• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great earbuds, excellent customer service

    • Written by Frank F from Boulder

    These earbuds sound great and the control software / app to adjust settings is easy to use. The noise cancellation is effective. I like that they allow the phone to be charged without using a bulky (and costly) adapter like the Belkin Rockstar. I can personally attest to Pioneer Rayz’ excellent customer service. Highly recommended!

  • 2.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Sharat K

    I travel extensively for work, and was looking for a great pair of lighting headphones. I just got these and will be taking them back, primarily because I did about 10 test phone calls to see how well the microphone transmits sound to callers. They consistently indicated that unless I was holding the microphone directly in front of my mouth that they could barely hear what I was saying. Huge disappointment after reading all these positive review.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Tariq W from London

    I admit at first I was skeptic all about these earphones and thought they’ll just about do the job for what they are and I wouldn’t be impressed. Boy was I wrong! The features on these are crazy. The app that comes with it allows you to do so many things.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Charge & listen. No Bluetooth or gimmicks required, & great sound too!

    • Written by Anthony R from Greensboro

    The sound is great, the noise cancellation is not that great, but on par with most high-quality earbuds with noise cancellation. I use them daily.
    The controls are intuitive and simple, as they should be, and the auto-calibration works very well.
    Now, let's get back to the fact they you can LISTEN and CHARGE your phone at the same time. Yes, we once took this for granted, then we were abandoned and left to run our batteries dead, then, Pioneer does what Pioneer does--pioneer ;)
    So, one simply plugs in the headset, and then a lightning charger plugs into the side of the headset (easy) and now your music is playing and your phone is charging.
    They work, and they sound great!

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Hard to adjust but overall a great product

    • Written by Anshuman S from Ellicott City

    As someone who only used apple built in headphones for all my life, having them break was terrible. With the higher quality lightning audio and no need for a external battery, I bought these just for noise cancellation. They didn't fit in my ear like earpods, but once I swapped the pieces for a smaller size, it was a perfect fit just like Apple. Noise cancelling works and isn't a gimmick. The hardest part was adjusting to the button position but I got used to it quickly. The headphones needed a software update from the app, and after that the app is not necessary for noise cancellation.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Pioneer Rayz Plus - Amazing Sound

    • Written by HULK O from Mesquite

    I have several different pairs of earphones, headphones... ranging from average to some higher end. my AirPods are for convenience and comfort, but i was missing the depth in sounds (treble, clarity, bass and separated instruments) since I use my iPhone X for music more than my dedicated media player, i wanted to buy a pair of wired earphones. I read up on these watched some videos, saw some reviews and purchased them! I've had them for about 1 week or less and I am just impressed. But these! you will not be disappointed (the features, the app and just the overall experience!)

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Garbage noise cancelling, poor fitting, too heavy bass, and lightning too

    • Written by Mark B from Mountain View

    These are junk...especially for the price. Just went coast to coast with these on an airplane and the noise cancelling sucked. Let in anything above 10kHz....so I was listening to music with a constant hiss. I kept "recalibrating" but it did no good. Even worse, because the speaker tube is so short, there is not way to get these into my ear with a good isolation fit. Oh, and the "sharp" edges make them uncomfortable in one's ears, too!
    In the end, I much prefer a design with noise isolation and a good fit over these clunky and ill-fitting.

    Final straw -- there is no such thing as a lightning female to 3.5mm phono plug (male) adapter. Never will be. So if you are looking for something you can wear on planes (and use the in-fight entertainment console) you are better off buying a normal 3.5mm headphones and carrying the short $8 lightning male to 3.5mm jack adapter. Then you have a good one-headphone solution for everything (from iPhone to MacBook to in-fllight audio).

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great for Office Use

    • Written by Jesse V from San Antonio

    I originally purchased these headphones for a trip and my time on the airplane. I wound up getting the Beats Studio 3 and they worked great for my trip. I brought these headphones to my office and they are perfect. The noise level was very high due to a nearby co-worker that did not understand that they do not have to shout into their phone. Once I put these on, his noise went away. The sound when you adjust the EQ is really good. There is a good amount of bass and the sound is good across the mids and highs. Another plus is that you do not have to charge these headphones, they use the phone power and I have not noticed too much of a battery drain.

    The appearance of the headphones seems a little plasticy for them being $130, but that may help them stay in your ears since they are lightweight. Overall, a good buy. Since I purchased the Studio 3's I was planning on returning them, but after using them at work I decided to keep them.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Have truly enjoyed these.

