• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not truly 1080p

    • Written by Virgil I from Cambridge

    This projector uses a clever trick to pretend it's 1080p. It's something along the lines of being natively at, say, half this resolution, projecting one set of pixels, shifting slightly, and then projecting the next set of pixels. You can tell it's doing this because (a) I filmed it in slow motion and watched the pixels dance up and down and (b) everything looks fuzzy! No matter how much I focused it, my 1080p test image looked like it was about half the resolution. And it definitely wasn't a focus issue, as I could see the pixels clearly in the projection; it was just the image itself that was being fudged. This "pixel-fudging" will probably look fine if you're projecting movies, but if you're projecting text – e.g. for business purposes – this is a non-starter. It's irresolvably unsharp.