• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Best solution on the market now

    • Written by Daniel O from BUCKINGHAM

    Good charger, brilliant speeds for the phone.

    I got this in black- it does take up a lot of space, attracts dust like a magnet but does it's job well.

    The adapter is large FYI.

    If you don't mind spending at this price point for a wireless charging dock, this is the best solution possible - sleek, powerful, well built.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great and solid product with one minor flaw.

    • Written by Guy P from Oklahoma City

    This is a solid product with one caveat. I work in an area that has my arm and wrist banging around in close corners cages. For that reason, I choose to have a bumper on my watch to protect the watch from scratches. Because of this addition to the watch, when laying the watch on the wireless charger in nightstand mode, it does not connect to charge easily leaving me with a powerless watch in the morning. This would be a great product for me if I did not have a bumper on my watch, If Belkin would consider this adjustment to the product then it would be a power buy for me.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice Product ~ **Does not work with all phone cases**

    • Written by JONATHAN G from CARRIERE

    Just purchased this dock yesterday in Altamonte, FL. The price is reasonable...Apple surely is proud of their products & lets admit... they also have us consumers by the balls!! The dock is nice & convenient, & to be able to have your devices charging in 1 place @ the same time is great.
    HOWEVER: the downfall that I am having is this: I have the XS Max with an OtterBox Defender Case. It will not charge on the dock vertically. IDKY, but it just won’t. I did try a similar charger in the store by Belkin before making the purchase, but it was laying flat on the table & it did work with my OtterBox. I would assume this charger will work with any of the cases that Apple makes, but the price of the XS Max, I’m not giving up my OtterBox. Lol. Overall, I did give this product 4 stars & if Apple & Belkin can fix the dock to be compatible with OtterBox Defender Series Cases, I will have 1 again, but in the meantime.. looks like another trip back to Altamonte.

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