• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not fit for purpose

    • Written by Lee D from Marlborough

    Apparently the iPhone notifications cannot be customised and they have to be the same as normal notifications, meaning you cannot differentiate between your baby crying and say a junk email notification:

    Support says: "The notification sound for the Arlo alerts cannot be customized/changed as the same tone you will get for all of your phone alerts."

    If I had known this I would not have purchased it, I would have opted for a MUCH CHEAPER dedicated baby monitor! Very frustrating!

  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice capabilities, it seems - if you can get it working

    • Written by Ian D from Willetton

    Starting to wish I'd followed my own instincts and bought a standard baby monitor rather than a networking device.

    I had it working after a few hours, when eventually it decided it could discover the device on my wifi. For that short period it showed a lot of promise (good video quality, some other nice features.)

    Then a little later it nagged be about a firmware update, so I proceeded as it requested and BLARPFFFFF. Back to square one, not working. Instructions say, helpfully to do a reset via a pin in the little reset hole. Of course, still problems.

    So if you're used to the more conventional baby monitors that you just plug in, and it works - stay away from this item. It is proving to be a time(and money) waster. I really, really don't want to have to return it. Guess I will persevere for a bit longer.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Worst xmas gift choise ever :(

    • Written by Anfisa K from Moscow

    Bought this to my brother for this Christmas.
    Setup was a pain from the very beginning. First of all it launched only on the second try. We went through the steps, but then the app was saying that the camera is off. We tried to add it into the Home app and it appeared there and even worked, but not in the app. What is the point of the app if you can’t use promoted functionality?
    Returned it for another camera of a different brand and a better price.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Better than others

    • Written by Dickey S from San Carlos

    Here are the pros and cons of the Arlo Baby 1000A camera (not the previous HomeKit incompatible 1000 NAS) I have owned and used other HomeKit cameras and am giving this camera 5 stars.

    Easy to set up
    Easy to use
    Great product quality
    Great video quality
    Air quality visible in Arlo/Netgear app
    RoomTemperature visible in Arlo/Netgear app
    Night light color control available in Arlo/Netgear app
    Automatic light changing show works quite well.
    Sensors send alerts based on thresholds
    Music Library can be controlled remotely and on-device
    Music Library can be personalized with songs and messages
    Can work with built in battery
    Built In battery can be charged with Portable USB chargers
    tripod mount builtin-screw is certainly useful

    This is certainly expensive
    The Arlo App crashed a couple of times but certainly not a show stopper
    HomeKit compatibility is adequate and only shows video
    Air quality not available in HomeKit
    Temperature not available in HomeKit
    Night light color control not available in HomeKit
    2-way communications a little laggy but usable.

    Suggestions to Arlo/NetGear
    - Improve HomeKit compatibility with firmware updates
    - Air Quality, Temperature, and Night Light control can be made available as separate accessories in Home app. For instance the - KooGeek Switch and Night light combo exposes two accessories in Home app.
    - HomeKit Eve and Door sensor supports notifications from Homekit, so it is no possible to support notifications natively.
    - Improve the arlo app UI so sensor data is visible without requiring two clicks.
    - Fix multiple AirPlay to Apple TV issues and make airplay button available directly next to video

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Terrible waste of money.

    • Written by Gemma B from Ruislip

    The Arlo baby monitor has been a let down from the start.
    Terrible video quality and a massive delay sometimes as long as 30 - 40 seconds.
    Recently Netgear updated the software, the cameras no longer have sound. We were recommended by Netgear to buy Android devices to solve the problem. Customer service is as big a joke as the products. Apple should be ashamed to be selling these devices.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Great promise, poor software

    • Written by Matthew P from Melbourne

    When buying a $300 baby monitor, you have high expectations. The promise of this camera is great, but the flaky software lets it down and makes it far too risky to use as a baby monitor. The software crashes on my wife's phone (an iPhone 7) once or twice a week, and when this happens overnight we can't hear our baby anymore, and sometimes won't wake up when she's crying. A baby monitor needs to be rock solid, and you're much more likely to get that with a cheaper, non-smart, baby monitor than you are with this product.

    Additionally their QA processes must be terrible, as they recently released an app update for iOS which stopped the audio from working entirely when on Wifi, which is 90% of the point of a baby monitor.

    Do not buy.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    So flawed there is a class action

    • Written by IOH H

    Images freezes, disconnects randomly, fuzzy image, bricked if internet goes down even though on same wifi.
    Easiest camera to connect to your wifi network, but then misery after that.
    There is even a class action this "baby monitor" is so flawed.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Overpriced basic camera

    • Written by Michael G from Milton

    I was extremely disappointed with this camera, and will be returning it to the Apple Store where I got it.