    • Written by GABRIEL Jerome K from Austin

    When you first open the box. You know that they care about how you are going to use them. When you download the app for the headphones and then plug them in. It tests your ears to make sure you are getting the best sound. You then choose different settings, and you are truly shocked at how good the sound is for such small speakers. One of my favorite features is the auto mute when you are speaking on the phone. It allows you to hear clearly when the other person is talking and the caller is not distracted from what is going on around you during the call.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Everything I needed and more!!

    • Written by Laura S from Westford

    I didn’t realize what I was missing until I bought Pioneer Rayz. I love the customizability and the noise canceling is out of this world. My absolute favorite part is the smart button which lets me take control of my own listening experience. Such an amazing product at such a reasonable price! As someone who’s always on the go and taking phone calls in inconvenient places I can’t say enough good things about Smart Mute! Seriously, read about the features and think about buying a pair for yourself. These things are software smart and getting smarter. They have a fantastic team at Pioneer that is constantly pushing out updates and adapting to feedback to make sure your earbuds never become obsolete.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very impressed

    • Written by Keith C from INDIANAPOLIS

    Just received a pair of Rayz Plus in black. Shipping from Apple store was fast and as promised. These exceeded my expectations because there were more features than I knew about and an iPhone app to control them all. Look, I am not a qualified sound engineer, just an old guy wanting some nice headphones. These definitely fit the bill for me - very pleased.

    Check out the extra features and the Rayz app: auto pause when you remove both plugs, noise cancelling, plus a feature called HearThru, programmable smart button, Siri compatible, mute beep for phone calls, smart mute when you are not talking, voice isolation, mic boost, etc. And I like the charge port feature too.

    The sound is clear; bass response is more than expected. The ear canal fit is adjustable with several sizes of the standard silicon covers: XSm/Sm/Med/Large/XLarge/XXLarge. The silicon mediums are the default size that comes installed on the phones.

    Another bonus was a bag of three pairs of COMPLY-brand (look them up on the internet) memory foam plugs in Sm/Med/Large (the Isolation 400 type I think). Currently I am testing the COMPLY medium foam plugs; I think I will keep using them. The COMPLY foam plug seems to attenuate outside noises even more, and so far there are no annoying pressure points that inevitably make me stop listening.

    Note: I did not do a ton of shopping. I had an Apple gift card that I needed to use up, and these were very affordable after the gift card.

    The only "con" is a minor one. The length of the cord between the headphones and the "Y" junction is a bit tight. It keeps the cord out of your way, but I cannot see the four control buttons which are located at the junction. But it is not terribly difficult to control them by feel.

    Yes - I would recommend to a friend.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Japan innovation never fails

    • Written by Kajamalan U from Glasgow

    First the earphone I thought it was joke but is better than I thought. It charges and plays at same time thats the Pioneer innovation for customer who ha Iphone 7 or above. you can customise the settings on rayz app, what your earphone could do such as noise cancelling hear thru equalizer etc. it has plastic ear heads which feels cheap and light but the rest is fine quality meets for rest. the noise cancelling does work but its not Bose QC or Shure for best of best noise cancelling. On iphone you can use the Onkyo HF player App its same as music app on apple phone but its better if you want to customise equalizer to your headphones to your listening preferences lows mids and high is fine just need to tune to your ear for better listening. I have used many headphones. (Dr Dre Beats monster studio , Bose QC 30 Shure SE 535 and now this) End of the day you can bring better sound from mid price range headphone but you have to adjust the equaliser to your ear for enhancing the sound and bring out the sound that missed behind normal ear or head-phones.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    great earphones

    • Written by Yogendra K from Taylorsville

    I was looking for wired earphones in addition to the ones that come with the Iphone. I have to say that I am really impressed with the sound. The bass is good. I am not a audiophile but can spot difference between a song sounding on 2 different earphones. These ones just blasted the other I had.

    I generally don't write reviews but for this one, I felt compelled to write it.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing sound and design. You won't be sorry!

