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    Favorite earbuds ever!!!

    I've had my jaybird freedoms for a few weeks now, and don't know how I got through daily life before them. These are my first "higher-end" pair of blue tooth in-ear headphones. I have a pair of SkullCandy Hesh over-ear big headphones, but other than that I've always purchased under $50 earbuds. I got tired of cheap earbuds dying on me and talked to associates at both BestBuy and Apple (Apple heavy household here) to help decide what I should get. These Freedoms were highly recommeded at both stores. I was looking to use them mostly for running/exercise and the occasional use for household chores or lounging around.
    I have always had a hard time getting bluetooth earbuds to stay in my ears! They usually have bulky/heavy earbuds due to battery/hardware. The freedom earbuds are super lightweight. The bulk/weight is in the controller on the cord behind the right ear.
    There are six different sizes/types of earbud tips to choose from and four different "wings" sizes to pretty much guarantee a good fit. These can be worn down from the ear lobe, or up and over/behind the top of the ear. I personally like the up and over the top fit, although the traditional down fit was better than most I have tried.
    The sound quality is incredible! I enjoy the sound equally for running or lounging.
    There is a free app to download to create your own soundboard or use other's created equalizer settings. It is so helpful to create the perfect sound for any type of music!
    Back to fit, these stay in while running better than anything else with the up and over ear fit. I also use the included clips to shorten the cord for a precise fit behind my head/neck. I sweat A LOT when i run and these don't fall out and my gallons of sweat don't impact their performance or charging.
    There is a clip-on charging bit thing that adds additional life during use. Some people have complained about its bulk, but i honestly dont notice it after shortening the cord for a good fit. You get 4 hours life on the earbuds alone, and an additional four hours with the clip on charger. The clip on charger is also what you use to connect to usb charging. I keep everything in the included pouch so i dont lose pieces.
    I truly love these headphones! I have seen cheaper and more expensive options and i feel like these are a fantastic mid-range price option.
    Pictures included of up over the ear fit, also with & without battery/charging clip on.
    And blue tooth connection is very solid and quick to both my iphone SE and apple watch series 1. No interruptions while running connected to my watch and very minimal hiccups while walking around my apt connected to my phone.

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    Awesome headphones, with some suggestions

    I got these headphones as a solution to running without my phone or iPod. I have my music loaded up on my apple watch and this pairs seamlessly with the bluetooth. Now I can run with only my watch and headphones and I have never enjoyed running so much.

    The headphones have a bunch of different tips and 'half-moon' spacers that help keep the buds in your ears. There are cord clips to shorten the cord if you don't like it dangling down your back and a clip to secure it to your shirt (I personally just use the cord clips to shorted the cord behind my head).

    The fit takes a couple of tries to get right. I have switched out the half-moon spacers a few times and the earbud tips a couple of times. The memory foam-like sport tips are great at staying put while running. I always had an issue with the silicone tips coming out with other sport headphones so I really appreciate this option and they work great.

    Battery life is everything I need it to be. It comes with the charging clip that acts as an extended battery but I have really never needed it because I charge my headphones after each run. I have never run out of battery while working out or running.

    They are sweat and water resistant. I won't go as far as saying they are waterproof but I have run in the rain and worked out to dripping sweat and they still work like a charm.

    I love these things! They are by far the best sport headphones I have ever owned. The one issue I have had is the tips of the memory foam ear buds have started to disintegrate a little bit but I contacted Jaybird and they are sending me replacement ones at no cost. I saw they also sell the replacements online but I have had the headphones less than 6 months so I didn't think they should breakdown that quickly.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Third (4th) time is not a charm.

    I bought the original Jaybirds twice. First time they disappeared off my neck on a long hike. I tracked back several klicks but never found them. The second pair disappeared as well. But the sound and comfort were good enough that version two was worth a try. Version 2 had a long enough cable that it didn't easily slip off the neck, coupled with the awesome sound and battery life I use the He77 (apple, really?!) out of them for more than 2 years. This year they started getting that fuzzy sound so I bought into the freedoms (with some well placed trepidation). The problems:

    *The battery dongle which bothered me falls off and wants to be lost (so far recovered).
    * It also unbalances the weight of the set to such extreme that the headphones in-ear want to pull on that side.
    * Out of ear the neck drape is so short now, and along with the heavy dongle these things have been on the floor almost as much as in my ears. Gravity loves them, and I am certain it is only a matter of time before they are taken from me by it. Just curious if I will lose the charger/dongle first.

