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    I thought previous reviewers were overreacting and decided to give this a try, but everyone is right. It's impossible to hear clearly with this case. It makes me phone look like a clunky Gameboy. The clear back makes it feel hot and I can feel the vibrations if music is playing (a weird feeling). Installation was confusing and instructions not enough- I had to watch a video. I purchased this for a hiking trip in case I dropped my phone (which I was only using as a camera), and the one thing I DO like is that it makes it wider and easier to grip. But it also made it almost too big for my pant pocket. I switched back to my old case immediately after the trip.

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    Seems ok, but wouldn't trust taking it in water often

    I bought this case for work as my phone is regularly exposed to rain, mud, dust, minor drops, etc.... wanted more piece of mind than just a standard case. With most waterproof cases for other products the construction is pretty simple... usually 2 pieces attached by a hinge and some sort of clasp that pulls the two pieces into a rubber seal. It gives you confidence because it's simple and it'd be relatively easy to see if it is damaged. But with this case it seems like there is so many different parts of it that could easily fail and it'd be almost impossible to tell until your phone was full of water. There's a seal around the phone, seal around the screen, separate rubber pieces over all the side buttons, thin flimsy clear plastic over home button, same flimsy plastic covering cameras plus speakers, opening and closing ports for charging and headphone jack. Just so many pieces that can fail. And it just feels really cheaply made in general, first impression out of the box is "why does this cost 100$? Feels like a 30$ case at best." For what I need it for it's probably fine.... but I definitely don't feel like I could trust it enough to jump in a pool with it or take it snorkelling.

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    The Biggest Disappointment of my Life

    I heard tons of amazing reviews about the LifeProof Nuud case, so as soon as I got my iPhone 6s it was the first case I purchased. However, within a short time, after removing the case and putting it back on it wore thin and the waterproof capabilities were tarnished as the sides of the case no longer closed completely and the ports began to literally fall and break off. I assumed I had just gotten a faulty product and used my warranty to get a new one and luckily within days I had a new case. Soon after though, what I thought was my replacement case turned into another broken, faulty case that I was scared to even drop out of my pocket let alone accidentally spill water on. It seems incredibly fragile for a $100 case, and I found that my $30 otter box was doing a better job. I DO NOT recommend buying this case, at all, unless you're bored and have $100 to waste and a $900 phone to potentially destroy.

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    Warranty is worthless

    While in the LifeProof case, my phone went into 6 inches of water. LifeProof said, "nothing they can do". Water warranty was only good for 6 months.. If you are looking for a case because of the warranty, do not buy this one. Water ruined my phone; the case did not protect my phone from water and LifeProof did nothing.

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    Phone destroyed, this case is not waterproof!

    I've owned these cases before for previous models and always follow the instructions to the letter, I did the water test a fit seemed fine, but as soon as the phone went into the water with me the case failed! My 6s is now a brick. It's very disappointing. I'm returning the case.

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    Destroyed my iPhone

    I bought this for taking snorkeling photos on our honeymoon
    After only 2 short stints in the water I realised there was condensation on my phone so quickly took it out to dry
    My touch screen is ruined, my phone is unusable
    I bought this case as it was on the Apple website and thought surely, costing the small fortune it does that it'd be the best there is. Nope.

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    Great protective case, microphone quality diminished

    I have been using this case for many months now. It is a great waterproof, drop proof case. The same nuud case I've had on my iPad for years and love it. Downside to this case is the ability to be heard on the other end during a phone call. I often use a headset to make calls just for this reason. This product works great for my iPad but less so for the iPhone due to the need for good quality microphone. I recommend this case if you always use a headset. Often times I have to take the case off the phone for people on the other end to hear me correctly. I have checked the microphone and it works great every time without the case on the iPhone.

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