• 1.0 out of 5 stars


    It’s an heavy keyboard, what a design mistake. Thin iPad becomes heavier than normal laptop. What a bad design and thick plastic. The keys are should be light, thin and easy to travel with.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Full of serious bug;AVOID

    1. Turns on music evertyime you grab it in a common way
    2. It blocks iPad charging when connected ? Seriously?
    3. Often disconnects

    I can’t believe Apple sold me this cr@p!!!

    I treurned one iPad that wasn’t charging with Keyboad and Apple swapped out the iPad. Dumb move. That’s a cost to APLLE for screwing this up.

  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Logitech Slim Combo

    I use this keyboard daily. It has a lot of nice features, which many of the reviewers on this page have pointed out. Add me to the list of complainers, however, because of how difficult it is to charge my 10.5-inch iPad Pro while the keyboard is connected. The problem has become worse with the latest iOS 11 update. I also experience the intermittent problems with the keyboard not working, so I have to hit the lock key and disconnect the keyboard. It seems like Apple ought to be able to do something about this or stop selling this keyboard.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very happy

    I was worried about how well it would connect to the ipad, and if the case would be awkward to hold. So far the connection has been perfect, no problems at all. The keyboard/front cover is easy to pull off when you want to use the device without it, leaving the hard protective case on the back of the ipad. The keyboard/front cover also connects back onto the back cover easily, with the strong magnets pulling it into place.
    I find the keyboard easy to use, very similar to typing on a laptop. To use as a laptop I either work on a table, or rest it on a flat surface (such as a large book).
    The pencil holder works well.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Major Improvement

    I previously was an unsatisfied customer of Logitech Create (having purchased 2 of them). However, the Logitech Slim Combo appears to have addressed most if not all of the shortcomings of the CREATE. I purchased the Slim Combo to go with my new IPAD Prod 12.9. It is well built and has resolved the charging problem I had with the Create. Given my experience so far, Logitech seems to have hit a home run with this Slim Combo.

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    Ok but not great

    I was so excited to get this new Slim Combo key board for my new 10.5” iPad Pro. Now a week into it, I have discovered what many other have also discovered, the darn thing does not charge when the keyboard is attached. Typically every night I recharge my iPad. The next morning, not recharged, I thought it was the plug or the cable. Turns out this is a fairly well documented issue with this case. In addition, the case tends to randomly just not work from time to time. What I have found it if I “hit” the lock key to turn the screen off, it will “awaken” the keyboard to then be able to use it on the iPad. Just a couple of minor annoyances for this keyboard case.

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    Does not work

    I really wanted to like this keyboard, but it has a couple of serious flaws. First, it prevents the iPad from charging when it is attached and most times, the iPad simply does not recognize that it is connect to the device. I will be returning it and encourage others to consider other options.

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    Prevents iPad Pro from charging

    I have two of these, now worthless, keyboards. Apple's update prevents the iPad itself from charging when connected to the keyboard. I bought these from Apple, at their recommendation. Apple should either fix their software or refund these keyboards. Logitech won't stand behind their products, but Apple ought to. Very disappointing!

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    flimsy and wobbly

    Can't write anything on ipad when it is on a desk, it is very very wobbly, and also very bulky

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love it

    I bought the case through Logitech, and afterwards, just out of interest, I wanted to see what the reviews were like on the Apple site and was very surprised at the low ratings and negative reviews. I'm not sure if they've updated it, or what, but I've had absolutely none of the problems mentioned. I find the keyboard great to type on and the pencil holder works great. My only complaint is that it's a bit heavy, but for a case and keybord, I didn't find anything lighter than this one.

    I've had it for a couple of months, but so far it's worked perfectly. In fact I've used my laptop a LOT less because I find the keyboard makes typing on it the same as on my MacBook.

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    Flimsy brittle useless

    My husband bought this for me. The stand barely opens, everything feels cheap and flimsy. I couldn’t believe it was $150. Don’t waste your money

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    Keyboard not very good

    This keyboard, when put in a briefcase, turns on the music app and uses the battery life and disables the iPad because it causes the iPad to put in numbers that locks it up. Very frustrating. Also, the help I received from the Apple store was useless. They told me to lower the speaker volume Really really bad

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Logitech has fixed the keyboard. It is now nearly perfect.

