• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    These are garbage.

    I bought 4 Elgato Eve switches when I converted my house to HomeKit. They were fine for about three months, but one by one they stopped responding to Siri, the Home app, and then even their own Eve app. They’re now just basic, dumb switches that cost $70 each.
    I can go through a long process of resetting each one by cutting the power, deleting them from the apps, and re-entering them, but it only works for a week or so before they ‘die’ again.
    I have a lot of other HomeKit compatible products from other companies, and they’ve been mostly problem-free, so I’m inclined to think this is less user error and more the case that Elgato needs to build a better product.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    It's Bluetooth

    And because it's Bluetooth, all of the sketchiness of Bluetooth applies. Short range- for me, I had to have my phone in the same room of the house to communicate with it. Others had better luck. Long response times up to 3 seconds. Overall sketchiness. Basically they saved $1 by not including Wifi at the expense of making a compromised product. They also promised to make a range extender at CES 2017, but they never released one and now they won't even confirm it exists ("we don't comment on future products").

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    Good product. Only for single pole switch.

    Good product, works well, but only for single pole switches, will not work on 3-way. Also hard to get the switch faceplate to look right when adding to a multiple switch box. Wish there were better options for this and wish it worked on 3-way.

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    Randomly switch on/off

    I bought 2 of the eve light switch, after 1 week of using it, one of the switch just starts to randomly switch on/off, from mid of the night and all day long, you just don't know when it will automatically turn on the light! It did switch the light on and off for 5 times in one minute, even after I reset the switch, it still doing the same thing.
    Gonna go back to Lutron!

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Switch - But it won't work for everyone...

    I'm a big fan of Elgato's Eve line of products. I recently wanted to begin upgrading my switches in rooms where adding Hue lights would be cost prohibitive. The Eve Light Switch is very beautiful. It's well built and should work in any setting.

    Installation is simple (granted you're capable of basic electrical work): Turn off the power, remove old switch, connect your 4 wires and voila. The only issue I had (and some of you may have as well) is that your circuit needs a neutral wire. 2 of my rooms had it, the third room I tried to wire did not. There is no way around that so you might be best off to check this before buying.

    Once it's installed, setup is quick and easy through Elgato's app. When the lights are off, the switch has a little green LED that lights up which makes finding it in the dark nice and easy.

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    Inconsistant homekit connection

    The switch was easy to install and I enjoyed using while it worked. However after about 2-3 weeks, the switch disconnected form homekit and was not controllable through HomeKit or the eve app. I attempted to disconnect the eve switch and then reconnect it to my HomeKit, and this worked for about 2 days. No matter how many times I attempt to re-install the switch into HomeKit it still fails. Not a very effective switch for HomeKit, I would recommend looking elsewhere.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works perfectly!

    When looking for an automated switch I could use to control my outside lights, I researched several different ones and this one is the best on the market. Most competitors are not compatible with "Apple Home Kit" which was something I looked for in home automation and ease of use. I want to control all my devices (lights, switches, etc.) from one location and not cross over several apps to achieve this.

    This switch was simple to install and works great with Apple Home Kit and the Apple Home app. Set up was simple through the Apple Home app and the switch does exactly as advertised. My outside lights now come "ON" at sunset and "OFF" at sunrise. There are several different user options for automation other than my choice above.

    One lacking feature for this switch is the ability to use as a dimmer switch or 3-pole installation.

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    Super convenient

    We installed the Lightswitch in our bedroom, it took about 15 minutes to install for a total novice. We've explored a couple of the more advanced features like the timer and automation settings, but our favorite feature is definitely using Siri to control the light. We use it every night and the sheer convenience will never get old. No more asking my wife if she's ready for me to turn the light off. We just get in bed and one of us commands the light off. Pretty cool. I can't imagine going back to a normal lightswitch.

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    Good but not perfect

    I've had this product since it was released and I can say it is nice having Siri control my lights, I just wish is was faster.

    Since the device relies on bluetooth to receive commands there is a delay from when you request an action and the action actually occurs. It's usually about 3 to 5 secs so its not that bad. However, there are times that Siri fails because it takes so long to happen that she gives up saying she's "unable to communicate to with your devices". To make it worse, the light then usually turns on anyway.

    In my opinion this device would be better if it used wifi to connect like the iDevices light switch does.

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