• 2.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Adam P from San Francisco

    From a picture standpoint, the monitor is great... when it's working. I have all sorts of problems when connecting to the monitors from my late-2016 15" MacBook Pro. Often the laptop will crash, the monitors won't turn on, or the monitors will turn on with some really nasty flickering that continues for awhile. The only fix seems to be to restart your computer. Also, the monitor often fails to power my Microsoft Sculpt keyboard after awaking from sleep, but that's fixed by unplugging and plugging in my keyboard again.

    DO NOT buy this monitor if you have epilepsy or are sensitive to flashing lights. Almost every day I see something from this monitor that makes me thankful I don't have epilepsy or else I'd be suffering seizures.

    In theory this monitor is great but LG really failed executing.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Looks Great, But Very Frustrating

    • Written by Kyle D from saugus

    I have this paired to a 15" 2016 Macbook Pro w/ Touchbar

    - The display is stunning and incredibly crisp. I was using an LG 34UM88 UltraWide display before, which was nice, but the text was not crystal clear. My eyes don't hurt from viewing text on this.
    - My ultrawide was a bit too wide, causing neck strain to look from edge to edge. This display has the perfect width.
    - I love the range of brightness this display has.

    THE BAD:
    - I have to lift the MacBook Pro lid to turn the computer on, then login, and then unplug the thunderbolt cable and plug it back in before the monitor will turn on. Every. Single. Time. This is infuriating!! I should be able to just leave the computer plugged in!
    - This display is buggy. I have a USB hub plugged into it for my mouse and keyboard and one time it would cut in and out so my mouse would shut on and off. Not sure if one of the three ports on the back was bad because it hasn't done it since.
    - Light bleed is bad! I have these two hot spots on the right side of the display that are incredibly obvious and ruin the experience anytime a video, game, or photoshop goes black. Which is often. The upper left corner also has noticeable light bleed, but tolerable. I'm not sure if I should exchange this or not. I don't know what the acceptable light bleed limits are.
    - There is no quick access brightness slider in the top bar of OSX. I don't use the MacBook Pro keyboard and so I don't have access to the touchbar. I have to go into System Preferences anytime I want to adjust brightness. It's annoying.

    - It would be amazing if there was a physical button on the display that would turn on the MacBook Pro. I had planned to tuck my Macbook away to save desk space and us it like a desktop, but now I can't.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Great image quality but overall just about OK and not to Apple's standard

    • Written by Benjamin F from London

    Amazing colours and resolution issues which transpire lesser standards by LG.

    I personally quite like the design and the ergonomics of the display. One could argue the mount would have been even better if it allowed the screen to rotate to portait mode.

    The high-dpi image on the screen looks fantastic thanks to the wide gamut. The image persistance is also noticeably improved over the built-in retina display on the macbook pro 15" 2016.
    The criticism I would have in terms of image quality would be the lack of uniformity when you look at a completely back image. The backlighting doesn't leak if a uniform manner (lighter patches).

    Now where things get annoying/disappointing:

    - The webcam has a better resolution compared to the built-in iSight camera on the macbook pro 2016. That great, however the webcam's doesn't seem to have any white balance correction. During the the day, the image looks better than the iSight's but in low light or artificial light conditions the colours look horrible and/or noisier compared to using the built-in isight.
    - The microphone isn't performing as well that the macbook pro's built-in one: I never use it.
    - The speakers: you can only set the volume to "1" anything after that and the sound is heavily distorted. I don't use them.
    - The screen sometime blacks out for a fraction of a second (quickly turns black then comes back). This only happened sporadically but still, it's not very reassuring.
    - The power supply of the display doesn't filter mains interferences enough: if I have headphones connected to my macbook and use the display I can hear every time my fridge turns on... This doesn't happen when I only use the macbook pro and its white power adapter. This might by linked to the wifi interference issues some people are reporting? My wifi router is in a different room so no issues to report on that front.
    - Adjusting the brightness from an the keyboard feels broken: If you use the keyboard to adjust the brightness there is an noticeable and annoying delay between the screen adjusting the brightness and the visual feedback mac os gives you. This doesn't feel right and doesn't happen if you use an Apple Thunderbolt Display.
    - Most of the time if I plug my iPhone to charge from one of the USB-C ports at the back of the display via the Apple to USB adapter, nothing happens until I disconnect the USC-C plug and put it back in the monitor.

    Would I purchase this monitor again? No.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Great picture, everything else is bad

    • Written by Michael A from San Francisco

    Beautiful screen, housed in a mediocre-to-bad product.

    I find it unreliable waking up from sleep. It occasionally loses track of the things plugged into it (Ethernet adapter).

    And then there are the well-publicised problems with Wi-Fi interference. (Search for "LG 5K wi-fi problems".) I think it's also messing up my Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, and AirPods.

