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    The Best Bose Headphones Ever !! Awesome !!

    I've had the Pose QC 3 for a couple of years and i just got the new Bose QC 35 and i have to say it's way better than the QC 3 cause it's bluetooth which is great and the battery life as well overall i'd would recommend to anyone out there to give these a try.

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    Simply Phenomenal

    I've owned both the QC 15 and QC 25 predecessor models over the years. My family is in the aviation business and I am a perpetual student, so I have an appreciation for the quality of noise cancelation. You don't need a comment review to know that Bose represents the industry leader in noise canceling technology, but what I do have to say is this:

    Having used all three models in this particular lineage on a de facto daily basis as they have come out, the QC 35s are simply phenomenal. Despite the similar appearance, the improvement from the 25 to the 35 is easily double the improvement made from the 15 to the 25. The 15s sounded good, and they fit snugly around the ears. Too snugly in fact. After a few hours of use, I would have to take them off from discomfort on my skull around my ears. And of course, when the replaceable battery died, they would no longer work, even plugged in.

    The 25 mostly addressed these problems. They were more comfortable but felt loose and airy. They looked much nicer but still had a cord though now they would work if the battery died without noise canceling. Needless to say, I became acutely aware of how expensive disposable batteries really are. The sound quality was pretty good, but about the same as the 15 (at times, I felt a little worse actually). The noise canceling was, of course, the best available at the time, and showed minor improvement over the 15. Among other changes, came a new cord that in some ways was much better than that of the 15, but had somehow grown to an obnoxious length.

    And now we have the 35. They are immensely comfortable with a snug fit like the 15 without any discomfort over time. The sound quality feels like leaps and bounds better than either model before it, rich and full. They are sleeker and smoother, feel more durable, yet are incredibly light, and the noice canceling feels and sounds far superior than in its predecessors. The cord is gone... and its not for when the rechargeable battery dies or for sources that don't have bluetooth capability and that means no more searching drawers for a working battery tucked away in a corner.

    What really gets me is the battery life itself. In fact, an experience this weekend is what motivates me to write this review at all. The last time I charged my headphones was Thursday night and it is now Tuesday. Since then I have flown for a total of 20 hours and have spent about another 10 or so working. Of course I have not been using my headphone continuously during that time, but I was using them as I regularly as I do when I fly or work. As of right now, I have 30% battery remaining.

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    Bose QC 35

    I have had the headphones for two days now and they are incredible. The noise cancelation on these headphones is absolutely outstanding and is the main selling point. They also sound really good. I would recommend these in a heart beat to anyone who travels regularly. They are light the battery life is great and are extremely comfortable. While it is hard to swallow the price you would not regret purchasing these headphones.

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    love them

    I've been a Bose fan for many years and I'm extremely happy with the performance of the QC35s. Love the wireless capability and pairing with my iPhone and my Mac was fast and easy. I like that I can have them connected to both devices at the same time and easily switch between the two sources. Battery life has been outstanding and I like the voice prompts when I turn them and they announce how much charge is left and which devices(s) they are connecting to. I've tried all of the various Beats headphones and for my subjective tastes the Bose sound better.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Headphones!

    This review is based on 2 weeks of usage from purchase date.

    ** Pros **

    Sound Quality:
    QC35 is made to give you the actual quality of the song. Put in bad quality music, and you will get really bad quality out. But put in high quality music, and you will be wowed by how good the sound is. I'm no expert, but I figured that out after trying several songs with different qualities. MP3s with 320kbps sound absolutely fantastic, also HD YouTube videos (720p and above) sound great. Vocals sound phenomenal, try high quality songs for Adele or Sam Smith and you will know what I'm talking about. Base is very clean as well, found it best on volume 80% or a little bit less.

    This is one of the features that I bought QC35 for, and yes it didn't disappoint. Pairing is very easy. Tried it with iPhone, iPad, Sony laptop, and even with Sony Bravia TV (using Bluetooth transmitter) and it always worked like a charm. I put the headphones on and I keep moving around my apartment crossing walls and closed doors, and no single beat drops off.

