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    Stuttering G

    I like the idea of the G drive but in practice it stutters in use particularly with the iMac or cannot be read at all. I find I can only use it on the Mac Air. Disappointing when you are saving important documentation.

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    G ssd

    Outstanding. A Perfect match for a new MacBook/mbp, although I would have liked to see an aluminum enclosure, the looks are perfect, and lightweight. Nice cables in the box- and quick delivery time.
    Speeds are just fine and compliment the onboard ssd in the 2016 mbp perfectly: as a time machine partition it redefines fast for backups...
    The cost and 3 year warranty are also another big plus.
    This truly reinforces exactly why Apple went USB C, and I for one will never look back.
    One simple hub for all my old school ports, (which I rarely if ever even use or need).
    Going forward I anticipate USB C is going to become ubiquitous in no time.
    The future looks great at my desk.

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    Perfect for 2016 MacBook Pro Models

    I have been trying to find an ideal backup solution for my 15" Touch Bar MacBook Pro. Looked at a few options including Samsung T3 and Sandisk products. None seemed impressive and used the older USB 3.1 spec. (Gen 1) This drive is solidly built with an aluminium case that closely matches the Space Grey MacBook Pro. Also noticed that this is a USB(C) 3.1 Gen 2 drive which means that it is latest and fastest specification of USB. The drive is amazingly fast, light and thin. As a nice touch there are two cables in the box. One that is USB-C to USB-C and the other is USB-C to normal USB-A.The price is also very competitive for a 500GB SSD. (Available Space is ~512GB after formatting)

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    Awesome Drive

    Connected this drive to my 2016 MacBook Pro 13" (without Touch Bar) using the included USB-C cable and it is brazing fast. I highly recommend.

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