    First, I only bought it because the sales guy said it could move. (It can’t. Well, you can move it by hand. You can’t move it from the app.) Also, it says you can “pan” the image— what a joke! Sure, you can “pan” the image when you zoom in on the image. Also, the image is digitally zoomed, so you can only “pan” a grainy image. I don’t think the Marketing folks over at Netgear understand what “pan” means in the camera market.

    Setup was a pain. It connected to my phone but refused to set up WiFi. I had to use the little manual setup link to get it working.

    The camera has quite a delay. I’m assuming that’s because the camera signs in and then sends you the recording from the cloud, rather than direct input from the camera. No big deal. With a strong WiFi signal, it’s maybe a 2 second delay. Once it connects and it is actually loaded, the video input is relatively smooth and the sound pickup is pretty good.

    I also found that the app refused to let me sign in unless the camera is online. That means you can’t review saved footage from the app unless the camera is plugged in, or actively consuming battery. That seems like a huge disadvantage.

    The packaging says it has temperature and humidity sensors. Great! And it alerts you when those are out of desirable ranges. Neat. Except all it does is send you a push notification that “temperature is outside the desired range.” It doesn’t even tell you WHAT that temperature is! Too hot? Too cold? Who knows. Moreover, the temperature or humidity is not available anywhere in the app, nor is the time of the push notification recorded. What a joke. Other baby monitors in this price range put the temp, time, etc and stamp it right on the image. Not Arlo. Go check their forums— they’re plastered with dozens of requests from years back asking to make this info available. It’s not, but the marketing folks still plaster all over the package that it is.

    The crying and movement alerts drove me crazy, like other users on here have noted. This app has no “debounce” time— instead of firing off a notification every few minutes, it will let you know ANYTIME there is movement. You might be reviewing the last notification while it bombards you with new notifications.

    I’ve been buying products from Apple for 20 years. This overpriced widget has the honor of being the very first thing I’ll return for a refund. This has no business being in the stores. It’s unfinished and a poor product overall.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Is this a joke Netgear ?

    • Written by Damien C from Somerset

    This camera is not fit for purpose. At best there is a long delay in sound and picture. At worst (which is most of the time) it drops signal constantly or the image is so pixelated i can't even make out there is a baby in the picture. No joke. I am a network technician with commercial grade wifi (Ubiquiti 5Ghz) before anyone thinks i'm just on a slow wifi network. So many people saying the same on the Arlo support forums, so i know im not alone. No option to hardwire the camera, wifi only, and does not work if internet is down. Arlo technical help say that you get a better picture from outside your local network. RIDICULOUS. I have to leave my baby at home and go outside get on 4G to get a viewable live stream of my baby.

    Apple has just given me a full refund although its outside the 14 days. Apple you Rock.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Arlo Baby would be the best monitor on the market, but . . .

    • Written by Forrest R from Rancho Santa Fe

    Arlo Baby would be the best monitor/app on the market, but the “Always Listening” feature constantly turns off during the middle of the night. Our daughter got sick and threw up in the middle of the night, but we did not find out until she had been crying for a few hours because the app had turned off. I have also had the app crash and cameras disconnect from our network quite a few times in the three weeks I have owned them. This is easily fixed when I reboot them, but it is a nuisance.

    If you want to use this as a traditional baby monitor, look elsewhere. We bought two, and returned one. We now use the one we kept as a supplement to our $30 monitor, which has not failed us yet.

    This product is ideal to check up on kids napping, or playing in another room, but not good if you what to hear what is going on with your baby during the night.

    The reason I give the app one star is because it fails at its most basic purpose. It is advertised as a baby monitor, but it does not meet the core purpose it is advertised to serve.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good, getting better, but some drawbacks

    • Written by Henry B from Whitchurch

    Arlo Baby is basically two things: a HomeKit camera, and a baby monitor.

    Firstly the HomeKit camera is fine. Works as expected!

    Secondly as a baby monitor there is a lot to like. The app and camera offer a powerful combination. There are alerts for crying, movement and general audio. These are push notifications. It’s possible to listen to audio when the screen is locked or another app is in the fore. There is quite a bit of white noise, so volume has to be lower to keep track of baby, but this does work well. Recent firmware and app updates have made this rock solid. The battery gives the option of some portability too, which is priceless if little ones nap somewhere other than their bed. All in all, it does what it promises to do.

    There are some buts, however.

    Notifications will drive you crazy. All users receive them, so if one is dealing with crying, others still get notifications. That’s fine, but you don’t get just one, every cry will trigger a notification so you’ll get several a minute. This is really unhelpful in a possibly stressful situation. The camera needs a very strong WiFi signal, more than what you’d expect. I had to buy another WiFi base station to get a good signal, although my house is 400 years old and there are lots of dead spots. Very occasionally the camera drops out and doesn’t reconnect. Hopefully this will improve, but it can be jarring waking up to loud screams when the camera should have let you catch cries much earlier.

    All in all, I think this is a good buy. Once your little ones are grown it can be repurposed to a simple camera so good value for money.

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