    The sound is OK. But I think version two was better. The new music and word power on prompts are annoying and the sound tuning app is just silly.

    I'm sad because I loved the v2's but Jaybirds seems to have drank their own kool-aid and lost touch with the engineering that made them so good.

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    Not that great

    I bought these headphones after my Powerbeats wireless sport headphones stopped working. A week later I returned them for another pair of Powerbeats. The sound quality is marginally better with the Jaybird, but the design is dreadfully bad. It comes with about 20 pieces and parts that have to be sifted through to find the right fit. The tiny "R" and "L" indicators on each part is impossible to read. Positioning the pieces properly for the fit is difficult to decipher in the directions. After about 20 minutes of wearing them your ears will hurt if you use the flaps that secure them to your ears, which are useless. The volume dongle drags every time you turn your head. Just not worth it. Happy with my new Powerbeats tho.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Sound not so great

    I bought mine after my apple earphones cable got torn. And I decided to go wireless. Unfortunately those does not provide same sound quality as the original apple headphones. First I bought Bose bluetooth headphones but they were hurting my earlobes and were sticking out of my ears oddly. So I exchange them for those expecting they are better as the "genius" at Apple store recommended them. But ... another disappointment they sound very flat. Even with the app that suppose to enhance the quality there is completely no bass. Conversations are fine but if you wanna listen to a music louder than the one in the gim this are not the ones you would go for. Overall they fit very good and look pretty but sound quality is poor. I was expecting better quality out of Logitech.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Bluetooth headphones you can buy

    Having done extensive research because buying my first pair of bluetooth headphones I had high expectations for these, especially at their high price point. Let me tell you, they are worth every dollar. The sound quality is fantastic and punchy without being muddy and the bluetooth works without any hassle what so ever. All the music and phone controls are able to work out of the box and the fit is fantastic. I love that the ear piece is so small so it never falls out and the optional wing tips mean these things will stay in regardless of what you are doing! Definitely recommend!

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    Not up to the hype

    I bought these because of the recommendation of a rep at the Apple store. He went on and on about how many different wireless headphones, earbuds, etc., that he had tried, and "these are the best!." I told him my primary concern was for use as a BT earpiece for making calls, with headphone usage for music being secondary. The volume levels are not acceptable. The button to activate Siri is also the power button -- and there's a very fine line between activating Siri and turning these off. Simply unacceptable. The "box" with the microphone and volume controls hangs too far down. Callers complain that I sound like I'm in my car, or in a box. The microphone quality is not there. These are going back.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Headphones ever!

    I love how small these are! I can actually sleep with them and you can't tell they are there. I also use them in the over ear style and that keeps them in without the wings. The sounds is amazing as well, the app that they connect to is genius! Definitely recommend!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love the design & sound!

    Amazing the sound that comes from such a small ear bud. Impressed to say the least!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product once you get them fit right!

    I was stoked to get the Space Grey to match up with all my Apple devices. The packaging was very custom and really well done, and it was easy to open and get to the earbuds. Setting up and syncing to my phone was pretty easy and I also downloaded the MySound app from the apple store and paired up the two. I find the app feature to be a killer bonus!

    I did struggle a bit getting a good fit out of the box, but after some time and testing I landed on what they call the "over-ear" fit and it has worked awesome. I have put in a handful of runs with the buds and they have stayed relatively secure, they are super small and comfortable and with the app feature I have some of the best sounding earbuds I have ever had.

    I would recommend these. The quality is top notch, from the box to the buds. Just be patient and take your time to get your right ear tips and fit. Like I said, I would go with the "over-ear" fitting.

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    Super disappointed

    I bought these because of the hype and let me tell you that they don't live up to it. the plastic remote is super heavy to be on wireless headphones therefore the earpieces will keep falling off. the sound is not impressive at all, no bass and just flat. to top it off you can't change songs with the remote it makes calls instead. the design is great but the product is just not good I really tried to like them I gave it all the chances I could but it's just not a good product. sadly I will be returning them and will be buying a pair of RHA that in my humble are worth every penny.

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