    Very, very disappointing.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Scott F from Wilmington

    Bottom line, the monitor is cheaply built and does not work properly. The problems started right out of the box. Video switching with the brand new MacBook Pro 15" was hit or miss, either crashing the laptop or forcing a process of unplugging the usb-c cable, opening the lid, closing the lid, waiting a while, on and on.
    Then any peripherals attached to the usb-c ports on the back of the monitor would lose power when waking the laptop from sleep, forcing an unplug/replug cycle to get things to work.
    Last straw was the interference with bluetooth peripherals. If the laptop is placed close to the monitor, bluetooth items like a mouse or keyboard, lose connections in a seemingly random pattern, making them basically unusable. If the laptop is placed as far away from the monitor as the cable allows, the problem disappears. Was able to reproduce this behavior at will over a 3 day period, and Apple confirmed it was an issue. Then the news broke about the interference with routers.
    Not worth the price of a cheap Dell monitor.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Horrible Image Retention

    • Written by Jeremy S from Sunnyvale

    I have two right now and one will start retaining the image after just a few minutes. For $1300 these monitors should be the best of the best, but are really no better than $250 ordinary office monitor. And really, no power switch or physical buttons for color setup etc? When I'm running my Spyder for color is really dumb that I have to exit, adjust via software, then go back...seriously $1300?? Save your money and just get a Dell 4K.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Screen is great, everything else is bad

    • Written by Ilya K from San Francisco

    Screen is gorgeous, but integration with macOS is terrible.

    - Volume controls are extremely sensitive
    - USB-C hub just does not work: 80% of the time accessories will not re-appear after you connect your MBP

    Stand is unreasonably large.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Uneven Hues of green and pink

    • Written by Jan V from Deltona

    I purchased the revised version (one with better wire shielding) of the LG UltraFine 5K Display and it's going right back to Apple. It's hard to care about a "P3" color gamut when the screen has uneven hues of pink and green that offset the image colors. The late 2016 Macbook Pro exhibits a similar issue. I exchanged my 15" Macbook Pro several times before getting a decent/uniform display. Don't get me wrong, colors pop on the UltraFine 5k, but boy are the uneven hues distracting when reading articles, preparing documents and working on spread sheets. I was going to exchange it, but Apple has none in stock at the local Apple store and the online store has limited quantities and I can't order another one.

    I decided to save myself almost $500 and go with the 4k version as it's a little more subtle on the various hues of green and pink on white backgrounds. A couple other things worth noting are the 21" 4k UltraFine doesn't have a fan (I noticed a humming sound on mine, the fan is behind the rear mounting plate for the stand) it's significantly lighter (easier to handle) and doesn't wobble as badly on a desk... just thought I'd mention this to those such things may be a concern. You will be giving up a built in camera and microphone though. Both the 4k and 5k have built in ambient light sensors. The borders look more uniform and nice on the 4k as well IMO. The 5k has a big forehead to accommodate the webcam. You will also take a step down in port speed, but I only use them for low bandwidth peripherals anyhow.

    My standard LG 4k 27" (27UD68 - IPS LED 4K UHD FreeSync Monitor) I use with my Windows 10 gaming system is better than the Apple Compatible versions (...and that only cost me $375; retail is $499)... what a disappointment Apple. At least that one has a matte finish opposed to the glossy finish of the Apple version LG monitor. Whites look much more natural too.

    Worst case scenario, I may return the Apple version 4k and just get the same model 27" 4k LG, but won't have the built in USB-c single cable option, ability to adjust screen/speakers from the OS unfortunately.

    I noticed the 4k and 5k have a dramatic jump in speaker volume going from one to two bars when adjusting the volume from the keyboard. Display brightness adjustment slightly lags. Hopefully there will be a fix for this.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Flickering issue

    • Written by Max K from Long Grove

    Got 2 of these and they worked well for about a week. Great picture, and it charges laptop while pluged-in. But after a week both monitors started to flicker pretty bad. I tried reseting SMC and NVRAM. Took one of the monitors to a different room to make sure it was not a router (radio signal interference). Same flickering with no improvement. Tried connecting to a different ports and nothing would resolve the problem. Now I have to drag two monitors and laptop to Apple Store to figure out the problem. Not a great experience after spending 2K on 2 monitors and almost 4K on a laptop.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Great display, bad cord

    • Written by Justin N from San Jose

    The display itself is fantastic.

    The Thunderbolt 3 cable included was faulty and no picture would display. I had to buy a replacement Thunderbolt 3 cable for $35.00 and now everything works.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Less than Thrilled

    • Written by Ed M from Mill Creek

    I was hoping that this monitor would be all that it has been advertised by Apple, but in the end I came away disappointed.

    I connect it to my 2016 MacBook Pro with Touchbar. You MUST use the one cable provided with the monitor, or it will not work. It MUST connect to the a single marked port or it will not work.

    The TB3 to TB2 adapter from Apple DOES NOT work with this monitor - you must plug this adapter directly into your Mac, or you get an error message that it will not work unless plugged directly into the computer.

    If set to the max resolution (5120 x 2880), many programs will not draw or refresh the whole screen (such as Microsoft Office). While the monitor is set to full resolution, the Touchbar frequently fails to completely draw itself, and you're left punching at it to get the interface to appear.

    For the price, and given the Apple hype, I expected much more from this product than it delivers. This is especially true given the price.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Image Retention Nightmare

    • Written by JOSUE V from Springfield

    I bought one of these when they were first available. About 6-8 months after I had some major image retention (Ghosting). Not burn in, but Image Retention.

