• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Throw away product though v good sound

    • Written by Andrzej S from West Coast

    I bought this speaker some 2 years ago and enjoyed very much its very good sound quality though the only problem i had was poor for low light conditions marking of control buttons. I had left the speaker for say 3 months in a draw and one day i heard its ting tong sound when the power goes on or off, it went on and off for several minutes no stopping, i thought the battery was low so connected to the power supply no the battery indicator soon turned green, since then the speaker would spontaneously start doing ting tong for hrs which drove me nuts had to put it into the garage. Also i could not not play any music as every 3-5 minutes it would switch itself off with the ting tong sound. Since the warranty expired i took it to a Bang & Olufsen shop and asked whether it could be repaired, The sales person informed me that these speakers do not get repaired if anything goes wrong it is either replaced with a new one if the warranty is still valid or thrown away as rubbish it outside the warranty. So we have a Danish company making seemingly high quality gadgets which when broken down, i do not think i have done anything to it, are throw away like plastic straws or shopping bags, rubbish. Not very environmentally friendly philosophy by B&O in a country proud of environmental protection stance. I would never have bought this speaker had i been informed of such policy. The potential buyers should be warned that there is throw away policy by B&O for this product, and I suspect it applies to other products by them too, if anything goes wrong.