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    Happy as can be

    • Written by James B from broadview heights

    Overall I like this projector. I wanted a small sized travel projector and out of any on the market I'd say this is the best one. The resolution at 1080P is the best for any travel projector, the connectivity is great, I have the latest MacBook Pro and wanted a projector that uses usb-c/thunderbolt so I wouldn't have more cables to carry around.

    Remote has all the functions you need
    1080P resolution
    USB C inputs and HDMI
    Has power USB port if you want to run a streaming stick off of the projector
    Boots up fast
    DLP LED technology(no bulbs to burn out or replace)
    Small size and is portable
    Charger cable is long enough but not annoyingly long
    Built in speaker, audio through HDMI/USB-C so in meetings it's quick to set up that being said the speaker is not going to fill a large room
    Nice storage bag
    Can charge internal batter either through USB-C (power adaptor not included) or via included DC adaptor
    Compared to other travel projectors this is a very bright unit

    Piano black finish shows every little finger print
    Injection molding is just soso quality, top of case reflection is pretty wavy(does not effect performance)
    short battery life, 2 hours, I used this on normal mode and was closer to 1 hour then 2, assuming 2 is on eco mode
    HDMI cable is very short
    No adjustable legs, just sits on desk surface and I've had multiple cases where the screen was crooked(seems it's hard to get a truly level surface
    When using USB-C input can not charge internal battery and project at the same time

    I would buy this model again, this is not designed as a high end entertainment projector for a movie room but for movies in the dark outside, and such it works great. If you are looking to have a movie night outside you will need to plug it in and have an external speaker, I use this inside and usually case to my HomePod instead of the built in speaker.

    It is much larger then other travel projectors on the market, it's not close to the size of a normal projector but it's much larger then other models from Mirror, then again as far as I can tell this is one of the only models that has a built in battery.

    I am going to buy a small high end tripod. The unit does not have and adjustable legs so you need to make sure the surface is level otherwise the screen is crooked

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