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    HomeKit connection limitations

    If HomeKit/Siri is your goal, there are issues. The main issue (for me) is the connection. Because this lock is battery powered, it uses Bluetooth (not WiFi) to connect to a HomeKit hub (4th gen Apple TV, or the coming HomePod). The maximum connection distance is 30' (9m) between the lock and the hub (actually 10'-15' is what they really suggest for reliability). In my case, I'm well over that distance, and I've found I can't even get 30' anyway (with walls and such in between). The added August Connect box that comes in this package has some misleading information (regarding giving the lock WiFi capability). Though it connects the Bluetooth lock to the Wifi signal in your house, HomeKit will not work over that connection (I have confirmed this with August tech support); the August Connect's purpose is to connect the lock to your WiFi so it can communicate over the internet to the August app when you are away - any HomeKit connection/integration still ONLY comes from the Bluetooth connection. August also says: "We recommend placing August Connect within 10–15 feet of your August Smart Lock for best performance", because of the bluetooth connection range, and the same really applies to the distance to the HomeKit hub.

    August tech support had no other suggestions or work-arounds for the connection distance issue (for using the lock with HomeKit). Things like relocating my Apple TV fairly close to the door, using an extra iPad which would always stay close to the door and can provide a HomeKit connection, or purchasing extra Apple TV's though it was unclear if that would even work, are not practical. I asked if they will be supporting Bluetooth LE Mesh (which can eliminate the distance issue), and as of this review date, they said they do not have plans to support it. I also asked if the August Connect accessory could be used to allow a HomeKit hub to connect to the lock using WiFi, they confirmed it cannot at this time but they will submit the suggestion to their development team.

    Using the August app is fine, but having more than one home automation control system isn't ideal, and I'd prefer to use only HomeKit, and especially Siri.

    Note that the August Lock does also include a Z-Wave connection (which has a typical range of 150' and is easily extended), but this is not compatible with or currently bridgeable to HomeKit.

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    Great lock, works reliably, and excellent integration with HomeKit

    While a little bulky looking, it was easy to install, and more importantly works reliably with HomeKit. Highly recommend this home automation lockset.

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