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    Absolutly DO NOT BUY!!!!!

    Purchased 30 days ago. After a week of checking my blood pressure everyday it jumped up to Crisis readings. I felt absolutely fine but made an appointment with my doctor anyway. When they checked my pressure it was fine. They double checked it still fine. I showed the doctor my Nokia BP cuff and we ran it. We did the reading 3 times. All were between 40 and 60 points off.

    Of course, this all was beyond the 14 day period for returns. Apple will not stand by products they sell, so I am stuck with a completely useless product. Add the cost of the Doctor's visit on top of it and it really should give me high blood pressure.

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    I really should have listened to reviews over the temptation to buy

    Bottom line: Readings are 100% in-accurate. I'm not talking like off marginally, ... I'm talking it labeled me as a RISK 2 HIGH BP immediately after checking my BP both the old fashioned way (120/80) and using Withings BP cuff (the original generation of this evolved version which was prior to Nokia's acquisition). Even the Withings older model was accurate! This one, not at ALL! Returning,...

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    Readings Are Not Accurate

    I've had this for a few months now and the readings are surprisingly inaccurate. I brought it to have my doctor check the accuracy.To compare he checked my blood pressure manually as well as with a Omron automatic cuff. The Nokia's systolic number was on average 22 points high and the diastolic was on average 8 points higher.

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