    Phone calls:
    Phone calls sound fantastic in this headphones. The person's voice on the other end is very clear, and also your own voice is quite clear to the recipient without the need to raise your voice.

    This is the most comfortable headphones I have ever tried. They are very light and comfy on the ear and head. The ear and headband cushions are great to the extent that you can just put the headphones on and forget them for hours without feeling any pressure on your ears or head.

    Noise Cancellation:
    Great feature for those who like to move to a different world while listening to music. If you have a baby at home, please don't put these headphones on, you will never hear him/her crying. While indoors, put the headphones on, play music on high volume, and you will literally hear nothing except your music. If you wear them outdoors, you still need to be very careful as you will hear very little from the surroundings.

    Battery life is really good. I haven't calculated exactly how many hours it lasts for one charge, but based on my usage, which is average 3-4 hours per day, I believe the claimed 20 hours battery life is quite accurate.

    ** Cons **

    Some people might disagree with me, but I think QC35 doesn't have the best looks in the market. I have the black ones, and It looks good with sports-wear, but with casual or formal clothes, it doesn't look that great. Also, I found QC35 so bulky. If you have a small head, you will know what I'm talking about. I would suggest trying them out at Apple store before buying just to make sure it looks as good as you'd expect.

    Yes, it is expensive. Unfortunately not all people can afford $500 AUD to enjoy QC35.

    Sound leak:
    Unfortunately, the insulation system in QC35 is not what I was expecting. When you're listening to loud music, there is an obvious sound leak, to the extent that people sitting next to you (on a train for example) can hear what you're listening to.

    Final thoughts:
    Overall, I think it is a wonderful headphones. No doubt, it is a great choice for people looking for high quality wireless headphones.
    I give it 4 out of 5.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic Headphones!

    I have the Bose QC15s and more recently the Beats Studio 2.0 Wireless. I've always liked the noise canceling abilities of my QC15s but found the bass lacking and would clip easily at higher volumes. Also, they were corded and I like wireless headphones more. When Beats came out with the wireless Studio 2.0s, I was skeptical their sound quality, but found them to be quite good. But the noise canceling wasn't as good as Bose and the headphones started developing cracks in the headband and the ear pads started coming apart at the seams (which I had to fix by gluing back together).

    Finally with these QC35s, Bose has come out with wireless headphones. They have deeper bass that sounded cleaner to me than both the QC15 and Studio 2.0 Wireless. I will admit, I have heard better headphones like my Sony MDR-V6 or Grado SR-80s, but these are definitely still very good. Also, the headphones do not clip as easily at higher volumes. But on some tracks, they still can clip, but at volumes that are not safe for your ears, so it shouldn't be a problem. The headphones play louder than the QC15 but not as loud as the Studio 2.0s. The battery life has exceeded my expectations, lasting just a little over the advertised 20 hours, which is fantastic. I recently took these on a business trip and they do a great job of drowning out the engine roar of a 737. They are very comfortable to wear over long periods of time without any fatigue. I love that the controls allow you to use Siri with the on-ear button controls, something the Studio 2.0 couldn't handle.

    I love the ability to pair to two devices at the same time as I listen to most of my music on my iPhone 7 Plus, but at times want to switch over to my MacBook or iPad to watch a video. It does it very seamlessly. I also like how the headphones announce the battery level when you turn them on and which devices they have connected to. Nice touch.

    They seem to be very sturdy, more so than the QC15s and definitely more than the Studio 2.0 Wireless. Not to say that the QC15s weren't sturdy (mine are still in a good shape), but the QC35 doesn't feel like it's going to break easily. Though for the price, they'd better have a sturdy feeling. Speaking of which, these are definitely expensive headphones, but not any more than some other competing models like the Studio 2.0 Wireless ($379 list, cheaper on sale now), the Sennhesier Momentums ($499).

