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    Irreplaceable Battery; Regret buying

    • Written by John T from Brooklyn

    Came with a 1/2 aa (or 14250) battery. Battery died after a year. Tried to buy a replacement. Turns out this is an exotic specialty battery size made in France. None of the battery name brands I usually buy make this size. No physical store I visited sells this size. Amazon itself does not sell it, but one of their sellers does. There are a ton of one-star reviews complaining seller ships battery in a ziploc bag with no commercial packaging. People complain battery arrives dead. Pictures posted of gauges showing battery is DOA. Okay. So I google what site is best for buying batteries. Results in a list of sketchy sites I never heard of. Afraid to give them my credit card info. I google reviews for a few sites and reviews are terrible. So, instead of replacing battery will replace sensors with another brand and lose hundreds of dollars in the process.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    This Gato never Miu, Miu.

    • Written by Luis R from toronto

    Totally useless. Garbage , never works , the logs are 1000% wrong , since battery was installed on it logs shows entry every 10 minutes , technical support ? Good thank you ��

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