    • Written by Bethany M from Los Angeles

    I am heavily mobile for long periods during the week and ever since iPhone 7 had the headphone jack removed I have been struggling to keep my phone powered while playing music simultaneously. Thankfully, that will be amended when I switch to X this week, but I'm so glad I invested in the Rayz in the meantime! Not only do they solve the pesky adapter charging/music connection concern, but they sound INCREDIBLE! I noticed an immense difference the minute I plugged them in.
    In comparison, I had been using Beats Tour 2.0 for a couple years, but found their fit and overall sound to be rather lackluster and frustrating. They were best only for quiet areas and sedentary applications.
    I have also invested in Bose in the past for buds, and while I do respect the brand, Bose sounds A LOT better in my car and open air speakers than they do as headphones. Klipsh had also been used prior - as well as various Sony's. My go to headset for over-ear has been BeyerDynamic DDT70 Pro for a few years now.
    So enter Pioneer - a brand I had never tried in terms of headphones, but had always respected for live stage speakers. I found these while searching for options to the power problem while not wanting to compromise premium sound. Unfortunately, I think Apple has always been sorely lacking in terms of music/sound and so I always look to invest in companies that dedicate themselves to it.
    The Pioneers are now my go to mobile set for quite a few reasons:
    Charging function:
    I can charge my phone at my desk now and still listen to music while I work whereas before it was drained by end of day. If I happened to take my car that day it never charges my phone quickly enough so this was a perfect solution.

    The amount of ear bud fits included:
    I favor the foam tips as I walk a lot in my work commute and with general city noise these keep things at perfect volume and isolation levels. I also no longer have to keep adjusting my earphones to stay in.
    I have a pretty small ear canal so most buds tend to fall out – especially with heavy stop/go walking. These wedge comfortably in and I’m on my way.

    The clarity and precision at which sound is reproduced:
    One main reason I like to try so many different brands and keep changing it up is to contrast and compare music I repetitiously listen to. I find that the Rayz do an excellent job at giving a balanced mid-range level that brings out a lot of nuances even without any presets or enhancements – very similar to my BeyerDynamic set. Bass is very crisp and punchy with a perfect level of warmth.

    The app and all its enhanced features:
    Pioneer supports their product with advanced options and features most headphones – including premium ones - do not include. There is enough to customize for whatever function you want to get out of a mobile set and if you travel or commute a lot these will be your best friend.
    Overall aesthetic:
    They are lightweight enough to wear. The dongle for options control is not too big or cumbersome. The cord entanglement is very minimal.
    I purchased the standard black set at the Apple store and they have looked chic and effortless with my gloss black 7 phone. Can’t wait to keep using them with my X! They are worth the amount you pay and I hope they can serve me for several years/heavy mobile use like the Beats at least did.
    But if I know anything about Pioneer they are still here for a reason and a name you can trust.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic wired (lightning) in-ear headphones!

    • Written by Eric T from Hillsborough

    I prefer wired headphones over wireless and thus have lamented the demise of the 3.5mm headphone jack in the new iPhones. One of my key complaints about using the lightning jack for sound output was the inability to charge while listening. I tried the very bulky Belkin adapter but did not feel that was an elegant or practical solution.

    Then I found these: the Pioneer Rayz Plus solves that problem and are great in-ear headphones to boot! First off, they have very good sound quality -- almost, but not quite, as good as my $250 Bose in-ear noise cancelation headsets.

    Secondly (and critically), the Rayz Plus earphones let you charge your phone while listening without the complication of using a separate adapter. The charging lightning cable just plugs right into the cord, very easy and convenient.

    Finally, they have a trick set of customizable features such as noise cancellation, hear through, auto-mute, auto-pause, etc. Really innovative! Download the recommended Rayz app when you get these to take full advantage of them.

    I did experience the problem one other reviewer had about the earphone software hanging while updating, but I solved it by unplugging the Rayz, force closing the Rayz app, re-opening the app, then plugging the earphones in again -- and it worked perfectly on try # 2! So try that if you have that glitch. (That was the one negative to me in the whole experience, but now solved!)

    Highly recommended -- these are the BEST wired in-ear headphones for the newer iPhones!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by John E from Epsom

    Fresh out the box there was a loud white noise / Hissing sound coming from the left ear piece. Support is only achievable through painful emails whereby you have to keep sending details over and over unless you can convince someone to phone you and talk to you.

    The headphones themselves feel very cheap, with a thick cheap plastic cable. The ear pieces are light, uncomfortable and on a 'Y' configuration that is too short to adjust so you can't make one longer and wrap it round the back of your neck. The angle the headphones they are set at means that a light tug on the attached wire yanks them out of your ears.

    Not sure about the noise cancellation as the hissing was too loud but it felt like only very minor sounds were blocked so poor at best.
    Very disappointing considering a premium has to be paid buying the plus version.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Don't waste your money

    • Written by Matt S from Adelaide

    What a waste of money. Do not expect 'noise' cancelling' or even 'noise muffling' headphones. At the same price as my AirPods, I had hoped to get back some of the functionality the AirPods lack - like the ability to adjust the volume and skip tracks without having to get your phone out of your pocket, and most of all I wanted ANC - Active Noise Cancelling - to block out office and travel noise.

