• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing And Immersive

    • Written by Zachary T

    This is an amazing portable bluetooth speaker. It's sound quality is amazing with crisp notes and heavy bass. It might be small, but it's volume can easily fill any mid-large room. It doesn't have too wide of a sound stage, and it can be adjusted through the application. The best way to enjoy it is to distance it away enough from you to be able to experience its best bass and clarity. There is a certain sweet spot but you can't be too close to it. However, updates from the speaker can take up to 1 hour to download and you can't exit the application or the whole thing will restart. You will also need to be playing music on the speaker as leaving it idle will cause it to shut down by itself and cancel the update... but all in all, an amazing speaker that is definitely worth its price.