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    After 14 months of use an intermittent screen issue (not lighting up) has become permanent. Reset does not fix it.

    Nokia were not interested, will not stand by their product or offer any assistance in getting the problem resolved, other than $ 25 towards a replacement.

    $ 240 for a scale that lasts just over a year and they would expect me to buy another one - get real !!!

    Apple need to take more care with who they promote and allow to sell products on their website. This is not acceptable.

    Appalling !

    Also, why is a zero star rating not possible ?

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    Broken after a few days of use

    Got this as Christmas present but it's broken after a few days of use. Screen does not light up and it doesn't take a charge. Tried to reset device as per suggested by Nokia customer care. However it's just dead.

    Nokia says they cannot ship to Hong Kong, so I'll have to bear the costs for shipping.

    What the?

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    Amazing! Very happy I invested the money in this product.

    I love this scale! I love the sleek and minimalist style - it will look great in every bathroom. I love that it is thin, and has no traditional "legs" or "knobs"; I love that it will work on carpet also! The Nokia Health Mate app has received some negative reviews, but I find it is very Apple like in it's intuitiveness and simple presentation, that is very easy to use! Setting up this scale was simple and easy, and it has worked flawlessly.

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    So Far From Perfect

    I have purchased every updated version of the Withings/Nokia body scale since Apple first introduced them several years ago.
    Every version worked perfectly and every scan and measurement was spot on.
    Now comes the Body-Cardio. I'm waiting for Nokia to send me my third defect replacement unit in less than 45 days.
    The two measurements that I've had the most issues with are Heart Rate Beats Per Minute and Pulse Wave Velocity.
    I step on the scale upon awakening and at the end of the day. On several occasions I've gone 1-2 days without the scale recording a HR-BPM reading and a week without the scale recording a PWV. When I do get a HR-BPM reading it is usually double my true HR. One morning the scale posted a Heart Rate of 130 BPM. I immediately stepped off and took a manual thumb-on-wrist 30 second reading and recorded 32 beats. I doubled that for a measurement of 64 BPM. This happens over and over.
    I've followed the instructions to a tee, have had numerous calls with their tech support and factory reset the unit a dozen times to no avail. The best I get from tech-support is a thank you for your input, our future FirmWare updates will hopefully address these issues and let's send you a replacement. Here's hoping Nokia gets their future FirmWare updates worked out.

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    A Nokia product in the Apple store??

    I gave it a shot thinking Apple would only sell quality stuff, I was right. This does everything as it should. I had a little trouble connecting at first, but all I had to do was reset my phone and all was well. This a solid scale with lots of features. Kinda pricy, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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