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    FYI it comes with NO CABLES

    • Written by ART G from SEATTLE

    Sure, it's a fine charger and it darned well should be since it's $20 more than an Apple branded charger. But don't let that additional cost fool you into assuming that it comes with a cable. It does not come with a cable. Imagine my surprise when I opened the small box that it came in and could not find a cable. Like no cable at all. If - like me - your previous charger vanished into the void and you're looking to replace the entire thing and this looks like a good idea to you, remember that you will also need to buy a cable.

    It's like buying a chair without legs.

    I mean sure, it's $20 more but you can also charge your phone and that's great and all but you don't get a cable for that end either, just so you know.

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