• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Poor quality

    Had the screen protector on for only a few weeks. Took it out my bag and noticed various hairline cracks had appeared. Disappointed considering Apple recommend it, could get better quality elsewhere. Read online it was recalled in December due to poor quality though they don’t seem to have fixed much.

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    Good quality

    Well i’m satisified with it. On my second one now, got over a year out of the first one, twice dropped phone on gravel and damaged the protector but screen wasn’t damaged, it’s a good tough screen protector.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Avoid this product!

    Bought a new Iphone 7 less than two months ago and had the Apple Store install this $40 screen "protector." Screen is cracked in multiple places...I take care of my electronics and have never had any kind of phone screen damage...until less than 2 months with this "protection."

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    Do not buy! Apple should be ashamed to offer this product exclusively!

    Within 10 days of purchasing this screen protector at Apple along with my new iPhone 8, it cracked. I never once dropped it or treated it badly. I saw the poor reviews (of course, after my purchase) and did not believe them until it happened to me. As it was the only screen protector available at the Apple store, I did not think twice about purchasing it. Apple should be ashamed to sell this poor product as it reflects badly on the company.

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    What a waste of money

    Apple, you have sold thousands of these, for a company built on a service you should be ashamed of yourselves and do something for your disappointed customers. This item is not of merchantable quality, and only has one star as you site won’t let me give it none.

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    iPhone 8 screen protector

    I bought my iPhone 8 plus the day they were released and had a screen protector fitted in the Apple Store, a few weeks later I noticed a hairline crack, I am very careful with my phone and thought well maybe I must have dropped it.

    Went back to the Apple Store in Bath and had a new one fitted.

    A couple of weeks later another hairline crack appeared in exactly the same place on the screen, I went back to Apple Store and they said I had to contact Belkin.

    Ps I am no way criticising the Apple Store in Bath because I have found them brilliant.

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    Terrible Product - Terrible Customer Experience

    Within a few months of purchasing and installing these $39 screen protectors for an iPhone 8 Plus and one for an iPhone 7 Plus at Apple, they cracked. All the prior screen protectors we had purchased on Amazon were less than $10 each and never, ever, cracked! Shame on Apple: as soon as the flood of negative reviews started to hit the internet, Apple should have protected it's customers by 1/ not recommending, not selling and not installing this unit, and 2/ working with Belkin to recall the units or extend warranty for Apple customers!

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    Cracked in less than a month.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Absolute shocker!

    By far the worst screen protector on the market. Ultra slim means easier to crack.. only bought this one as Apple were replacing my existing phone and it was convenient to have it all done with a new phone. Only took 1 hour, just put my IPhone 7 Plus face down on the table, didn’t even drop it and the sides cracked.. over priced and definitely not worth it!

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    Cracks on day 1 — still applied as standard protect in Apple Store Brussels

    This is the second time I'm being had at the Apple Store Brussels. I returned with a previous phone and they said screen protection was not covered. With a new phone, six months later, I thought they would have improved the product since, but same thing. What a waste of money.

    Do not buy.


  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    Wish I would have read the reviews before I blew $40! I bought this directly from Apple and had them install it, and it got a bubble under the screen within 2 weeks. Unfortunately, I live 80+ miles from the nearest Apple store, and somehow I got a tiny little nick on the edge, which has now spidered out across the screen protector throwing rainbows all over the screen. Don't worry, I also hated it before it got all jacked up. It doesn't go all the way to the edge of the screen, so there is a rainbow light around the right and left edges, which gave me a headache every time I tried to use my phone for the first week I had the protector. Do. Not. Buy.

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    Absolute rubbish

    Had it professionally fitted however the protector itself doesn't quite fit the screen of an iPhone 7 leaving an odd edge around the left and right sides. Being made of glass gives this a great feel as other than the edge it doesn't feel as though you have a screen protector on it. The protection offered by the glass is somewhat dubious, after just 5 days it has already shattered and it seems this happened when I threw my phone onto a bed!

    Would I recommend this product. No.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Doesn't scratch and good warranty!

    When I got this installed on my iPhone 8 I was very happy. Personally, I think it does fit the phone properly. Apple applied the screen protector really nicely with no air bubbles.

    However, within 2 weeks there were numerous cracks in the screen protector. I was a little surprised how easily it cracked, considering it was $45.

    I was told the screen protector was covered under a one year warranty when I bought it. What I learned is that this product is not under an Apple warranty. HOWEVER it is under the manufacturers warranty and the Australian consumer law. I emailed Belkin with a copy of my receipt and photos of the broken screen protector. They were so helpful, quick to reply and they sent me a new screen protector for no extra cost!!

    So in my experience, this is actually a really good screen protector. It does not scratch easily like other glass screen protectors. Plus, having the one year warranty really makes it worth the $45. Would recommend!

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    Great Screen Protector

    I purchased my iPhone 8 yesterday and I got my screen protector out on. It’s great quality and yes it’s understand it doesn’t cover the whole screen. But that’s why you have a case on your iPhone. I’ve got screen protectors from previous places (cheaper) and I found they didn’t last all. I really recommend this brand.

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    Take your money and light it on fire

    You're better off lighting your money on fire. Seriously this thing is a piece of flimy plastic that will break an hour after application.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Dont buy

    I had one for a while and it held up ok and then peeled back quickly around the button. I replaced a week and a half ago and somehow it is mysteriously cracked without me having ever dropped it at all or put against a hard surface. I thought it was a mosquito at first. Gonna hit up apple for another replacement. Piece of junk.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Cracks already - purchased just over a week ago

    This protector is definitely not worth the 45 dollars. Other tempered glass screens have much better durability. I only bought the protector last week and it already has two little spider cracks that are spreading. This protector was recommended by the Apple staff at Chermside Queensland store, who are lovely people, but were a bit misguided with this recommendation.

    Definitely worth giving this one a skip.

    Other reviewers are also right. There is a little gap between the outer edges of the iPhone and the screen protector.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    I have now just cracked my third one! by doing absolutely nothing!!
    Way too thin and fragile. All will crack at the edge and then spread over the screen.
    Do not buy this at all. Its a complete waste of money. All I get back from the Apple store is " It's better than cracking your screen."
    Well I could have afforded a new screen by now with the amount of money and time I have wasted putting this rubbish on!
    Complete garbage!

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Too narrow & doesn’t protect

    This cover is too narrow for the screen, so it doesn’t cover enogh of the glass. It didnt save my phone from 50cm drop, as the phone struck something between the screen protector and the Apple phone cover, so it broke.

    This screen protector was recommended to me in store - but it is useless.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Terrible Product

    This product with its initial fitting looks great but scratches and chips easily in no time.

    The glass is brittle as anything , once a chip is made you can use a fingernail to scrap the sides away. And when a scratch occurs a fault line turns into a unsightly crack.

    Expensive and flimsy. I've had plastic protectors that are way better.