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    • Written by Carlos S from BAYAMON

    The SanDIsk USB A to USB Type-C is way faster than the cheap competition on Amazon. I know this cuz I bought the other brands before getting this one. NO MAJOR brand is offering a Dual side USB Flash drive that looks as good as this one. If you want a Flashdrive that is Type C and Fast you either get a standard Drive or one of those Double plastic caps out there. If that works for you then good.

    This Aluminum double Flashdrive will get as hot as ANY other aluminum drive whether is USB A or USB C, there is no way around this. However as someone who has many Aluminum drives like this one from different brands, I can say that none of the SanDisk aluminum flashdrives have ever died on me or slowed in performance.

    You have to understand that MOST people who leave bad reviews and their only argument is cuz it gets HOT, these are casual consumers who don't know any better. You will not avoid this issues no matter the brand.

    With those issues aside this is a solid Dual Flashdrive that looks sleek and is faster on readings and transfer speeds. You will not get a better dual drive like this out there.

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