• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not for Mac

    • Written by Hamid R from Singapore

    I bought this item last month. To date, I still can't transfer all my files from old hard disk. The item is most suitable for Windows. But definitely not for Mac.

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    Nice Drive

    • Written by Dennis P from Palm Harbor

    This drive is equipped with software if you wish to convert it to Windows format and comes with cables for USB-C and for USB 3.

    It is a 4TB drive with a small partition (40MB) for the Windows setup software - that partition can be removed with Disk Utility.

    Not sure if the internals are 2 each 2TB drives or a single 4TB drive. The tools I have only show that it is WesternDigital GTech. The Mac shows only a 4TB drive.

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    permanently partitioned

    • Written by David P from High Rolls

    size of partitions can be changed but can never get rid of partitions, unmounted partition keeps re-mounting when drive is re-connected. I find this a bad feature. it makes the drive inflexible, there is always another drive on the desktop to confuse things.

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