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    Wonderful Surprise!

    My nearest Apple Store is, unfortunately, a couple of hours away. When they released this keyboard, I had no way of going on a road trip to try it out. I purchased a MacBook Pro when they were updated in June, and I've longed for an external keyboard ever since. The MBP Keyboard is fine, but I wanted a full number pad along with the home, end, delete, and page up/down buttons. I thought about purchasing the older Apple Keyboard but decided to hold off for a bit. I sure am happy I did! The Apple Keyboard was certainly something a bit new when I first laid eyes on it. I was also most certainly a skeptic; I did not think that it would be that great of a keyboard. However, I purchased it online anyway. I am VERY pleased with my purchasing decision. The Keyboard is very sturdy, and quite a bit heavier than I had imagined. It's a true wonder to type on. With the shorter distance the keys must travel, it seems like my typing speed has vastly improved.

    All in all, this keyboard is a great buy. The sheer fact that it matched my MBP isn't even a factor, this keyboard could be black and gold for all I care; it is simply the best keyboard I have ever used.

    If you have an Apple Store nearby, go check this thing out. If you don't, buy it online anyway. You will not regret it!

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    Exactly as advertised!

    This keyboard is fantastic! Works exactly as advertised. Required the new aluminium iMac to use higher powered devices in the USB 2.0 ports. This keyboard feels great to type on and looks great too! This is the best keyboard Apple has ever made!

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    It's all in the design and it feels... good.

    As I type this I am smiling... why? Because this new keyboard feels GOOD. I mean it actually helps me to type faster with less exertion. I tend to be a hard typer and type maybe 50 words per minute... this keyboard absorbs it and actually doesn't require the same pressure I'm used to using. Make sense? I suggest you just buy one... if you're still a skeptic.. go to a store and try one. You won't be disappointed. One last thing... it looks really good with my Macbook Pro. Slim, sleek, minimal in design.

    Thanks again for pushing the design envelope Apple... we appreciate it!

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    very nice, and it works fine on a KVM too

    There have been reviews claiming that this keyboard does not work with a KVM switch. I have an iogear 4 port KVM (model GCS634U) with a mac, windows, and linux system. The keyboard switches ports just fine and it works with windows just fine. Since this keyboard does not have a "Scroll Lock" you do have to redefine the "port toggle" to be the control key (see the KVM documentation). You may also need to plug the keyboard directly into the PC so windows can detect it and install the HID drivers, after that's done you can connect it to the KVM.

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    Best Keyboard I Have Ever Used

    Another winner from Apple, who seem to be the only company producing innovative quality products. This keyboard is the best I have used in 25 years of computing. It is quiet, small, super fast to type on and looks absolutely fantastic.I can't find fault. You have to download the driver for it from Apple for the function keys to work.

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    Very, very nice.

    Truly, unless you actually spend some time with this keyboard, you will never appreciate what everyone's going on about.

    Speed, silence and so far for me, improved accuracy. I spend most of my day in front of my iMac with my work and this is definitely an asset to my productivity and comfort. This product is not just different looking for the sake of it. I reckon Apple may be on a real winner with this one. Highly recommended. Bring on Bluetooth!

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    I just picked up the new Apple keyboard from the Apple Store and it really is fantastic. It has a small footprint on my desk and feels very solid! One of the nicest keyboards I've ever used...

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    Windows Compatible!

    Even works on my PC!! (....no choice, have to use Win at work)

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    Try it. I love it. I type faster with this new keyboard. Very comfortable. Amazing design. Best keyboard I ever owned.

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    Awesome but...

    This keyboard has a wonderful feel to it but the F3 and F4 don't work with my MacBook so Apple Support told me to take it back to Myers for an exchange. Also you cannot use your iPod with this Keyboard as you get a low power warning. Nice to use but Apple has lied about USB. Lets hope the exchange will result in a better keyboard.

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    Elegant design, gorgeous to use, SO APPLE

    Firstly, I really wanted the Wireless keyboard, but it doesn't have a numeric keypad and that's the only reason I need a keyboard attached to my MacBook.
    However, that aside, I absolutely love this keyboard. I love the incredibly low profile of the keys (the same as my beloved MacBook) but I do find, if I don't pay close attention and hit the spacebar just right, then I'm constantly going back to add spaces between words. But I think that's just bad habit on my part and not a fault with the keyboard. Other than that, the extra couple of USBs comes in handy - especially until I can afford an Airport Extreme :D.

    I'd recommend this keyboard to anyone and just wish it would work with my Windows PC at work.

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    By far my favorite mac keyboard in 7 years. The feel of the keys is great and the low profile design is a fantastic idea that works in practice. It doesn't feel flimsy either, very solid. My only complaint is the wireless version has a 4 to 6 week ship!

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    One of the best, if not the best, keyboard I have ever typed on. It not only looks great but functions way better than the previous Apple Keyboard. The tactile feel is superb and I can type faster and more accurately on this new keyboard. Yet another reason to own and love a Mac. :-)

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    I love my new keyboard

    It's the best . the function keys are my favorite.No more trying to remember what key does what.
    I love the way it feels. it is so smooth & sleek. just fabulous!!!!

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    Not flacid.

    Duh, it looks nice. But it has so much more. I have never owned a laptop, but have gone out of my way to get the laptop type keyboards because I like the slim keys. This keyboard has that, but does something that most keyboards of that type don't do, it keeps space between the keys. The definitive, rather than beveled edge to the keys, makes them much easier to find and stay on with your fingers. They also "pop" a lot better and are much more responsive than most slim-key keyboards... hence the title of this review. They are not soft in action by any means. I highly recommend it!

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    Best keyboard ever made!

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    Very Awesome!

    This keyboard is the best that I have used in a while! It is so comfortable! It is very much like the MacBook keyboard, which was my favorite untill Apple released this one! It feels very solid and looks wonderful in person! Thanks, Apple!

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    The immense difference in my typing is unbelievable. . I can finally type without having to go back every second word and correct what I've written. The ease of the keys is greatly appreciated, cheers Apple!

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    mmmmmm so nice

    great keyboard, does take some getting used to. Very easy touch keys -LOVE IT!!!!!. My friend bought my used G5 iMac when I bought my new Intel iMac and I am going to get her this keyboard for Christmas. No question about it 5 STARS!!!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    After having problems with the mighty mouse, i was throughly impressed when i first used the new keyboard. By far the best $49.00 I've spent in a long time!

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