• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Incredible screen and color accuracy - but has one major problem

    I bought two of these LG Ultrafine 4k displays and they are hands down the best display I have ever owned. The picture quality and brightness is incredible!

    The only problem so far (owned them for 2 weeks) is that it doesn't wake up after my 2016 Macbook Pro 15 goes to sleep. You have to unplug the USB C connector and plug it back in.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Great when it works, incredibly frustrating most of the rest of the time

    I'll keep my review short. This monitor pretty good when it works with my 2016 MBP13 with touchbar. However, it is constantly causing crashes usually when waking from sleep. Very frustrating experience.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    The Perfect Companion to my new 2016 MacBook Pro!

    Having used Apple’s Thunderbolt display in the past, I was really excited for the introduction of an “Apple-sanctioned” display designed to work seamlessly with my new MacBook Pro. I also wanted to take advantage of the sale price since the UltraFine display is part of Apple’s current USB-C accessory discount program.

    Unboxing the display was simple. Open the box, remove a styrofoam block that keeps the display secure during shipping, lift the unit out of the box, and remove the soft wrapping that protects the screen and base. Then on to a small accessory box that contains the power and USB-C cables. It also has a sleeve containing warranty and instructional docs. A VESA mount is also included in the accessory box.

    Setup consisted of connecting the power cable between the display and outlet, and the USB-C cable between display and MacBook Pro. My mac immediately recognized the display.

    The screen is absolutely gorgeous. Bright. Brilliant. It looks identical to the Retina screens we know and love. And for practically half of the price of the recently-discontinued Thunderbolt display.

    I like the simple black design aesthetic. Very clean looking - no distracting LEDs or rows of buttons to mess with. I personally like the 21.5” size - not too big, not too small, either. Perfect for my needs. If you’re a graphics professional, you will probably want to check out the 27” 5K version.

    To be fair I will admit that the cable management could have been handled better. Perhaps in a future version they’ll add some type of channel or tie to hide the power and USB-C cables behind the stand. As other reviewers noted, it does not have a FaceTime camera. This would have been nice, but certainly not a deal breaker for me.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    LG UltraFine 5K locking up too

    I purchased the LG UltraFine 5K 27" monitor from Apple as soon as it was available. Received it today and I am having the same issues with it suddenly going dark (black). You can click the mouse a few times and it will intermittently come back on, but eventually just stays black. Then you have to disconnect and reboot your MacBookPro to get its screen to work. Spent time on the phone with Apple Support today, but all I got was a request to gather more data and they will get back to me.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Too many problems w/ MacBook

    Bought this for my wife to connect to her late 2016 retina MacBook. The monitor itself looks beautiful and strikes a good balance of size and pixel density. Also I love how the monitor charges the MacBook with a single cable.

    Problem is, as many other users have noted, I have an issue where the screen flashes black (goes off and on), which happens once every 3 minutes or so, which is enough to be super annoying. No amount of support or troubleshooting has led to any solutions here. It's very frustrating since both the macbook and monitor are brand new and are advertised to work together.

    Another thing is that, contrary to a couple of reviews here, with the latest OS X there doesn't seem to be an option to run the monitor in 4k at 60 Hz (have to use 30 Hz which looks very laggy).

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Worst Apple endorsed product since the Motorola Rokr

    How do you get USB 3.0 speeds at all with a Macbook and this display?

    It is not possible to use the display combined with the USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter to get a USB A 3.0 connection. The display is just dark.

    You cant connect your Macbook to the display with any other USB-C cable than the black one provided in the box?? Apple ones leave the display black.

    The USB C connectors on the back of the display seems to have such very low power output that they barely can drive my Happy Hacking Keyboard, I get warnings.

    There is no FaceTime camera on the 4K one, I expected that.

    Speakers and screen are ok, but the display is a compatibility nightmare.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Stability Issues with MacBook Pro 15" w/Touch Bar

    The display looks great, but I had SOO many issues with the display. It caused my MacBook Pro to crash repeatedly, especially when waking from sleep. Even kernel panics. The 10.12.2 update did help some, but my apps would still crash several times a day. I believe it even caused a corruption issue when copying data from my old MacBook Pro via target disk mode (over Thunderbolt using Thunderbolt 2 to 3 adapter). It corrupted both volumes on the old machine when it went to sleep overnight and I lost ALL my data. Weeks later, I'm still recovering from various backups. It has caused many headaches. Called Apple Support and they couldn't really help but suggested I try the MacBook Pro without the monitor, and sure enough, all my crashes went away.

    Returned it and got the LG UltraFine 5k. Works like a charm! Day 2, zero crashes or sleep issues! Presumably because it uses Thunderbolt and not USB-C. Seems like Apple has some bugs to work out (or maybe it was an issue with the display itself or the cable). If you have a MacBook Pro, get the 5k instead. Also keep in mind that the 4k can't charge your 15" Pro (only provides 60 watts vs 85) and has slow USB 2 ports, plus no camera or mic.

