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    Sound is rich, clear and sharp, with deep bass. Connectivity is simple and quick. Outstanding build quality for the price. Range (of both Bluetooth and sound) is impressive.

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    The sound it's amazing, very easy to carry to the pool or the beach. I will recommend it to the outdoor lovers, the only problem was that I had to figured the instructions by myself.

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    I was skeptical about this product at first as I haven't seen much of this brand but the skepticism is out the window! This speaker is AMAZING. It's maybe the size of a softball (I can easily hold it and pack it) so it's portable, has a great battery life and has functional buttons. One thing I wish it had was a auxiliary port for the few devices that don't have bluetooth but that's isn't a big deal. I like how it connects on its own every time I turn it on after I manually connected my phone the first time I used the speaker. It is also neat how multiple devices can connect to the speaker without the first device having to disconnect for the next but that gets irritating with siblings that want their song played. :P The surround sound of the speaker is one of the main reasons I got it so that I don't have to have it positioned only one way for great sound. VERY VERY pleased with this product and would 100% recommend this to anyone wanting a small but powerful speaker.

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    The sound is amazing.I can't imagine anyone not loving it. The only problem is that it doesn't come with instructions.Had to go online to figure it out. Other than that, the product itself is awesome.Couldn't be happier.

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