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    Big improvement over Beddit 2

    I had a Bedd it 2 for a while. I liked the app, and it was great not having to wear anything while sleeping. However, the adhesive on the beddit 2’s sensor eventually started losing its tackiness. When I saw that the Beddit 3 no longer used adhesive with its sensor, it was an instant buy for me. I have been using it for a month now and love it.

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    Suitable for my wide bed

    I have used Withings Aura since it's release but it is not suitable in wide beds - sensor of Aura stops recording
    Beddit 3 is a great improvement as the sensor does not have any bulky transmitter attached. So the sensor can be place in the middle of my bed.
    The application is great - except for automatic recording that does not work (yet?). I tested automatic recording on last two sw, but the result was 0 recorded sleeping time. But its not a big problem to start/stop recording manually.
    On one night Beddit app even reported the snoring of my dog (Beddit reported it as mild snoring, although I find it occasionally heavy.

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    Checks every box

    What it gives you:
    - Automatic measurement: just put it in your bed and sleep on it. Nothing to wear. The app does all the rest. No hassles. Can't notice the sensor beneath you.
    - Lots of vital information: Heart rate, breathing, snoring, sleep, restless sleep, away from bed, sleep score for quality, bedroom temperature and environment, trend views of 7, 30, 90 days. Again, all without having to wear anything.
    - a sleep diary and sleep quality scoring function called NOTES. Connects your behaviors to your sleep results. I'm laying off the bedtime wine!
    - A Sleep Report is coming soon. Gives you more information, including sleep breathing events, that you can show your doctor or share with a sleep expert in a tele-health consultation.
    - Peace of mind! So nice to know how much or how little I actually slept when I'm struggling with insomnia.
    - works with two in a bed
    - clean and nice to use UI
    - Great support team - answer questions thoroughly within a day, and do so in a tone assuming you're actually an intelligent and important person
    - Sleep tips: can be surprisingly helpful, even soothing with tips on stress management and whatnot
    - Sleep staging: Light and deep. For some, the lack of REM is a problem, but these guys are honest about why it's not there: anyone who claims to know REM without using wearable brainwave sensors on the scalp is being disingenuous. This could be considered something missing, but that might be a more pessimistic attitude.
    - Smart alarm. I don't personally like this on the week days so much, but it has been nice on weekends to get up refreshed from a light stage of sleep when I allow for an extra hour or two of sleep than on a weekday.
    - Health Kit sync

    What's missing
    - No HRV in the app.
    - No REM - but see above, this is not a bad thing
    - A silent vibrating alarm option
    - Access to raw data for an individual

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    It works!

    I use this in conjunction with a CPAP and have found it to be quite accurate. My sleep quality always registers higher when I use my CPAP vs when I don't. Also, not having one more thing to wear while I'm asleep is a huge bonus.

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