    If you are used to Apple displays, don't expect the industrial design to be nearly as nice. Both monitors wobble when I type and just don't look as good as Apple's Thunderbolt display did. But the panel itself is INCREDIBLE.

    Hope I helped.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Does Not Wake From Sleep; Causes Macbook Pro 2016 to Crash

    I purchased a 2016 13" Macbook Pro with TouchBar and (2) LG Ultrafine 4k displays in November. Upon installation I was disappointed to learn that the monitors could NOT be daisy chained. Running (2) displays requires (2) connections (USB-C) to the MBP.

    Unfortunately having to utilize (2) connection was only the beginning of my disappointment. The LG Ultrafine displays and the Macbook Pro are NOT compatible. At least one of the displays fails to wake every time that the MBP goes to sleep. At times both displays fail to wake and the MBP becomes unresponsive and requires a restart. Further, several times a day the displays cause a sleep wake failure which crashes the MBP.

    I have been in contact with senior Apple support staff every couple of days for an entire month. Apple engineering even went as far as capturing my MBP and sending me a new MBP. I received the new MBP and have been experiencing the exact same issues for the last two weeks.

    I am a long time, loyal apple customer but this experience has led me to question Apple's Product Development and commitment to quality. It is inexcusable to market these devices as being specifically designed to work together seamlessly and then offer no support. After more than (6) weeks of frustration, lost data, and unproductive work days, it looks as though I will have to return all of the Apple hardware.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great resolution, one-plug use, random power on/off while working

    Resolution and simplicity of use are as other reviewers say. Mounted quite easily on an Ergotron wall-mount.

    Here's the rub: When I'm working, the monitor randomly powers off (black) for 2-3 seconds, then powers back on. Happens 10+ times per hour. Goes black just enough to interrupt thought processes.

    Worked with Apple support in mid-December. Reset PRAM & SMC. This has not fixed the issue. Support said they have no experience with the monitor. Maybe it's a firmware issue or OS issue. (MacBook Early 2016, Sierra 10.12.1)

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic Companion for 15" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

    Works superbly with 15" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. Color and resolution are fantastic. The stand is nice and sturdy, and lets you place the monitor high enough so that you can use the laptop below it without obstructing the screen. The speakers are also quite serviceable.

    It also provides plenty of power for the 15" model. Despite multiple reviews to the contrary here, the charging works just fine when you have devices plugged into the USB-C ports on the monitor. Specifically, I have charged an iPhone and another smartphone, plus run an external USB hard drive, while also charging the laptop via USB-C ... no issues.

    My only real wish is that the USB-C ports were USB 3.1 rather than USB 2.0, but that's just a necessary limitation since it does not connect with Thunderbolt 3.

    Overall an extremely good monitor, and the convenience of having all your connections via one USB-C cable is very nice.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    At a loss of words for the poor experience I'm having so far with these

    We ordered 3 of these at work, 2 of them being for my use. Today I finally got my new 15" MBP to hook up to them and check them out. Initially they looked pretty good, although I had the UI designs I was working on one of them, and it didn't take very long before I was feeling like everything was quite a bit greener than on my laptop or 5k iMac at home. Later in the day it really started to bug me, and I realized the colors on the 2nd display seemed fine, so I put up the same screen on both displays, and sure enough one has a much greener cast. I tried switching cables, checking profiles, even flipping monitors to see if its just an angle thing, etc. Nothing fixed it, the one monitor clearly just has a much greener cast. So I decided to borrow my co-workers and hook his up and see how it looked. Strangely enough it didn't match EITHER of the 2 I had, and was somewhere in between as far as the green cast. Now with all 3 monitors sitting on my desk , we noticed an even weirder thing. All 3 were physically different heights. At the max height on all monitors there was about a 4-5mm difference in heights from the shortest to tallest all lined up. All I can say is wow! Really feel like Apple has robbed me for the first time in the many years as a loyal customer. I'd actually like my old 2015 MBP and old monitor back. Better and more consistent experience, even if the "specs" weren't as high.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent display

    I chose this display over the LG 5k display based on price and availability for my new Macbook Pro 13. It's an excellent display; bright, even illumination, sharp colours and loud but not high quality speakers. The LG utility available on the U.S. LG site is pretty useless unless you want to divide your screen up into multiple screens. I like the way it's easy to adjust vertically. Would have been nice for it to turn easier, but no big deal. Comes with a reasonably long ~3' cable for the Macbook Pro so that's good. I also like that it charges the computer too. It's colour and saturation is a little different than the MacBook Pro screen. I was planning on adjusting the computer to match but after a couple of weeks, I have adjusted my expectations instead. Ennui wins out.

