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    Not Ready for Prime Time

    • Written by Deborah B from MOUNT PLEASANT

    Color me disappointed. It comes on one color--black. I can't really make it work as advertised. I set up my hand signals with the helmet & Watch, but it never stops beeping! The "slowing down" lights go on even when you're not stopping, and the whole assembly blinks intermittently (OK, it's apparently still in beta, but still). It's supposed to start automatic ride tracking as soon as you turn the helmet on, and apparently it does--BUT the Watch app still shows a start button that you have to press to track your ride and time. If your phone loses signal, even under trees, the mapping function is useless. I did 4.4 miles yesterday, and the tracking map showed 2.0. Integration of data with the Apple Watch seems problematic--it doesn't show up as a "source" of data on my Watch even when you tell it to sync. The Lumos Watch app shows zero information except elapsed time while you're riding. And worst of all, there is NO documentation from Apple OR Lumos about how these functions are supposed to work, no place to ask questions. I don't think the new Apple Watch integration capabilities add much to the previous model Lumos (which I also used this morning). Don't bother to use the Apple Watch Cycling Workout--it won't add exercise minutes or count steps (I had my iPhone in my pants pocket, so it counted steps for me) unless you're riding at a speed the Watch thinks is fast enough to count. For me, 30 minutes of riding around 10 mph gave me about 3 minutes of "exercise" on my Activity ring. Biking shouldn't be this hard.

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