    Overall, I would highly recommend these headphones to anyone looking for a great set of noise canceling headphones that have very good sound quality and are comfortable to wear over long periods of time.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Once you go Bose, you can't go back to one of those

    It is liberating to pair Bose's QuiteComfort 35 headphones to my Apple Watch and walk around the house without thinking that they are out of Bluetooth range. Also, the battery life is insane. It just doesn't want to die. Which is why I carry them everywhere I go in the included carrying case. It's also kind of cool how it includes wires, so I can connect them to devices physically, like a public computer that restricts access to the Bluetooth settings. Having active noise cancellation, Bluetooth connectivity, and having it so comfortable that I forget that I have them on after 3 hours. This is such a hard commodity to find in headphones at this price point or in headphones at all. Now I feel like I'm living in a truly wireless world. It also has its own app that allows you to save multiple devices to it so you don't have to pair them again. (You can only have up to two devices connected at the same time, in the app, you can select which of the devices that were paired previously you want to connect to.) Now that I have Bose, I can't go back to one of those.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Bluetooth with the Best Noise cancelling money can buy

    I have used Bose QC headphone since QC 15 onward. These so comfortable, even if they are tad heavier than previous models.
    If you want to appreciate the music with no external interruption, Bose QC 35 is for you. This thing has best noise-cancellation in the business and this has verified so many audiophiles (by no means I am one but I do appreciate good music). Noise cancellation feels extremely natural because it lacks the feeling of “pressure” on your ears when being used but this may be because I am used to Bose Noise Cancellation, others may feel differently.
    The QC35 have practically the same design as the QC25, but with wireless controls built-in to the back of the right ear-cup. They feel well-built and premium. The ear cups rotate 90 degrees, but the ear-cups face outward instead of inward when worn around the neck. The folding mechanism allows the QC35 to fit in the included carrying case (which is equally high quality in its build).
    Overall, the sound is fairly balanced. They’re not accurate enough for monitoring, but all frequencies are very well represented. Whether listening to music or watching movies, everything just sounds right. Vocals, instruments, bass notes, bass rumbles, high-frequency sparkles all isolate from each other very well. Lower frequencies are well represented, and the amount of bass is very tasteful: it’s exciting, but not overpowering, like Beats, usually.
    Best feature, you can use these like normal headphone even after battery has depleted and it does good job of noise isolation (not cancellation). But for me, this headphone is best when used with noise cancellation.
    Happy Listening.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not Bluetooth Compatible With Imac.

    Severe BT interference with BT magic mouse OS-El Capitan and OS- Lion. Duplicated problem at my local Apple Store with 3 different magic mice and on brand new, in store iMac. My only solution is to use a wired mouse. Totally unacceptable.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    incompatible with iMac, great with iOS devices

    Works well with Dragon on the iMac, Skype etc but iTunes music, no chance. Bose are cagey and told me that their product 'could not be tried on all computers prior to their product launch'
    Fabulous with iOS devices though if you don't include the iMac .

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    How can I fault this thing?

    As everyone else says, the noise cancelling is the best available. When you are on a plane, pop these on and it cuts out about 80% of the engine noise so you can relax and not be as tired. But it's when the music starts playing the noise cancelling cuts 100% of the noise. Literally. Battery life is excellent. 20 hours wireless and they take less than 2hrs to charge fully from about 10%. Very comfortable. Most comfortable headphones I've ever used and trust me, I'm fussy and have sensitive skin. The volume optimised EQ is great. Whatever volume you listen at the bass, highs and stuff are balanced. The materials are quite premium. Glass filled nylon, synthetic leather and metal mean you can't really bend, scratch or break these unless you try. I've bumped mine, dropped them and they still work. The noise isolating micaohone is great. When I'm facetiming or something the other person hears me clearly and the mic cancels the sound around me so ALL they can hear is MY voice.

