• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice protection, but very disappointing when with the lightning dock

    • Written by Brian S from Bolton

    I can't bring myself to give this one star but i am so disappointed with this purchase. I ordered it from Apple, had to wait three weeks for Apple to ship it and now I'm stuck with a $40 case that doesn't work with my $50 lightning dock or a $50 lightning dock that doesn't work with my $40 case. I assumed that since they were both being purchased from Apple they would be compatible, but no. The reason for the dock was to be able to have speakers plugged into it that could be used while charging the phone at my desk. This all went quite well with a "cheap" $10 case that I bought for protection while waiting for my "real" case. UPS came, and went, I took off the old, put on the new, oohed and ahhed and went back to work. I put the phone on the dock, started music but no speakers. Sound from the phone. It appears that the connector on the dock is too short or the bottom of the case is too thick. Doesn't connect, can't charge, can't sync, can't play. One or the other is useless.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice case but not perfect

    • Written by Dorian L from Cardiff

    I purchased this case with my iPhone 7. The case makes the phone feel very secure. It appears to be robust enough to withstand drops and falls.

    My only comment is the box said the plastic part was scratch resistant. I tested this and it is not. It does not withstand minor scratches caused by everyday items. But these scratches are only visible if you search for them in the right lighting.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Beautiful case...that scratches quickly

    • Written by William J from Grayson

    I put this beautiful blue case on my gold iPhone 7 and it was exactly what I wanted. The color contrast is beautiful and the materials feel great. The case cuts off right after the word iPhone, accentuating the product excellently. I was impressed. Then the clear part began to scratch. It scarred easily and continues to. I did not expect this from an Otterbox as I have come to expect stronger cases from them. Not a total loss, but I think that for most people, a $40 investment in a case that scratches easily simply isn’t worth it.

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