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    Its short on the sides and doesn't fit the screen, especially while you're watching something, the lines distracting you

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    Very poor

    I placed it on the phone, decided it needed a slight adjustment and it cracked as I lifted it off. £25 down the pan!

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    Important information: iPhone 7 Plus glass screen protector

    It is NOT that your screen protector doesn't "fit", it is the new design of the phone. The very outer edge of the screen has a slight curve. No glass protector is going to cover the entire screen, edge to edge. I found this out as I shopped and read reviews for a variety of brands at Amazon.com

    Hope this helps!

    PS: even the ones that are labeled "Edge to Edge" have a fine, thin "open" space at the edges.

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    Love it! Great fitment for the new iPhone 7!

    This year my previous brand fell flat with screen protector fitment for the iPhone 7 design, as did a lot of other manufacturers out there. There was obviously a slight design change to the screen that nobody expected, and is causing the screen protectors to lift along the edge from the unexpected curve to the screen.. After trying 3X in the last week with competitor products, and returning them all... I did some more checking into the Belkin products at the Apple stores. I don't mind that it doesn't go edge to edge (on the face of the device itself) because it makes it more case friendly when it doesn't. My last competitor HD Glass was like that to, and I never had a problem with it. Not sure if Belkin has changed the design in the recent days/weeks since the iPhone 7 release, but I feel it is the perfect fit for my device. My screen protector goes from edge to edge of the actual screen image/pixels and basically where the touch ends on both sides-yet doesn't interfere with the functionality of the touch screen. The product is very smooth, thin & crystal clear glass. My fingers glide easily over the surface without issue with sticking/catching. The 3D Touch works fantastic, and there are no problems with selecting apps, texting, swiping, or any other functions. I took my device into my local Grand Rapids, MI store and they applied the screen protector for me within just a few minutes using the Belkin application machine... wow, the process is wonderful! Absolute perfection! The machine does the hard work aligning it just right... and the cleaning technique & the process they use to prevent lint and debris before application is so good that the screen is flawless before applying the screen protector. Also, the store applied screen protectors don't have a notch cutout on the top as shown the pic, and it's only the holes cut out... but the application is so spot on, that the holes on the top are perfectly aligned, along with the cutout for the Home button on the bottom. The screen protectors that you buy in the box and bring home as a DIY, might have the notch cutout on top for easier application by hand, but I don't know either way. I would say it would be difficult to do as a DIY if the notch is not cutout on them. Honestly this product is an OCD person’s dream! You would have to go into the store though to get that result because of tools they have to properly do it. Honestly, the screen is not too small either… not sure why everyone assumes that the screen protector is supposed to go from edge to edge... they generally fall short on both sides to be case friendly. All cases are made so differently now, that not all screen protectors would work with all cases - especially glass ones that are obviously thicker than the cheaper screen protectors are. Each edge for the sides starts/ends with the screen image/pixels. I’m so very happy with mine! Last year my Zagg fit like this to, and the glass screen was never an issue. I highly recommend it! Really wish I could have added some photos to this Apple review.

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    Doesn't fit

    The screen protector is too small for the 7. It leaves a gap all around the screen and spoils the display. Not worth buying.

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    Avoid that protector doesn't fit the screen

    Doesn't fit all screen to small on the sides you can see the lane it's like a rainbow changes colour really annoying will go for refund

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    Doesn't fit iPhone 7 properly

    It doesn't even cover the whole lit part of the screen. For this price, it should be designed to fit the lit part (at least).

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    Don't buy

    Over priced and too small too fit the screen.

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    Screen Protector Doesn't Fit

    I had an iphone 7 with a dead power button. The staff in Sydney were great in the fast and efficient replacement. They even replaced my 3rd party (and expensive) screen saver. First with a Belkin and then a Tech 21. Here's the thing - neither Apple store screensaver (Belkin and Tech 21) fit! Both leave a few stray pixels off the edge of the protector (pehaps 0.75 mm each side) which is really visually distracting - its just really unApple poor design.

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    REALLY ANNOYING!!! Doesn't fit the screen meaning you can see a line down the display. Will be looking for a refund!! Do not buy!

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    Doesn't fit the screen!

    I just picked up my new phone last night and had at this screen protector put on the phone. It is way TOO SMALL for the phone! Definitely a return to the store!

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    Doesn't fit whole display screen

    Avoid this product. Overpriced and poor quality. Doesn't fit the whole display screen

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    Doesn't fit

    The material of this protector is nice and apple will apply it perfectly symmetrical in store; however, it won't matter because it's too small. I couldn't deal with the flaw. It creates two lines down the screen on the left and right where the edges are. The right edge interfered with my ability to access features on the right side which is the common for things like scrolling or navigating the contacts using the letters on the right. I don't want to pay $40 for a flawed product. The tech 21 screen protector fits and, although I didn't think I would, I like the anti glare finish.

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    Feels great, looks terrible.

    Bought one and had it fitted by the Apple Store to my new phone. Got back to my hotel and was playing on the phone and noticed that it doesn't actually cover the whole screen. The actual touch screen, already knew it didn't go round the curves at the edges. Looks really bad in the dark and sometimes it doesn't respond to touch.

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    does not fit the screen

    i bought it at apple store in zurich. apple emplyee applied on the screen. when i get the phone i realized it does not cover left and right side of the screen so i returned it ad got refund. employee said that all new belkin screen protectors are like that and they are also annoyed by this issue. just stay away from this product.

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    They don't fit the phone properly

    Picked up my iPhone 7 on Friday and got a protector at the same time,it wasn't until I started using the phone when I got home I realised it doesn't come to the edge of the screen. A small amount of the screen is showing on both sides making it annoying to look. I went back to apple today and they tried a new one and looked at others they had just purchased one and they were all the same. Bad design fault and very annoying. Not what I expect from belkin or apple

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    Doesn't Fit. Avoid

    Had this fitted in store, when I got the phone home and switched it on, you could see that it's too thin and a small part of the screen is unprotected, plus you can see two edges of the protector within the screen. It seems such a silly thing to get wrong.

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