    These headphones do not mute even the most quiet noises. I had hoped they would mute out some bus and travel noise but they barely even muffle the sound of my office noise. I can easily hear colleagues keyboard clicks and their quiet conversations. In fact, I can barely tell the difference between when the noise cancelling is on or off. It does so very little noise cancelling. I have no idea what these would be like on a flight, but I will tell you that they are NOT going to block plane noise or passenger noise when they can't mute out a quiet office background noise like typing or talking! I mean isn't' that why you would want these? To cancel noise?

    It is pretty much the same as any normal in ear headphone, yes it will mask some noise, but the magic 'active cancelling' is hugely over rated. People saying these will make your flight quieter or drown out your office noise are delusional. Sorry but any standard headphone will do the same as these at half the price.

    Also wildly irritating is that they randomly just 'pause' every few songs. Their 'auto pause' feature is terrible, and glitchy. It also means you have to take out BOTH earbuds as opposed to the AirPods where removing one leaves a hand free and instantly pauses the music. I tried turning off auto pause, and it still randomly pauses the music at least once every few songs.

    As for the 'hear thru' feature that lets you 'let in' some ambient sounds? Well that's a sad joke on you, because the headphones can't actually STOP the ambient sounds. I wish I needed this feature because the ANC was so amazing it blocked out all noise, but nah, don't worry. Turn it on, Turn it off - the same amount of ambient noise is going to get through, which is way, way too much for something this expensive that claims to be noise cancelling. It cancels nothing, or so little you may as well just stick with whatever you are using now that came with your device.

    The reviews here are all glowing, less so on Amazon and in some of the tech publication reviews who have nailed this: the more critical reviews state: These are not ready for prime time, they are glitchy and over priced, and the noise cancelling is very, very ordinary.


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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent sound and comfortable

    • Written by Helen H from Woodbine

    The earphones are comfortable just using the silicon covers attached out of the box. The noise cancelling works and is great to block out the kids tv. The bass is deep without hurting the ears. The clarity is fantastic. No need for batteries as they are powered from the lightning connecter. I was a bit sceptical about the price but now having used them, they are definitely worth the money spent.

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    I have tried Bose, Bower & Wilkes and B&O never got to first base!

    • Written by Martin B from Sunshine Coast

    I was trying to find bluetooth in earphones, that would enable me to hold telephone conference calls and listen to music, in an shared office.
    I tried the Bose Sport for a week, but they amplify the sound they receive from the microphone when you are not talking. So much so, that when I opened a brown paper bag with a muffin, for breaky, the phone conference stopped, and I was asked to immediately mute my phone. I then tried the Bose QuietControl 30 Wireless Headphones for a few days – but again, the same issue. I must add here that the service I received from Bose was second to none, they were fantastic in letting me try and replace without any questions. The noise cancellation is second to none and you can adjust the level of suppression from the app. If you listen to music for a few hours in the office with noise cancellling on 75% or above and you take off the earphones off, the air conditioning sounds like a wall of noise. You realise how a baby must feel when they hear all the sound for the first time.
    I decided not to even try the Apple Airpods, because I can imagine falling asleep on a plane and the Airpods tumbling down under my seat and sliding down the aircraft - never to be seen again.
    I was going to try the B&O, but the shop never returned any calls, so I thought that if they can’t be bothered to call me when I am buying, they will never be as good as Bose.
    I then settled on the Pioneer Rayz, unfortunately they are not Bluetooth, but sometimes you have to compromise. What I like is the noise cancellation lowers the background noise, but not to point where it is eliminated. The mute when you are not talking, doesn’t seem to be 100%, with clients still picking up when I am typing, which I need to do, as I fill in forms that they see on their computer screen, whilst I input the data on my screen.

    What’s missing:

    1. A pouch to carry your earphones and cables when you are not using them, Bose has a lovely case which easily clips to your waistband as does Bower & Wilkins.
    2. I dislike the in ear canal buds, I would much prefer an in the ear, like the Bose, Jaybird or Bower & Wilkins. (B&W) have the same problem as the Bose with the microphone.

    I would have awarded 5 stars if the above was provided and when you pay $250 Australian you expect a bit more than a box!

    And I would pay for a carry pouch and a more comfortable in ear fitting device.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Rayz headphones

    • Written by David Z from Carson

    Perfect headphones. Excellent quality and sound. Another great Pioneer product. ��

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