• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    2 big flaws in design

    First, the case has a convenient slot for a stylist only that you will crack your screen if you keep it there. You cannot close the case with the pencil in the case, there is no room for a stylist if you want to close your case, the stylist presses against the screen and the case won’t close.

    Second, to snap iPad out of the case you need to apply pressure on top right sides. The only problem is that on the right side the case is extra thin to allow for an opening for a speaker. I pressed on that area once and it cracked. With the case slightly cracked the iPad doesn’t sit snug in the case, it can fall out.

    Otherwise, it is a nice keyboard, I like that it lights up and has been working fine.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent Keyboard

    After I bought my new iPad Pro (I upgraded from an "iPad with Retina Display" -- yes it had been THAT long), I decided that I wanted keyboard options for it. I bought the Apple silicone case, the Apple Keyboard cover, and I also bought the CREATE keyboard case. I must say that so far, the CREATE is my favorite. The backlit keys are awesome, and they feel good when I'm typing. The CREATE also has a place for the Apple Pencil, which (amazingly) the Apple cases do not. So when I have my iPad in the Apple cases, I have no place to put the pencil to keep it all together. Gets a little tricky sometimes when I only have one free hand (yes I'm a hard-core multitasker). I like that the CREATE holds my iPad at good angles, and yet it's also comfortable to hold if I want to play a game (I play Order & Chaos II quite a bit) and I need the keyboard out of the way. Also, the home row keys are a great addition and very handy to have for someone who likes to do 100 things at once (like me) but also do them in a hurry. The outside of the case isn't rock hard, but it also seems durable enough for everyday use (that does NOT mean durable as in throw it under a bus or expect it to hold up to freezing/cooking temperatures -- I'm talking about bumps, tables, chairs, being held a lot, being maneuvered a lot, etc)
    All in all, I'd say that Logitech actually did a very good job on this one (and I'm not usually a real huge fan of Logitech's stuff), and I'm 110% satisfied with my purchase. If I had to return one of these keyboards, I'd return the Apple keyboard; sorry Apple, but it still needs a little tweaking.
    If you're considering buying this case, it's well worth it!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Very good keyboard case

    At first I thought I would get by without a hardware keyboard, but there were just too many moments of daily frustration due to lack of cursor keys, command key, alt/option key, function keys - all those I now have with this keyboard. The backlit feature works great, just tried it on a flight. The case protects the iPad very well when folded. I don't have the problem someone else complained about, that it falls out of the holder - mine sits firmly in place, and all cutouts for camera and sensors are perfectly placed. Since the foldable Apple keyboard cover has neither function keys nor backlight, doesn't provide a place to store the pen, and its support of the display against screen touches is noticeably inferior to this one - all while asking for a higher price, there is no doubt that this one is by far the better deal.

    Things to improve: I was hoping for some sort of leather experience, although the heavy-duty kind of fabric Logitech uses sure is robust. The function keys could have a second layer for shortcuts to browser, calendar, e-mail etc.; looks to me like a low hanging fruit that was missed. Overall weight is a bit more than I wanted, but then again this is the price for good protection of a very expensive tablet. The closing magnet could be slightly stronger to hold the lid in place. An option for portrait mode would have been ideal, though I realize that this would clash with the lack of connectors on the pad which run the show. But finding a way for one or two more viewing angles (or perhaps even one that is as seamlessly flexible as the Surface 3 (and newer) kickback stand is a challenge the Logitech team should consider for the next version.

    Overall, I'm very happy with this keyboard cover. It's not cheap, but well worth the investment given the daily productivity improvement and removal of many little frustrations I dealt with using only software keyboards.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Good and Bad

    The overall functional design of this keyboard case is pretty good. The keyboard is responsive, and it is finally nice to have a place to keep the apple pen.

    The problem with the case is that it doesn't do a great job holding the iPad in place. When I put it in my backpack and there is any kind of pressure, the pad releases from the case and then when I pull the case out of the backpack the pad takes flight. The first time it happened I got a scratch on the iPad screen. Now I am more aware and very careful when I pull it out of the backpack.

    Next step is to see if I can velcro it?

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good Keyboard Overall, but Backlight Design Flaw

    I like this keyboard overall, but one of the reasons I bought it was for the backlit keyboard. Buyer beware: Logitech decided to light up every key EXCEPT the space bar and right arrow key, according to their support, due to the thickness of the product. This lack of attention to detail is frustrating. Part of me wants to send the keyboard back, but it does have the Apple Pencil holder and function key row, which the Apple Smart Keyboard does not.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    This gave me a reason to buy the Pro!

    This keyboard case is a must-have for any iPad Pro user. The keys are backlit, it types well, and it has a slot for the Pencil to fit into. These are all features that the standard iPad Pro Keyboard lacks and they finally made it worth my while to get the iPad Pro, turning it into a real productivity device.

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