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    Body Composition Tracking!

    • Written by Zackary A from Des Moines

    As someone who works out regularly and is in his 30’s I’ve noticed that I need to be much more mindful with what I prioritize in terms of nutrition and exercise as opposed to when I was 25! This scale provides basic composition information such as body fat percentage and muscle mass. I appreciate being able to chart the plot points from this scale to see how changes in my routine trend up or down in terms of composition. Generally speaking my wife and I both enjoy the Withings product range. Their customer service is good once you actually get through to them. When setting this up it worked best to do the setup on one phone then share the device through a txt message so the other could add it. This way we could both track through our own app. You will know it’s working when the first three letters of your name are displayed when you step on. I bought black and am happy with the color.

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