    I did not know that there is a big difference between Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1. They both use the same USB-C connector but USB will run over Thunderbolt but Thunderbolt won't run over USB. This monitor is USB, not Thunderbolt so I can't plug my Thunderbolt drive into it. The LG 5k monitor is Thunderbolt so I could have plugged my drive into it. If you want to plug a Thunderbolt drive into your monitor, buy the 5k version. You can plug a USB drive into either monitor.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great monitor highly RECOMMENDED

    I would recommend the 4k monitor to anyone who's looking for a stunning bigger display for their 2016 MBP. I have been using it with my 2016 MBP and I'm very impressed with it. I would recommend it all day.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Does NOT work with Mac Pro (2013)

    Looks like this is a common theme for this monitor. The support staff on this website said this monitor would work with the 2013 Mac Pro. This is not the case. Seems like it is because it needs thunderbolt 3 and the Mac Pro is only thunderbolt 2.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not an Apple monitor

    After technical demos- and dodged buying it, this is nothing than a poor quality (LG is always poor) 4/5k UPSCALED technology. In other words, it cannot be compared to Retina or inherent Apple displays e.g. Mac, or the former Apple 2k very nicely done display. LG simulates the 4k 5k, electronics are poor, and one can see this in any regular, cheaper LG display. What, do Apple users genuinely think that LG makes for Apple a technology it does not have for its other monitors?

    Evrything is true: lag, flickering, poor interface, poor connectors etc. if you want some 4/5k simulaed display, buy ANYTHING. If you want an exceptional monitor, buy any Japanese, e.g. Viewsonic 2/4k. But LG? Too many endorphins kicking the impulse purchase, whereas techn forums explain this for a few years now.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Will not wake from sleep

    This monitor works great, when it is working. I need to completely reboot my brand new '16 MBP ever time I use this monitor. If my MBP goes into sleep mode this monitor fails to wake. Not what I would expect from Apple after all the PR about the seamless integration between this monitor and the new MBP. Not worth the money or headache.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    LG UltraFine 4K -- Won't wake from sleep

    This thing won't let me write the comment without rating. In the middle right now because, while the monitor looked great when it was on for five minutes, it is now asleep and cannot be woken up.

    My story: Just got home with new 13" MacBook Pro with touch bar and a new LG UltraFine 4K. Once I got the MacBook set up I unboxed the LG, plugged it into power and plugged the T3 cable into the MacBook Pro. Monitor came on fine and was adjusting display preferences. In doing that and moving the pointer between screens I inadvertently hit a hot corner for display sleep (which came over with everything else with Migration Assistant). The LG display will not turn back on. Tried sleeping then waking up; nothing. Tried unplugging/replugging the LG power; nothing. Tried same with the T3 cable; nothing. Tried shutting down, unplugging both the LG power cable and the T3 cable, then plugging in LG power, then booting up MacBook Pro, then plugging in the T3 cable; nothing. Then went and go the LG screen manager, but nothing there would turn the display on. Amazed by all of this, which is when I searched and encountered these other posts. By appearances, the Mac thinks the LG is working in that the pointer will go up there, the menu bar will gray out on the MacBook when I go up into the LG area and click, the spreadsheet that I have open and had moved up there is still up there. Nothing so far will get the LG display to turn back on. I will try shutting down and unplugging again and waiting a much longer time.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Monitor

    Overall, it is a great monitor. The only downside I have is that the USB-C ports on the back of the monitor are USB 2.0 speeds. I didn't realize it when I bought it. Not enough of a downside for me to return it though. The screen really is beautiful.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Great display but issues with plugging into a 2016 MBP

    First, the screen on the monitor is top notch. But after that there are serious issues.

    -If the 2016 MBP is in sleep mode and I plug in the monitor the computer will not wake up, freeze and require a restart.

    -If I am using the monitor and put the computer to sleep while not using it I unplug the external monitor as I don't want to charge my computer all day. When I come back and plug it back in the same issue (freeze, require a restart).

    -If I unplug the laptop from the monitor, the monitor will continue to power my external hard drives. This leaves them on and will shorten their life expectancy dramatically.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Potentially Great Monitor Marred By Poor QA/Rushed Release

    The monitor is built very well and has a great design. The image is crisp and bright. But, at this price point you'd expect the monitor to operate flawlessly and it fails in that regard. That is unacceptable.

    The problems I've encountered so far:
    • The monitor will not wake from sleep with the laptop (a brand new MacBook Pro 15 w/ TB.) I need to disconnect and reconnect the cable. This alone is worth two stars. It's basic functionality. I'm seriously considering returning the monitor because of this.
    • The USB-C plugs in the back of the monitor are iffy. The cables I've plugged into the back protrude as if they aren't seated all the way (but they are).
    • It is hard to get the USB cable aligned so that it plugs in on the back. There is a metal sleeve on the female side that has a flat front, so if you don't have your plug aligned perfectly, you'll be pushing against this flat edge and the plug won't go in. This is a PITA because you are generally reaching behind the monitor when plugging stuff in and this makes it even more awkward.
    • No controls what so ever on the monitor. No on/off button, no controls of any sort. I appreciate clean aesthetics, but form has to be subservient to functionality.
    • The instruction book was non-existent. Yes, you can download online (although, it still has nothing but the monitor turning on or off or other basic controls.)

    Maybe some of these things will be fixed with firmware or software updates. I don't know, but right now I wish I had bought something else.

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