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    For those who know how to follow instructions this is my Favorite mount!!!

    So first off the person who rated it one star clearly doesn't know how to follow instructions. The mount should be pinched from the back when the phone is seated inside to ensure a secure fit. What I love about this is it's compatible with my Velbon tripod, my Joby gorillapod (I got the iPhone combo from Apple Store) and any other tripods I use it with. It also has a COLD SHOE so I simply put my Zoom H1 (in a shock mount) voice recorder on top and get top notch audio! The iPhone tripod mount is solid aluminum and I've been using it for about 6 months in many situations without issue. Holds the iPhone very securely, again, you need to know to pinch it tight from the back to grip on the phone correctly. Cold shoe is snug and I tried the Manfrotto 8 led light with it, worked nicely!

    This isn't an end all solution. What I added...

    -3D printed shock mount for Zoom H1 recorder... Look up Max Piantoni on YouTube!
    -Neewer 360 degree aluminum alloy ball head to get all the shots I want.

    I watch YouTube for reviews, I write google maps reviews to hundreds of locations so I thought this mount deserves a realistic review. Oh... And I have the Joby Griptight Pro for iPhone... This one is nicer in that it has a COLD SHOE and it is much more compact when travelling. Joby wins when it comes to gripping iPhone but I find the adjustments it can do useless for cinematic purposes. Hopefully people know you should never shoot video with iPhone upright. I use the griptight pro with a joby suction cup mount for an awesome iPhone car mount! My iPhone 7 Plus goes in and out with ease and I love how I can adjust the angle in a snap. For making a call or gps purposes.

    You've reached the end of my long winded review.hope it helps.

    The end

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    I don't post product reviews very often but I had to sign in to warn people about this particular product. I purchased through the Apple store in August 2016 for a 6S+ after doing plenty of research online. It's useless, don't believe the sponsored, fawning rubbish that you will see online. When you tighten to lock the phone, it's still not secure. Never is. I’d never trust this to hold an iPhone. If you are planning on doing anything outside of leaving it completely stationary on a desk with a pillow underneath it then avoid like the plague.

    Also, I purchased three of these for a project I was working on so it’s not that I got one faulty unit. None of them are fit for purpose.

    Shame I can't give it 0 stars really.

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