    The image would ghost for about 5-10 min and then go away. This is super annoying! Too bad because the monitor is great in every other aspect. But because of this ghosting I can't give this monitor a rating higher then a 2 and I can't also recommend it :-(

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Basically a scam

    • Written by Mat B from Niagara Falls

    So the first batch have the issue where routers will cause interference, but they fixed it, right? Wrong, because this monitor has other issues. First, the blacks arent great, and at angles it's pretty horrible, nothing close to the Apple displays you're used to, so when a rep in a store says its the best model, they are lying. Aside from that, I now notice that image retention on it is HORRIBLE, and googling it, its apparently a long standing issue. How can Apple sell faulty monitors like this? This thing is way too expensive to have issues you'd expect on an entry-level monitor, not something for professionals.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Generally good, but bad burn-in/'memory' effect on bright screens

    • Written by MICHAEL R from Raleigh

    I've got two of these displays hooked up to my MacBook Pro and have liked them a lot until recently. I've begun to notice that if you have the brightness cranked up (I keep mine at max) and use a white window, you will get a burn-in/memory effect that can last minutes if you quickly switch to a dark display. I use multiple desktops (different VMs) that I will swap back and forth between, to keep them separate, I have different backgrounds (some very dark) and I will see a residual effect from bright windows LONG after swapping desktops. It's become HIGHLY annoying.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Great display, firmware will not update

    • Written by Walter E from Morgantown

    The monitor itself is pretty fantastic from a viewing perspective. However I had one die completely (would no longer power on) and it took 3 weeks to get it replaced under warranty from LG. Even with all the issues I would buy again for the viewing quality.

    As another reviewer has stated, there is a new firmware version (3.04) for the monitor that fixes the audio output range to make it useful, and also apparently fixes some instability with USB devices. However my monitor also will not update the firmware due to the same issue. It always shows as up to date with 3.01. LG does not provide the firmware as a separate download even though the LG software manager has the ability to import one as a file. This is incredibly frustrating.

    I wish Apple would sell and service the monitor so we wouldn't have to deal with bad LG support.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Beautiful disappointment

    • Written by Arthur V from Rotterdam

    The screen is beautiful don't get me wrong. Once calibrated it is stunning and near 100% accurate. However my first display started to show ghosting once being connected for over 4 hours. After calling Apple they immediately replaced the display and my new display got in before they received my broken one. So good job on customer service. New display has been running for 2 months or so, and still no issues with screen performance.

    Apart from the gorgeous display the execution of the monitor is terrible. I reconnect my 2016 MBP on average 15 times a day. And 10 out of 15 times it does not recognise my peripherals on the back. The reason I bought this display was for it to function as a hub so I would only have to connect one thunderbolt cable to my computer for power, monitor, and peripherals (usb-c hub with ethernet, iPhone dock, and keyboard). Now I have to disconnect the peripherals and reconnect them to the back of the monitor almost every time I plug in the monitor. This issue has been widely voiced here in the reviews and on the support forum, but neither Apple nor LG is acknowledging the issue.

    If you intend to use this monitor as a one cable solution like me be ready for a disappointment.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Works well....Sometimes

    • Written by Howard S from Delray beach

    Occasional it locks up, mouse pointer gets stuck on screen and have to unplug and restart my computer. Overall not great. Hopefully with software upgrades it will get better.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Not a great product/New Apple monitors coming in 2018

    • Written by Paul D from Omaha

    First the good- the panel is beautiful to look at. Ok done with the good.I bought 2 of them to hook up to buy 2016 MBP. The biggest problem is they crash my computer 75% of the time it sleeps and/or wakes... requiring a restart. Also crashes frequently when unplugging from the MBP. Not exactly plug and play.

    As a bonus I had to send both monitors in to LG for the shielding issue, so I was without each for 9 days or so.

    But here's the biggest kicker, I assumed Apple was out of the monitor business, that is why I purchased the LG's, however this week Apple announced they will be making stand alone monitors once again starting in 2018.

    Thanks Apple. I love you but this product has been a disaster.

    Unless you need a new monitor right away I would suggest holding out for next year's Apple display.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Best and Worst Monitor I've Owned

    • Written by Aaron S from Ellicott City

    Beautiful monitor that is nothing but trouble. Mac crashes at least once a day when waking while it's connected to the monitor. I have to remember to unplug it before trying to wake it up every time. I don't know if it's the MBP, its stupid touchbar, or the monitor, but I can't remember ever owning a setup this unreliable since Windows 98 was a thing. Would happily give this 5 stars if it "just worked".

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice Quality Screen, Cheap Bezel, Constant Crashing

    • Written by Christopher L from Seattle

    It's a beautiful screen, but the bezel feels much cheaper than I'd like. Definitely not as cool as the previous Thunderbolt displays were.

    The real thing though is the constant crashing. Upon waking up the macbook: crash + restart. Sometimes even randomly while using it. Extremely disappointing, hoping for a software update sometime before the time limit to return expires.

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