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    Great idea, poor implementation

    As an academic, I present talks in various fora almost every week (Apple Keynote software). I bought this presenter because of its promise: the advertising is just so good! But real-world performance is shockingly bad. With a maxed out 2016 13" MacBookPro, this thing is unreliable and buggy. Sometimes it works great, but sometimes it just doesn't trigger when you hit the button. Then when you give up trying, it suddenly decides to work, but based on a click 10 seconds before, and then it remembers all of those frustrated clicks until you gave up. Worse, still, sometimes the highlight effect freezes in place while the rest of the presentation still works, so you present in a sort of twilight, with a circle of brightness in one corner. But worst of all, sometimes it just crashes the presentation. At AU$ 200, this is just not good enough. Poor! Don't buy.

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    Amazing product!

    I do not usually review products, but this one just blew my mind!
    I was simply looking for a presentation remote that is Bluetooth, and believe it or not, but 99% of them requires a dongle. But more than that, this remote acts as a pointing device (mouse). You can point elements to magnify them as if you had a laser pointer, and even do things like clic links.
    It is quite expensive, but it is a one of a kind product, and as someone who presents a lot, it is worth it!

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    Brilliant presenter tool but expensive

    This is a very easy to use and novel presenter tool. The results look great and are very different from the small red dot of most presenters. It is nice to hold, the buttons sit comfortably, and the unit charges very quickly. Easy to programme the functions of the buttons. Biggest plus is that it is the first presenter that I have come across which will work with the Blue Tooth on MACS. This means you don't have to fiddle with the USB transmitter that all the others seem to need. If you do one or two presentations every few months it is probably not worth the cost, if you do several each week, as I do, it is worth it. My favourite presenter to date. 5/5 on function, 3/5 on cost, hence 4/5 overall.

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    Nice idea, doesn't work in practice

    This is a nice idea but doesn't work in practice.

    Major problems
    1. The spotlight area, which can be adjusted, is too large to actually point at a specific part of a slide (important in scientific presentations). Perhaos this could be corrected with a software update. Also the spotlight is not responsive enough.
    2. The App must be pre-loaded on the computer. Problem when using other computers in convention centres, lecture theatres etc. Should be plug and play with the USB receiver.
    3. The USB receiver has no storage capacity. As above this means that a laptop with pre-loaded app and the reomote must be taken to
    every presentation.

    Summary: Good idea, not well thought out or executed.

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