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    Live by this case

    LifeProof Nuud cases are the best waterproof cases in the market for iPhone 6/6s. Completely waterproof, I've taken my phone snorkeling, snowboarding, kayaking, and swimming at Vegas pool parties.

    A couple caveats:
    - Make sure the case is snapped on tight all the way around, and the USB/aux openings are tightly shut before submerging in water.
    - The case muffles the phone's mic a bit, I typically take the case off or use headphones for long phone conversations.
    - The tiny flap covering the USB port always breaks, but LifeProof will send you a brand new case each and every time this happens - no questions asked.

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    I got this case about 2 weeks ago. I tested the case like i was supposed to surrounding you first get the case. I recently dropped my phone in water and picked it up. Almost 5 minutes after that my phone would not let me open apps. So i looked inside my case and there was water surrounding my phone. I called lifeproof because when i got the case it said in big letter "WATER PROOF". They only gave me the option to get a new case. Why would i need a case if my phone doesnt work. Dont buy this case its a total scam.

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