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    Appears well built, doesn't work with Dell 34" Curved monitor

    I have a Dell U3415W Monitor which I have been using with a Thunderbolt 3 to Displayport cable successfully on my (old) 2015 MBP. Recently upgraded to a 2018 MBP, and this cable does not send signal to my monitor. Tried all ports without success. Apple returned the item without question - could work for your monitor, but didn't work for me.

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    An essential part of my travel bag

    This is a really high quality cable that does well being coiled and connected repeatedly. I do a fair amount of traveling and work on-site with a bunch of clients. Originally I purchased a less expensive cable that stopped working after only a few weeks. This one was a solid investment.

    I highly recommend this cable, mostly because it's durable, but it's easy on the eyes too. The captured velcro cable management strip is really handy as well.

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    I have been using this cable with my 15" MacBook Pro late 2016 model, hooked up to a Samsung 28" 4k UHD monitor and it is very inconsistent when it works and when it works properly. The slightest touch to USB-C side of the cord when it's plugged in causes the display to become interrupted and sometimes just shut off. The latest issue that I'm working through was halfway through a session of using it, the screen sizing (scaling) reverted to the same size as my laptop. I have no issues when using an HDMI cable, but the DisplayPort causes all sorts of issues. Be prepared for potential issues.

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    Works great from 2017 MB Pro to 1080p display

    My monitor has 1x HDMI, 1x Display Port, and 1x VGA. The monitor's connections were extremely limiting, because I was trying to hook up two laptops to it. Before this cable, I was faced with two choices: 1) Swap an HDMI cable between the laptops when I wanted to switch which one I was using (personal & coding laptops). or 2) Hook up one of my laptops to a VGA conversion cable, which resulted in blurry text (converting digital to analog).

    With this cable, I can hook my MB Pro to the Display Port, and my other laptop via HDMI and swap between them with my monitor. I've been using it for a few days now, and the only issue I've had is a small red overlay in the very top right corner of my monitor that went away when I started doing stuff. Maybe it was something with my monitor, not sure, but again it went away and I've only seen it once.

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