• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Dont buy

    They sell you on the idea of a perfect fit by installing it for you in the store when the phone is new. (no bubbles no dirt etc). The screen shield cracked within a few weeks on the edges then broke in the center. I cannot believe apple endorsed this product by selling it in their store.

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    Looks the part, breaks within days

    I had this protector fitted at an Apple store 5 days ago. Looks absolutely stunning (ask them to fit it for you - they have the right tools).

    Its now cracked in 2 places. Phone has not been dropped in any way. For £25 I expect lots more

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Breaks for no reason.

    I had this protector installed at my local  store on my iPhone 7 plus which has never been dropped and rarely even handled outside of a case. The screen protector in just over a month is chipped and cracked in at least four different spots.

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    Not strong at all

    Is it only me but I have had this screen protector replaced on two occasions which means I am on my third one and it has cracked again I have not dropped my iPhone 7 plus once or dropped anything onto the screen so I'm not sure why this keeps happening when I took it back to the store the manager said am I sure it hasn't come into contact with my keys or any hard or sharp objects in my pockets, I always make sure my keys or any coins are not in the same pocket as my iPhone and even if this was the case for £25 you would think it would be strong enough to withstand this kind of contact. I will be returning this product once again I'm not going to pay this sort of money for two weeks worth so I advise anyone considering this product to buy with caution or find a cheaper alternative, I bought this same type of product from the market for £5 and it lasted longer than this it did crack after a while which I was told that they do buy a friend but for £25 pound from the Apple Store I would of thought this would of been a much stronger version. BUY WITH CAUTION.

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    Looks Great!!

    I used to always be the 1 to buy screen protectors online and install them myself. I'd always get lint or dust underneath until I had an issue with my iPhone 7 plus. I brought it into my local Apple Store and the fixed the problem and I had them install the glass screen protector on my phone with the machine and its way better then I could ever do! It was a little smaller then the 1 I had on my old phone but it fits better cause it was done by a machine. I really like the screen protector by Belkin.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Don't Purchase, cracks when you look at it!!!

    Brand new 7+, bought this cause apple guy recommended it, does not t fit screen (realized after purchase) and one morning I woke up to the glass cracked, and even tough my phone doesn't have 1 drop, I noticed a chip on the side, and now it looks broken, I called belkin and they said they wont have any replacement until March 2017! First and last, sticking to my LifeProof cases from now on. Can we get better QA from apple b4 recommending products?

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    Cracked within two weeks of installation!

    Had an employee at the Apple Store install the screen protector, since I am terrible (bubbles, dust, etc). This was my first glass screen protector, and was so disappointed that after two weeks of babying the phone (not dropped even once) the part near the home "button" was cracked. Tried to leave it alone long enough to make it to the nearest apple store, which I wouldn't be able to go to for a couple of days and then the original crack spider-webbed all the way up and out! Thankfully, the phone is fine, but I'll stick to the plastic versions that I have always used from now on.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars


    It is gorgeous, if you bought this at a retail store, you can even ask a store staff to help you put it on They got professional facilities which is specially for putting this protector on! The only defect of this item i think would be the price is a bit expensive......

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    The first day I got this shield for my iPhone 7 plus, it didn't fit, although that wasn't the problem. It was chipped on the side and cracked through the middle. Don't buy this!!!

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    Doesn't fit, scratches all over the screen protector next day.

    I was without a screen protector since the release of the iPhone 7. I went a few weeks without a screen protector since there really weren't many available. My co-worker talked me into going to the apple store and buying a glass screen protector. I've bought screen protectors for my iphones in the past. I got the 5S and that screen protector left me satisfied for 3 years, never changed it. This one doesn't fit the entire screen, there was scratches all over it by the next day. I went to try and get a new one, but I realized that I never got an email receipt so I put it off. The same co-worker told me to go back anyways and ask for a new one, well they're all gone now and now I have to purchase a new screen protector not even two weeks after it's purchase to replace this $40 one. Waste of money, don't bother.

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    It Does Not Fit The Entire Screen!

    This screen protector does not fit the screen. It is visible on both sides. I would not recommend this to anyone.

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    This was cool.... Apple installed it with a nifty machine and it was awesome. BUT the screen doesn't fit the whole length! You can see rainbows on either side as a result. RETURNING

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    I purchased this for my iPhone 7 plus on 9/27/16. Despite the reviews, I went ahead and purchased it. Well the reviews are correct. This screen protector does not fit the screen. It is visible on both sides. I called Belkin and they told me that they are working on fixing this issue and should have something released the 2nd week of October. I love the way it looks but can't deal with that flaw that is very noticeable.

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