    02/01/2018: Many people are rightfully complaining that the Slim Combo for 12.9" iPad Pro was playing music due to the keyboard getting pressed against the iPad when closed. This problem has been fixed. I sent my case back to Logitech and the new case does not have this problem.

    With the fix, this case is the closest thing to a perfect case for iPad Pro. The backlit keyboard is outstanding, the kickstand provides an excellent range of viewing angles and the Apple Pencil holder is great. I have yet to find a case as versatile as this.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    You sell me this thing and it’s no longer supported? Have to keep docking/undocking to get charge to works, Logitech blame you, you blame Logitech Don’t sell things that don’t consistently work

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Logitech case with keyboard for ipad Pro

    I cant fault this but for one issue. Everything is otherwise excellent and there lighted keyboard really great too
    Only problem is every time i close the case, pick it up it sets off the Apple Music app, and then i have to fudge and sign in and search for the control centré to turn off the music. Embarrassing in public or quiet places!!

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    Don’t do it

    I had my case in pink, my son ordered it for Christmas, and a month before the warranty was to expire it broke and this company is the worst company I have ever dealt with I would never buy another Logitech anything. So we are out 149 for a case that didn’t hold up and the company won’t send a new one.

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    Don’t see what the fuss is about

    Was cautious when considering buying this because of some of the negative reviews. However, I have to say that none of what some others are reporting are affecting me at all, which is great news. Some are reporting that the keys are accidentally pressed (music playing by accident) when lid is closed but this doesnt happen at all... in fact I closed the lid and pressed hard and no music played at all. So I had no problems whatsoever with the key positioning at all.

    Somebody reported the backlight going off too quick... the truth is that the light stays on for as long as you’re typing...stop typing and it goes off, so I dont get why thats an issue for anybody. It’s nice and bright and you can adjust the key brightness.

    The pencil holder is actually perfect. Nice and tight and the weight of the ipad doesnt weigh this section down at all unlike what is reported. The keys are super responsive for somebody like me who types at Superman speed. The flip out holder at the back allows multiple viewing angles which is amazing for using on the sofa, on the train, in bed, office desk etc. You can adjust brightness, volume, keypad light brightness and tons of other stuff. It draws power from the ipad itself but is totally unnoticeable. The keyboard can detach away from the ipad whilst leaving the case element still attached and trust me its a strong sturdy case and looks great. I am pleased I ignored the negative reviews and gave this a go. It’s well worth the money. Very happy long time customer here folks!

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Causes Charging Problems with iOS 11.1 forward

    I would truly love this keyboard except for one issue: When the iPad is connected to the charger and I then attach the keyboard, it knocks the iPad out of charging state every time. To resume charging, I must disconnect then reconnect the lightning cable. A quick google search revealed that this is a consistent problem with the Logitech smart connect keyboards since the iOS 11.1 update in December. This has apparently been a known issue since then, and I am disappointed that Apple continues to sell this item through their store claiming it is compatible with the current iPads. (I purchased here in late December).

    Until this issue is resolved, I cannot reccommend this keyboard, although in other respects it has been a pleasure to use. The key action is wonderful, the backlight works well, and my keyboard has connected immediately each time I have used it. The kickstand on the shell case has proven to be a feature I use almost constantly. I have not experienced the music issue, but then I do not stream music through my iPad, so my music app is nearly always closed. However, the charging issue is a true annoyance that really needs to be addressed.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic, absolutely amazing. Puts Apples keyboard to shame !

    Namely, i was very exctied to receive this keyboard. Arrived as expected within a day. I am blown away by the feel of this keyboard. It’s really fantastic for typing. I am MA student and i do alot of reading/writing so i do spend alot of time on my iPad Pro 12.9. I also have MBP 15” 2017 highest spec. I use it only for poweruser tasks when i need to. Otherwise i always use my iPad Pro and i am super satesfied. Big shoutout to Logitech for making such a lovely keyboard !

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Guess what I’m not typing this review with?

    I hate this thing, the keyboard never works for more then a minute or two. I haven’t had the music issue...but that’s probably because in general it won’t type. I can get to the home screen and change the brightness but that’s it. I’m not at all impressed...especially for the price. I do not recommend this product.

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