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    Not quite there yet.

    A couple of issues...

    Firstly, it's missing is the functionality to charge the 15" MBP using this cable. Secondly, it's only available in this short 0.5m length with these data-throughput capabilities (Tbolt 3 40 Gbps *and* USB 10 Gbps), while the Belkin 2m Tbolt 3 cable does offer full Tbolt 3 (40 Gbps), it only offers USB-C (at USB 2.0, 0.5 Gbps) speeds.

    So the shorter 0.5m one is therefore fully USB-IF certified with a so-called "E-marker" chip in it (erm, but it's very short!), while the longer 2m one is *not* fully "USB *Full-Featured* Type-C", only offering Tbolt 3 use without the fast USB 3 (5 or 10 Gbps) use.

    Wait for better ones, if you can, is my suggestion.

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