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    • Written by Zakira C from Altoona

    I highly recommend the lumee duo!! I had the first one for my iPhone 6 Plus & had to upgrade when I got my iPhone 7 Plus because of the back camera design. The lumee duo is also way more durable! I dropped & shattered my screen not once, but twice when I had my first lumee because it had zero durability, but this one actually has had silicone edges the whole way around instead of the hard plastic

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    How to remove your lumee case

    • Written by Edna K from Singapore

    You can actually remove it just by pushing the phone out via the camera hole. another alternative would be to use ur lighting cable, plug it in, and hold onto the rectangular part and pull it out. For me the most convenient method is the pushing it out via the camera hole. Really effective.

    I love this case so much, everytime i drop my phone, this case guarantees protection. although the TPU turns yellowish after months of use (a common thing with TPU material), lumee actually sent me a replacement because of it. Great service and great product.

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    How to remove lumee duo case

    • Written by Karina R from Chicago

    Hi everyone i see everyone is having trouble taking off your case. I did too for a while but then i just used a card like a credit card and i stuck it in between the case and phone at the bottom and just push the phone out. Hopefully this works for you and sorry i don't really know how to explain things well.

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    Great idea, badly designed

    • Written by Edward C from Sugar Land

    One of the things nobody talks about is how difficult it is to remove. The back of the case is completely rigid plastic, so if you used to the Apple-designed silicone cases (which can flex), you will be unpleasantly surprised. It doesn't help that it comes with no instructions on removal at all (mine did not), and no information can be found on their website, which is geared to sell sell sell. What worked for me was to wedge a thin, but rigid card (such as a RFID key card; credit cards will bend) between the bottom of your iPhone 7 and the back of the case. Wedge it in slowly, then when you have enough leverage, pull your iPhone 7 up and away from one of the bottom edges of the case. If you have a jet black iPhone 7, you can wrap the key card in a soft, plastic bag (such as a Zip-lock) to prevent scratching the finish. The LEDs get warm after extended use, something I discovered because it accidentally turned on while in my pocket. It activates via a button on the back. A slide switch would prevent accidentally turning it on while handling the case. Given these two issues, I think the design could be better. I plan to return my case to Apple for a refund, but I would consider buying a future iteration if they could address these two issues.

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    Duo Does It <3

    • Written by AMY W from New York

    Lighting is everything & LuMee Duo has nailed it! Absolutely love mine & highly recommend to anyone who values a good photo. Super sleek design all over, can slip it in my night clutch or back pocket seamlessly (big fan of the rubberized edges & corners too for "whoops" moments). Front & back lighting all on dimmer feature fantastic, perfect/even light for selfies and when turned around for shots where I don't want complete ambient light or total blown-out flash. It's mega.

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