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    Better than others

    • Written by Dickey S from San Carlos

    Here are the pros and cons of the Arlo Baby 1000A camera (not the previous HomeKit incompatible 1000 NAS) I have owned and used other HomeKit cameras and am giving this camera 5 stars.

    Easy to set up
    Easy to use
    Great product quality
    Great video quality
    Air quality visible in Arlo/Netgear app
    RoomTemperature visible in Arlo/Netgear app
    Night light color control available in Arlo/Netgear app
    Automatic light changing show works quite well.
    Sensors send alerts based on thresholds
    Music Library can be controlled remotely and on-device
    Music Library can be personalized with songs and messages
    Can work with built in battery
    Built In battery can be charged with Portable USB chargers
    tripod mount builtin-screw is certainly useful

    This is certainly expensive
    The Arlo App crashed a couple of times but certainly not a show stopper
    HomeKit compatibility is adequate and only shows video
    Air quality not available in HomeKit
    Temperature not available in HomeKit
    Night light color control not available in HomeKit
    2-way communications a little laggy but usable.

    Suggestions to Arlo/NetGear
    - Improve HomeKit compatibility with firmware updates
    - Air Quality, Temperature, and Night Light control can be made available as separate accessories in Home app. For instance the - KooGeek Switch and Night light combo exposes two accessories in Home app.
    - HomeKit Eve and Door sensor supports notifications from Homekit, so it is no possible to support notifications natively.
    - Improve the arlo app UI so sensor data is visible without requiring two clicks.
    - Fix multiple AirPlay to Apple TV issues and make airplay button available directly next to video

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