• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Not snug like its predecessor was

    This kind of sleeve is what I used before. I was really surprised to see that this version is a bit too big for the bmp15 2017. The macbook slide from side to side inside the sleeve. Might just return this product soon

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Case, Minor Quibbles

    I concur with Darrell from Austin's review. This is a great case. I would note that the long edge of the cradle inside of the case is maybe almost 3/8" too long and the short edge is almost 1/4" too long also. This gives some play with the 2017 MBPro TB3 USB-C model, just enough to let it slosh around a little when you have it closed. The design is great, and especially the magnetic closure, but I will always have that looseness on my mind, making me concerned about it falling. I suppose this would only happen if you held it upside down with the slit to the ground and shook it, if you tried hard it would probably fall out. Just don't do that. It is not enough for me to give up on the case, I will keep it and maybe put something on the inside to help cradle it better like a piece of cloth. The outside padding could be a little thicker but now I am scratching for issues, it is fine as I am sure you will treat your Mac with the care I do. Just a little pricey, but worth it given the protection it affords, especially on the corners and edges where it would hit if dropped. My other favorite case was a cheap CaseCrown with soft spongey material which also had the benefit of fitting my iPad on a perfect fit pocket on the front. That would be a real plus since I bring my Mac & iPad to and from work every day. The black option I chose compliments my darkish space grey MBPro TB3 but doesn't actually match it, which is fine. It it is a good "business" color. The white option was a little to disco for me. Worth the $70. One star off for looseness on the inside cradle since this is supposed to be made specifically for a MBPro TB3 and is sold by Apple directly.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Build Quality, Great Design, Awesome Look. - Best Part NO Zippers!

    I recently saw a review of this sleeve on Amazon about the magnet opening which resulted in the Mac sliding out of the sleeve and hitting the floor. This would have required considerable effort to do. The sleeve edges from around the notebook so it cradles it. Even with the flap open the mac won't come out without considerable help from another hand pushing pinching the opposite side to life the front edge up. Just make sure you purchase the right case for your model and friction from the edges will keep it snug. I travel for a living and find this sleeve the best choice i've made. I've tried bulky flap cases, neoprene and several Incase designs including their zipper models. This design rocks! It's tough as nails, has tough PVC edges, no zipper to get caught or scratch my notebook and best of all it keeps my travel weigh down by slipping inside my backpack easily. For meeting pull it out of my pack in my rental and it's sleek and gets out of the way.

    One note, when working with my notebook on my lap usually use my sleeve to under the Mac. When I transitioned to this sleeve my Mac went to sleep while working. It did this a few times. When I did get it to wake I checked the console log files and found no hardware of software issues other than sleep and wake. Then it dawned on me that the magnet on the sleeve was near the area where the sleep switch is on the Mac. I was able to replicated this a few times. This isn't a design flaw of the Mac or Incase was just using it for something it was intended for. Something to keep in mind if you purchase this and intend to use it under your Mac.

    Overall very happy with the build quality and love losing the zippers and neoprene found on most sleeves. This is a keeper.

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