frame as well. Once I got it aligned good the lock works perfect.

    I hope to see improvements to the app and maybe even an attempt to auto unlock when approaching the door like the August lock claims they have but never seemed to work properly.

    If you have been waiting for the right smart lock that works without gimmicks and hassle, it's finally here and it's awesome!

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    Well done!

    I think Schlage has done a great job with this lock. Installation was a snap following along with the video built into the app. Fit and finish are perfect and the lock has proved to be very reliable over the past few days of testing. Works great with Siri on two different iPhones and is very fast within Bluetooth range but works well over the internet as well, though it takes a few seconds longer (as it should). I've tried two previous app controlled locks and returned them both because they were not reliable enough. Schlage did the right thing in not trying to use Bluetooth to detect the iPhone and figure out what side of the door it is on. I especially love walking out and closing the door and hitting the Schlage logo on the lock and having it lock. Simple and fast. This is a better experience than using a key and not just a cool tech demo that breaks down in real life.

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    Easy to install and very basic

    It is a good product. Very solid. However, the app itself seems lack of security and anyone can access the password. Need to add security code to access certain features in the app to make it secure. Happy with the products but there are more information can't be found so far, like how many iDevices the lock can pair with.
    Installation and user guide are easy enough but need more information about the product with HomeKit etc.

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