    These are definitely worth the extra money over the QC25s as they have a wider frame that sits on your head so the weight is more evenly distributed and MUCH more comfortable. I suggest you walk in to the Apple Store and try both you. You will definitely notice the difference. They also pressurise slower. With the QC25 as soon as you put them on it's BANG. You feel dizzy and all the noise is cancelled. The QC35s pressurise slower so they don't make you feel as dizzy when you out them on but the noise cancelling only works after 3 minutes or so. The EQ is also much better. The sound drive and everything is the same but e EQ balances the highs, lows and everything MUCH better than the QC25s.

    These also come with a nice carry case, short cable to charge it and a 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable to let you use these wired for up to 40hr battery and save battery in your device. These food neatly and weight about 500g. I personally find the black headphones have better material than the white headphones as the white ones have a weird glossy feel.

    My only suggestion would be to make the charging cable lightning or USB-C instead of micro USB as you need to carry an extra cable around and it's non reversible. I'd rate 6 star if I could. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a high end headphone.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Headphones I've ever owned

    Great for traveling by Air or noisy trains. Pair easily and reliably with multiple Apple devices. Very long battery life, as advertised. An unexpectedly nice carrying case included.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Not comfortable

    They sound great but I can't wear them for a long time. They are on the heavy side and hurt the top of my head, giving me a headache.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Worth every penny

    Purchased a pair of these off the shelf before it became widely available online. Had in mind to purchase the QC 25 but decided to pay the extra $50 for these. Selling point for me: wireless capability. Not being tethered to my device enables me the freedom to move about as I work. Second selling point: noise cancellation. I've found myself to be much more concentrated as I work. Bose's noise cancellation technology is excellent and has made me more productive as it's created a small haven for me concentrated in (I have small children & I tend to work from home these days). I wasn't aware of the headphones call-making ability but was pleasantly surprised to discover it. The quality with phone calls hasn't been as good as with other audio but it's till been a pleasure to be able to use them. Has made the people on the other end more audible for me.

    Finally, the option to attach a wire so I can use the headphones with my computer has been awesome. One drawback: when making a FT call on my Mac the internal mics don't work when 'wired' (unlike when using my mobile devices).

    Overall, a great purchase, I highly recommend it. Especially if you have a noisy house like mine.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best headsets of this time

    Awesome sound quality. Noise cancellation excellent

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great noise cancellation but horrible conversation headset

    The sound is pretty good but when I was trying to take a call, it would answer but horrible connection. The other cannot really hear my voice but could hear my fingers touch the paper. Just did not understand why it did that. I am hoping to exchange this headset for something with better sound in taking phone calls.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    Great design. The black-on-black looks very sleek.
    Great sound. Bose's signature balanced sound isn't as punchy as others (like B&O), but that's a good thing.
    Great noice cancellation. Unlike other brands that cost more, Bose is industry leading here.
    Good app. It's real simple, but you can use it to switch between devices like Mac and iPhone (you wonder why someone didn't think of this before).

    If you want very comfortable headphones, that sound great and have superior noise cancellation, "ADD TO BAG".

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I've tried ten or more, different top brands of headphones in the last 6 months..I don't mean try at the store. I mean, owned. The QC35 are the best "all around" headphones I've tried. They are comfortable, light, the battery life is amazing. The controls are easy to use. They are classy and expensive looking. The storage case is high quality. And last but not least, the sound and noise canceling is extremely good. You can't go wrong with these headphones! I love mine!

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Broken in under 6 months

    These were very carefully used - never leaving the house. The battery life is only o.k., and will completely drain if you don't remove the headphone cord. Every. Time. But the worst part is one of the ear pieces simply snapped off with no excessive effort; I was simply removing the headphones, and off it came. When you look at the construction, you'll understand why. The second star is for the sound, which was good.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    awesome headphones

    if you want quality sound, noise canceling, blue tooth headphones, these are the ones to get. much more comfortable than the beats, sound quality is better, as well as the noise canceling. built nice, very light and easy to use phones. battery life is amazing. a-b

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